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Difference Between Qantas and British Airways

Qantas vs British Airways

British Airways and Qantas are two of the most prominent names in the aviation industry. If the former is deemed as the biggest airline company in the U.K., the latter is Australia’s answer to their people’s need for safer and quality air travel. Otherwise known as “the Flying Kangaroo,” the Australian national airline – Qantas is based in Sydney. According to Skytrax, a reputable authority in airline reviews, Qantas is a 4-star airline company that was ranked 7th in last year’s (2010) world airline rankings.

Since 1920, Qantas has flown the skies to serve its diverse set of travelers and is hyped for its unique aircraft naming choices of using the names of gods, popular Australian birds, renowned individuals in the aviation world, and other celebrities. It was then known by its full name – Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services, Limited. Today, Qantas is offering its passengers all basic accommodations of first class, business, premium economy, and economy. It is currently conducting its routine 19 domestic local and 21 international destinations.

On the other hand, British Airways just became a privately held company more recently in 1987. It had long started its operations since 1974. It has many hubs including London City, Gatwick, and Heathrow airports. British Airways currently serves about 150 destinations worldwide and is one of the elite few (about nine to be specific) which are able to travel across all six habitable continents.

For quite some time, British Airways used the slogan – “The world’s favorite airline.” However, the company was forced to abandon it when Lufthansa surpassed its annual passenger turnout. Presently, British Airways continues to serve the masses using the tagline “Upgrade to British Airways!”

It is difficult to objectively pinpoint which is the better airline company since both have been renowned for their operation quality, topnotch service, and customer care. They even work hand-in-hand to make sure that their planes fly with full or near full seats. So the next time you book your flight with British Airways, don’t be surprised that you’ll fly aboard a Qantas jet. This is clearly seen in the Oneworld Alliance formed between these two reputable airlines and several other companies.
Overall, it’s a matter of preference and individualized passenger experience that dictate which airline is better. Nevertheless, choosing one over the other is pretty subjective.


1.Qantas is an Australia-based airline company while British Airways is U.K.-based.
2.Qantas is an older airline company than British Airways.
3.British Airways has a larger fleet of aircraft (234 and still growing with upcoming dozens of new orders) than Qantas (only about 139).
4.British Airways offers more flights and a wider coverage of flight destinations than Qantas.

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