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Drop vs Withdraw

We can discuss the differences in meaning of the English words “withdraw” and “drop,” but these two terms are generally used in the academic field and refer to withdrawing from a class or dropping a class from a certain course.
Dictionary meaning of “drop”

to fall unexpectedly or suddenly
to descend from one line or level to another

Drop a class
Individual classes or the entire schedule may be dropped only during the drop period. This period is different in different universities; it is usually during 20% of the scheduled time. When the class is dropped, the whole course is removed from the schedule; you are not graded for that class. On the transcripts, dropped classes do not appear. Depending upon the time when you dropped, you may get full or partial refunds. When dropping a class, one must check the academic calendar and the schedule of the classes and also the refund dates. Thus, one must check the academic calendar and class schedules for deadlines. For dropping a class, some special procedures are required for recipients of financial aid, international students, and veterans who are using the GI Bill.
Dictionary meaning of “withdraw”

to take back or away
to turn away (as the eyes) from an object of attention
to remove from consideration or set outside a group
to recall or remove (a motion) under parliamentary procedure
to move back or away
to draw back from a battlefield
to remove oneself from participation
to become socially or emotionally detached.
to recall a motion under parliamentary procedure
to remove from use or cultivation

Withdraw a class
Once the drop period is over, the students need to withdraw in order to cancel classes. The students can withdraw on any basis till the withdrawal deadline. After that time, the request has to be made through Student Support Services. In different universities, different numbers of career withdrawals are allowed. For example, in UGA, four are allowed. The withdrawal period starts immediately after the drop period expires. It usually continues through 60% of the scheduled time. No refunds are allowed in the withdrawal period. “Withdraw” appears on the transcript of the student as “WP,” “withdrawal passing” or “WF” “withdrawal failing,” with credit hours attempted. It is not calculated into the GPA.


1.There are different deadlines for dropping a class and withdrawing from a class. They are different in each university. 2.The withdrawal period starts immediately after the drop period expires.
3.When a class is officially dropped, the student is allowed a partial or full refund depending upon the time of the drop period. No refund is allowed to a student for withdrawal.
4.When a class is dropped, the grades do not appear on the transcript of the student. The whole class is removed. In a withdrawal, the grades appear as “WF” or “WP” on the transcript of the student.

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