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Art and design both have very close meanings. However, their definition and nature are different. The masters of art are called artists whereas the masters of design are termed designers. They are two different people practicing two different crafts.

Moreover, artists are said to possess an innate talent for art. Although they may still have some skill of their own, skill in itself will be of no use if there was no natural talent. Designers however lean more towards learning skills. Even if they don’t have that natural talent, they can still come up with the best designs due to their many years of study and practice. The confusion only relies on the fact that some of these designers regard themselves as artists while rarely will an artist call him or herself a designer.

Art and design differs in terms of their purpose: what are they intended for? Foremost, art is intended to bring out something new from the audience or from the observer. It seeks to build that certain connection between the artist and the observers of his art. Conversely, designs are intended to make the audience realize about something that is already present or existing. For example, a design may be geared towards buying a product or item, hire a particular service or go to a certain landmark. Designs are only effective if they are able to achieve their purpose as stated.

Art differs from design in the sense that it seeks interpretation from the audience rather than understanding. The audience of art will make various interpretations on one particular painting, let’s say ‘The Last Supper.’ One may feel a sense of happiness from this art piece whereas the religious sectors may interpret it in a more divine manner. Nevertheless, they are all correct in their interpretations.

Design is the opposite side of the coin. It is not meant to be interpreted but understood. In case a particular design will be interpreted, it will already fail its purpose. The target audience of each design should understand what the designer wants them to do. If they get the message, then that’s the time wherein you can say a design was indeed effective.

1.The experts of art are called artists whereas designers are those who happen to be experts of design.
2.Art is geared towards establishing a connection between the artist and the audience, as well as, invoking a new emotion from the observer. It is not something that already exists. Conversely, designs are meant for the audience to realize a concept that already exists at present time.
3.Art is to be interpreted while design is to be understood.

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