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The difference between education and indoctrination is vast, but it is often subtle when the mind thinks of these two subjects. Education involves the seeking of facts, and learning about what is the truth, and what is not. Indoctrination is aimed at influencing people to believe in facts, without being able to back up these newfound facts with anything but opinion.

You can be indoctrinated into a political party, a cult, or a belief system. In fact, all of us are indoctrinated into a belief system as we are growing up. Whether our parents or guardians are open and understanding people, or if they are bigoted, and want nothing to do with anyone outside of their own race and affiliations, we are subtly indoctrinated into their belief system. As we grow, many of us seek education in order to develop our own belief system.

Education can be directly supported by data that is derived from facts. Indoctrination tends to use language that encompasses everything, referring to ‘all’, or ‘every’, as though the insights created are a statement of fact for each and every individual of a group. For example: ‘All democrats spend too much money.’ ‘All republicans are religiously oriented and bring the bible to work with them.’ You can’t support these statements of ‘all’ and ‘every’ without actual data. If you believe it, then it has grown from opinion to indoctrination.

Education points out that there are different solutions, often to the same problem. Indoctrination poses the belief that there is only one solution to a problem. In Nazi Germany, the solution to growing economic problems was to exterminate all minorities and Jewish citizens, as though this was the only possible solution. There was no room for any kind of secondary thought to the proposed solution.

Education uses statistical analysis to encourage thought toward reasoning, and proposed solution finding. Indoctrination often uses statistics, but has offered no analysis of size, duration, control subjects, criteria, or duration of the gathering of those statistics. Thus, the statistics offered through indoctrination are simply misrepresented, and are used only to support the beliefs being posed. Any statistics that might dispute the beliefs are not brought to attention.

Education is unbiased. It is founded in fact, and isn’t there to persuade anyone to come up with a certain belief. Education is development of one’s own beliefs based on the facts that are discovered throughout the process. Indoctrination has an agenda. It is used to encourage the embracing of another’s beliefs, and developing blinding and complete agreement with those beliefs.

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  1. but today’s education instead of teaching us the methods to learn is leading us towards indoctrination. THINK for a while !!!!!!!

    • I don’t think that is true becouse if you read this article and check the fact it indeed prove and show us fully the education is all about empowerin one mind by bringing the light to your life .Also gives you the opportunity to think on your own ,ask question where you need clarity on.where else endoctrination on it on is the opposite of the eduction and it perposes .

      • i strongly agree that education gives lightnment to ones life, but i still do believe that in todays education there is a great deal of indoctrination, only because there are to many things we learn about but we do not see a need and we are almost forced to know those things e.g we learn about the egyptian methods and u ask a teacher regarding that, one the teacher is not egyptian and secondly the teacher read that from where ever, now you as a learner is forced to know this, u are actually forced to know that drivel coz the teacher posed it.

    • its depens upon the teachers. they thinks that their knoweldge is complete and correct because their teacher teach them.i have observed that mostly teacher can not appreciate the question based on education.

  2. If you think critically education may itself be subtle indoctrination. when you look at the process of education or the way a child gets educated, their education is guided and for this education can be said to indoctrination. Education and indoctrination involve structures that guide the learner into accepting something as true

  3. I may agree with the differences until belief of faith comes into play, where opinion of accepting a religion can go either way.

  4. I think that indoctrination and education has similar and different parts in each of their roles… education is indeed and has indeed been proved by people, and they become facts….but facts cannot be proved they are facts at all, because we dont know if the person who proved the fact and the people who aknowledged it have been using indoctrination themselves… This fact i can prove because in North Korea, the leader kim jung il had students of his country read textbooks with content saying he was chosen by god and he walked out of his mothers womb without help of the doctors…Now think. Can you trust what i said? see there. indoctrination can be sensed here, although thats what i read in the internet.

  5. I agree with many comments that the educational “system” is in place to indoctrinate the youth, though anyone can learn anything they want from many sources outside of schools and only this is true “education”.

  6. This article alone is a form of indoctrination. That specifically it calls people teaching their children to respect and propagate their own race and culture as ‘bigots’ thus engaging in something negative and morally wrong, they are promoting propaganda and indoctrination. Is this view of the writer expressed with a reason as to why racial and cultural self-propagation are moral wrongs? No; we are merely told they are so without any kind of supporting reasons.

  7. I’ll also point out that there is no such thing as “unbiased” writing; indeed, if you take any college-level English class, one of the things you learn rather quickly is that there is no such thing as an unbiased text. Knowingly or not, biases enter everything.

  8. I think I now understand what Bertrand Russel was getting at when he said “Men aren’t born stupid. They are made stupid by education”

  9. Where you will understand best indoctrination is in Africa.Our mind has been well taken care of by the western world.They killed our culture and our language.They controlled everything practically about us.Africa is rich inweather and natural resources but poor in the essential,the Mind.Official language is either in French or English in Africa soil.Africa is rated third world due to lack of development.They made Africans to fight so that they can sell arms and later send aids in humanitarian form to show they are good.Africa is the practical of indoctrination religiosly,economically,politically,educationally,socially.You need to come and see and dont listen to the piffering Africans leaders comments and life style abroad.

  10. Indoctrination and or brainwashing takes place all over the world, in the west and the east although methodology varies. As such, it is totally unacceptable and although most people will pretend to be shocked, it is a grievous form of child abuse!

  11. Well, you engaged in some fair indoctrination here in regards to your misinformation regarding the holocaust. There was a reason it was called ‘the final solution’. The Nazis had originally planned to ship the European Jews off to Madagascar once they had conquered the French or failing that Siberia after they had conquered the Soviet Union; it was only after the brutality of Barbarossa that genocide became the preferred option. So unlike what you stated, other options were considered.

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