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Have you ever visited the state of Louisiana? It’s one of the renowned states in the U.S. because of its diverse and colorful history. Why? Well here are some of the few fast facts about Louisiana. (1) The state of Louisiana is the home of the festival called Mardi Gras where everybody celebrates on the street with loud music, colorful masks and costumes, and yummy foods. (2) It is also the only state that is largely populated by the Cajuns who were driven out from Canada during the 1700s. (3) If you plan to pay a visit to this state you must know that Louisiana has a vast diversity of about everything brought about by its French, Spanish, and African people conquerors and predecessors. Learning about Louisiana means you have to indulge in their art, music, people, and of course food.

You should not miss Louisiana’s most primed cuisines: the jambalaya and gumbo. These two delicacies are native from Louisiana with roots springing from French, Spanish and West African people, specifically the Cajuns. When the Cajuns were driven out of Canada in refusal to accept the King of England, they resided into south Louisiana and quickly adapted into their environment. South Louisiana is very abundant of rice because of the water and the humid climate so it instantly became the main ingredient on every recipe of their meals. Jambalaya and Gumbo are just among the few of the Cajuns most divine dishes. Both are mouth watering and scrumptious cuisines that are prepared and devoured on special occasions.

Jambalaya and gumbo are great spicy, colorful, and extremely tasty dishes that are prepared even by none Louisiana natives all around the planet. These are extremely great tasting dishes and easy to prepare that even the Junior Master Chefs from whatever continents of the world could make it. Jambalaya and Gumbo though are often mistaken to be the other. It is because both are influenced by the staple food of the Cajuns—-the rice. Here are the outstanding qualities of Louisiana’s famous fares, jambalaya and gumbo.

The word ‘Jambalaya’ was derived from the Provencal word ‘jambalaia’, which means a mix-up and a pilaf of rice (rice cooked in a seasoned broth). This cuisine is greatly influenced by the French and Spanish people. That is why the dish is rich in texture, it’s colorful, and it’s very tasty. It is generally a rice based dish where every other ingredient is just added together. The ingredients usually included shrimp or crawfish, or chicken meat, or sausage, and the trinity (onions, celery, and bell peppers). This casserole is seasoned with cayenne pepper and paprika. During when this dish was invented, the Cajuns just used whatever ingredients they found around them. That is why there is a variety of procedures on how this kind of dish is prepared. Nothing can be called as THE CORRECT recipe for the Jambalaya because the essence of this dish was variety in the very first place.

The word ‘Gumbo’ was derived from the West African people’s word of ‘Ki ngombo’, which means Okra. Okra is the natural main ingredient for Gumbo. It is a thickener that enriches the texture of the dish. Although other thickeners could be used for the dish such as the spicy file powder and the French base roux (flour and fat), without Okra the Gumbo dish would not be as delicious as it was originally made to be. Gumbo is a soup served on top of a plate or bowl of rice. The ingredient usually included the trinity, meat or even shellfish. Gumbo dish was derived from the French cuisine bouillabaisse. It’s another delicious dish with NO COREECT recipe as it can be created with varieties.


Both Jambalaya and Gumbo are native to the Cajuns of the state of Louisiana.

Both cuisines are greatly influenced by the Western African people, the French, and the Spanish people.

Both cuisines are often mistaken to be the other because both are traditionally served with rice.

There are NO CORRECT recipes for jambalaya and gumbo; only delicious variations.

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