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Kiss vs. Smooch

There are various definitions of kisses and a smooch, in fact so they are often interchanged between the people you are speaking to.  Both are expressions of love, warmth, and definite friendliness.  They are expressions that are communicated with other people thought lip movements and actions.  Often times both the kiss and the smooch are popularized around Valentine’s Day as the way to show your loved one that you care.  To smooch and kiss successful it is suggested that you have fresh breath, clean teeth, and smooth lips for your kissing partner.

A kiss is defined as a quick touching of the lips to another person’s body, this can be on the lips, cheek, or forehead.  Depending on the body location of the kiss, there are different connotations that are implied.  A kiss on the forehead is adoration, a kiss on the cheek is friendly, and a kiss on the lips is a display of love which is typically had with two people in a relationship.  Kisses can be had between family members, parents and their children, and between lovers.  A kiss is also meant to be quick, there is no delay in touching the lips to another person.  Kisses are not intended to be hard, part of the emotion is passed by the gentle touching of the lips, a harsh kiss is typically considered insincere and looses the emotion behind the kiss.

A smooch is defined as the lip to lip touching of another’s lips, possibly open mouthed, used to express sexual thoughts.  Because there are sexual thoughts implied a smooch should only be had between people who love each other or are trying to convey sexual desire.  There is typically more time dedicated between people with a smooch, as there is more passion and desire involved.  A smooch can either be gentle or rough and wild.  Smooches are intimate so they should only be shared with someone you are in a relationship with.

Kiss and smooch are interchangeably used as there are some who would generalize a smooch as just another form of kissing and that the way the kiss is done generalizes who it should be done with.  Kiss and smooch do share in common the fact that they are an emotional expression of how a person feels and that they are shared with people that are important, loved, and cared for in your life.

  1. A kiss is a closed lip expression of emotion to any other person on their person, including lips.  A smooch is lip to lip touching however it is used to express desire sexually.
  2. A kiss is universal, it can be shared with anyone.  A smooch should only be shared with someone you love and are sexually drawn to.
  3. Kisses are intended to be soft and gentle, smooches can also be soft and gentle.  Smooches can also be open mouthed and rough.
  4. Both a kiss and a smooch should be done with a clean mouth, soft lips, and fresh breath.

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