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Mind and soul are two concepts that are closely related yet very distinct from one another. They both come from the inner part of a human being, particularly his brain and maybe his heart.

The soul is the spiritual nature of humankind. It is the incorporeal essence of humankind, and it is thought to be separable from the body at death. In life, it is credited with the faculties of thought, action, and emotion.

The mind is man’s faculty of thinking, reasoning, and applying knowledge. It is human consciousness that starts in the brain and is manifested through man’s thoughts, actions, emotion, will, memory, and imagination.

Emotions like desire stem from our souls. Desires are aimed at things that are transient, those things that go away and die but at the same time will give us pleasure. Our minds are where we decide how to take pleasure, what we should do to achieve it, and how it should be fulfilled.

Most religions consider the soul to be man’s divine or God-given essence. While some religions believe that the soul will exit the body after death others believe that souls exist in all living things as well as in non living things.

The soul as the essence of the person decides how man behaves and this essence is an eternal part of our being. It is comprised of: the mind, our emotions, and our desires. The idea of the existence of souls is more closely connected to spirituality and religion.

For scientists, the soul is synonymous with the mind due to the fact that one can learn about the soul by studying the human brain where our minds are located. Still others believe that the soul is closely related to being alive and that when man is active, his soul is asleep; when man is asleep it is active through his dreams.

The mind on the other hand is used to refer to the individual’s thought process of reason and consciousness. It is synonymous with thought which is an individual’s private conversion with himself that is done inside his head.

Some psychologists believe that emotions like love, hate, fear, and joy are separate from the mind because only higher intellectual processes like memory and reason can be part of the mind.

For them, here are what makes up the mind:

� Thought, which allows an individual to shape the world and deal with it to achieve his goals, plans, and desires.
� Memory, which is a living organism’s ability to retain, store, and recall information.
� Imagination, which is man’s ability to create ideas about certain things and experiences.
� Consciousness, which is man’s ability to perceive his relationship to his environment.


1. Soul is the spiritual nature of man while mind is man’s faculty of thinking and reasoning.
2. The soul is considered as the essence of man while the mind is in charge of man’s consciousness and thoughts.
3. Our desires stem from our souls while our minds decide what actions to take in order to achieve our desires.

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  1. Please read Matt.22:37

    • All we are the servant of mind. Mostly we are unable to control our mind and run our life as per the wish of our monkey mind. If we able not only control but totally stop our mind activity, only that time we will able to realize our SOULS activities. And Soul is the place where Almighty wish to live. But only condition is to totally stopped our monkey mind. Meditation is the only way to stop our monkey mind. Without stop the mind activities, nobody can not able to hear the Soul Language.

  2. mind = brain + soul

    soul is human’s spiritual form.
    body is human’s physical form.

    you can’t think or feel if your body doesn’t have brain, although you have soul. but you also can’t think or feel if your body doesn’t have soul, although you have brain.

    dreams, imaginations, hallucinations, delusions, emotions, thoughts are all from your brain. but you can’t have them without soul in your body.

  3. life = mind

    Mind must be the first

    Mind is used by soul to full feel his need and we blame on Mind.

    The person who leave with soul will be always unhappy and unsatisfied , The person who leave with present Mind he will be leave satisfied life.

  4. I appreciate your study and invite you to elaborate more differences between more concepts .

  5. Be feeding me through mail with the latest information

  6. 1- Human= body + soul + sprite
    2- Human at the sleeping = body + sprite
    3- Human after death = only body

  7. The mind is the survivor/problem solver. The mind will use all the energy of the body pointlessly if it is not put to useful work. The soul is our connection to God and to everything in the universe. The soul can direct the mind to useful work, the soul seeks enlightenment and to ease the suffering of life. The soul celebrates. The mind suffers. These two working together are beautiful and make a happy life

  8. I need more of teaching of the mind and d soul and the heart

  9. The soul lives in the spiritual world.The Mind and the brain live in the physical world. The Mind&Brain work together and Die together. The Soul would not die because it will give account for the deeds of the mind&brain on the Restoration day

  10. The soul lives in the spiritual world.The Mind and the brain live in the physical world. The Mind&Brain work together and Die together. The Soul would not die because it will give account for the deeds of the mind&brain on the Restoration day

  11. Philosophy, Sychology and Religion

  12. Would you please make it clear to me the above subject, that is mind, soul & heart

    • Mind is Spirit. It is in knowing the Nature of the Spirit of Love that man knows the Nature of his Soul, even as to know the Nature of his Soul is to know the Nature of his Mind of which Nature is his Being as his Being is his true and only Self. The term Soul references only the living Mind.

      The term “soul” however is more generic and can simply apply to denote a “person” a “being”, perhaps in empathetic terms. Or, as it concerns emotions in the mind, the term “soul” is the spiritual condition of the heart that is either blessed with Love and made full, or a heart that is cursed and made empty, having been taken captive to the vanities of the ego-illusion.

      All choice of what a man believes in the heart as to satisfy the mind, which is the satisfaction of his “soul”, is in the choice of whether you would give your soul over to Love to satisfy, or, give your soul to ego. To lose ones “soul” is to be made empty, lost to the delusions of ego that are formed in the hearts vain imaginations. To save his soul a man must leave is insane imaginations and come to his right Mind, where to come to his right Mind is sanity, a sanity that comes in the death of the self and egos imaginations. The term “soul” then references the emotional effects upon you that is caused by your choice of thinking. That choice is to give your soul over to Love and ask: “What would Love have me do”, and follow in the Way, or, to give your soul over to ego and ask, “What would ego have Me do” and so follow the deceiver.
      The difference is that the Mind of Love is your Truth and your Reality, while ego is to live in your vain imaginations where there is no truth and reality.
      It is in that choice between Love and ego that you choose salvation for your soul, or, to choose for your soul to suffer, lost in the chaos, confusion, complexity, and conflict of a world you invented to feed the ego. The choice between Love and ego is to choose between the Nature of the Mind and enjoining with the sickness of the heart. The choice between Love and ego is to choose sanity or madness, as it is the choice for either Heaven or hell.

  13. The brain is your flesh , your soul is where your emotions are and your spirit is what is reborn and it belongs to Father Love.. And they all have a voice.

  14. Question: Who am I?

    You are a SOUL/SPIRIT housed in a vessel (your body).

    We are made up of 3 parts – Mind, Body and Soul.

    The SOUL is the essence of God in each human.

    Therefore, the question should not be “Who am I?”…. It should rather be: “WHAT am I?”

    Once you realise you have the essence of God in you (your SOUL), your potential become limitless – The POTENTIAL of who you COULD be.

    Once you understand that, the following explains everything:

    The MIND (Consciousness/Thoughts/Reasoning) are the “bridge” between the SOUL (Spirit Dimention) and the BODY (Physical Dimention).

    By default, the MIND (Consciousness/Thoughts/Reasoning) leans more towards the BODY/Physical Dimention.

    However, once you realise and TRAIN your MIND to focus on the limitless potential of the SOUL, you will change your life in ways you NEVER could have imagined.

  15. Soul is the main driver while mind is the softwar and brain is the hardware of the body.
    Both soul and mind are non material while brain is the material

  16. Interesting

  17. Mind and body are dualism, and also soul is spiritual nature of humankind, mind is controlling force of the body, no matter to do everything without the accepting of mind.

  18. Yes we can it just feel it stop thinking all. And feel our soul

  19. Very good explantion any mind,body soul

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