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Differences Between Punjabi and Gujarati

Punjabi vs Gujarati

When delineating the differences between Punjabi and Gujarati, the distinctions are great and easy to recognize. It is like comparing a French dude from an English guy. To begin with, they are separated geographically. The state of Punjab lies on the western part of India while Gujarat thrives in the northern part. People from Punjab are called Punjabi, and those who are residents of Gujarat are aptly called Gujarati. What is similar among them is that both states have been great contributors to the growth and development of the economy of India. Both have been great producers of varied and different agricultural products which has given India the strong economic presence it is enjoying today. The State of Punjab has been the key for the production of rice and wheat, a basic food group for a lot of Asian countries. Gujarat, on the other hand, has been on the front line in the production of textiles and milk. Both may have been agriculturally active in helping boost India’s economy; however, their products differ giving India a strategic place in agricultural prowess.

Today, Gujaratis are priding themselves as the pioneering state on the forefront of the industrial revolution. A large percentage of India’s GDP came from the state of Gujarat. This has been because one of the most vital energy sources in the world is being mined in the state of Gujarat. Refining plants for oil and petroleum and even facilities to maximize natural gas can be found in Gujarat. Gujaratis are also enjoying high employment rates as well. Today, 90 percent of their population is relying on electricity to run the homes, facilities, and jobs. Furthermore, when you enter every home in the state, you would find it to be connected to the Internet.

Distinctively, Punjab is a state of hardworking and diligent people. They have been blessed with an agriculturally rich vast track of land. A large percentage of the Indian population rely on Punjab for the rice and grains produced since 80 percent of these are farmed on their lands. Punjabis are also business-minded people taking the reins of leading in agricultural-based businesses and even in transport.

Today, both Gujarati and Punjabi are widespread globally. However, their preference in geography also varies. A lot of Punjabis reside in the United Kingdom and even in Canada. On the other hand, Gujaratis prefer living in the United States of America and the continent of Australia. Many Gujaratis are also excelling in the academic fields such as in engineering and medicine. However, both have been excelling in business globally.

Another distinct difference between the two can also be noted in the lifestyles they lead and adhere to. The Hindu religion guides a Gujarati’s lifestyle, beliefs, and customary traditions.  Hindus adhere to being vegetarian and look after the sacredness of living things. Punjabis are followers of the Sikh religion. Their people’s wardrobe includes wearing a turban constantly.  The languages spoken by Gujaratis and Punjabis have also different and dissimilar origins.

Distinctively, the Punjabi language is a bit thunderous and loud and, in some cases, rudimentary and basic. Comparably, the Gujarati language is temperate, restrained, and even somber. The staple foods between the two are also distinct. Because Punjabis are vegetarian, their most common dish is “sarson da sag” and “di roti” which are purely vegetarian without meat.
Punjabis are mostly vegetarian. Their most famous food, “sarson da sag,” a popular curry made from the leaves of the mustard plant and some spices and “makai di roti” a cornmeal-based food is a pure vegetarian’s delight.

A famous Punjabi personality in history is Manmohan Singh which served as the Prime Minister of India. For the Gujarati, their prestigious celebrity is none other than Mahatma Gandhi himself.


  1. Gujaratis and Punjabis reside in different parts of India: the Gujaratis in Gujarat and the Punjabis in Punjab.
  2. Gujaratis pride themselves as those at the forefront of the industrial revolution. Meanwhile, Punjabis are more agriculturally inclined.
  3. Gujaratis are followers of Hinduism while Punjabis are inclined to Sikhism.
  4. The Gujarati language is more somber than the Punjabi language.

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  1. What you have written in the first para, “The state of Punjab lies on the western part of India while Gujarat thrives in the northern part” is actually just the opposite – Actually Gujarat is in the west and Punjab is in the north of India.

  2. This article is spreading false information. It says ‘punjabis are followers of the sikh religion’. This is incorrect and promotes ignorance. Almost 40 percent of punjabis are hindu. There are also a number of muslims and a smaller amount of christians which live in punjab but the main religions in Indian Punjab are hinduism and sikhism.

  3. punjabi is a language and a culture. it is not divided into another culture, it is connected to sikhism but is just a bit different to it. Punjabis ARE followers of the sikh religion and only the sikh religion. Thankyou:)

  4. The question was “Differences Between Punjabi and Gujarati”. It means the Punjabi language and the Gujarati language. It does not mean Punjab and Gujarat (the states). It also does not mean Punjabis or Gujaratis (the people). It also does not mean the foods, cultures, or religions. The Differences Between Punjabi and Gujarati means the two languages, and it has no other meaning. This article contains only this single small comment about the languages: “The languages spoken by Gujaratis and Punjabis have also different and dissimilar origins. Distinctively, the Punjabi language is a bit thunderous and loud and, in some cases, rudimentary and basic. Comparably, the Gujarati language is temperate, restrained, and even somber.”

  5. Gujrat where males behave like females. And females behave like men …. Ha ha it’s Ture .. one more thing .. gujrati people mostly trapped in Karam kaad type of things but Punjabi don’t give a shit to them … Getting all this by living in Gujarat for 2 years

  6. Punjabis are tall, strong, progressive, open-minded and are powerful warriors with generous hearts.
    Gujus are short, dark, ugly, greedy and cowardly dishonest losers who only care about money and attacking minorities in gangs.
    Punjabis are loved by all globally, whereas the moment someone heres the name “Patel”, they run for the hills with a nosepeg.

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