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Punjabi vs Sikh

“Punjabi” and “Sikh” are two different terms which often confuse people. While “Sikh” is a religion, “Punjabi” is a broader term used for all the people living in the Punjab region of both India and Pakistan irrespective of their religions.


Punjabi (Punjabi people) is an ethnic group which originated from the Punjab region. These people are Indo-Aryan of North Indian origin constituting parts of Rajasthan, Kashmir, Indian and Pakistani Punjab. The Punjabi identity was primarily linguistic and cultural with the Punjabi language being their first spoken language. In recent times, the definition has changed and includes all emigrants who maintain Punjabi traditions even though they may not be speaking the Punjabi language any longer. Collectively, Punjabis are primarily inhabitants of Punjab. No doubt they are broken into tribes and castes, and many of these are not exclusively inhabitants of Punjab. There are about more than 120 million Punjabis around the world. As an ethnic group, they are among the worlds’ largest and second largest ethnic group after Bengali in South Asia.


“Sikh” means someone is a follower of Sikhism. “Sikhism” is a religion which originated in the 15th century in Punjab. The word “Sikh” is originated from a combination of two Sanskrit terms sisya (f’k”) meaning “disciple” and shiksha (f’k{k), meaning “instructions.” A Sikh is a disciple of the Guru. A person who is called  a Sikh is also defined as “a  person who has faith in God (the Immortal One), ten Gurus (the spiritual guides), Sri Granth Sahab (the Holy Book of Sikhs), baptism bequeathed by the tenth Guru,  the teachings of the ten Gurus, and the one who does not have any adherence to any religion. Most female followers of this religion have “Kaur” as a surname, and male Sikhs have “Singh” as their surname. Recognition of a Sikh is with 5Ks, namely; KESH, KARA, KIRPAN, KECHERA, and KANGA. The disciples of this religion are forbidden to show their hair. Male Sikhs cover their hair with a specially tied turban while female Sikhs cover their hair with a scarf.

Sikhism was founded by Guru Nanak. He is called the first Guru. Guru Gobind Singh, who is the tenth Guru, is also the most famous Guru of the Sikhs. The religious place of Sikhs is called a


  1. Almost every Sikh is a Punjabi while every Punjabi is not a Sikh.

  2. Punjabi is an ethnic group originated from Punjab as an Indo-Aryan of North India while Sikhs are a religious group which follows the religion of Sikhism.

  3. The Punjabi identity is primarily linguistic and cultural with the Punjabi language while identity of Sikh is with his 5 Ks namely KESH, KARA, KIRPAN, KECHERA, and  KANGA along with the linguistic and cultural Punjabi language.

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  1. All Sikhs are punjabies but all punjabis are not sikhs.

  2. This part that you wrote:
    “…The disciples of this religion are forbidden to show their hair. Male Sikhs cover their hair with a specially tied turban while female Sikhs cover their hair with a scarf.

    only applies to the elevated Khalsa Sikhs, and not everyday Sikhs , there are plenty of Sikhs that get haircuts, and show thier hair, non of them are Khlasa Sikhs. As to female Sikhs wearing a light scarf over your head is a Indian custom for women thousands of years before the Sikh religion. This scarf is called the Chunie in Punjabi.

    Khalsa was developed by the 10th Guru as a defenders of the faith , and ultimate. An army was raised to defend Punjabis of all religions mostly Hindus and Sikhs.

    This was a Khalsa army , which later became Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Kingdom Army. This was the one non Guru Khalsa Sikh that ruled the Sikh Kingdom which after his his Majesty Maharaja’s Ranjit Singh passed.

    The Britsh and Queen Victoria destroyed the sikh kingdom by kidnapping his 5 year old heir to the throne.

    Maharaja (king of kings) A Raja is a king a Maharaja has kings under him) and only son.

    • Waoo nice
      I want to know more about this religion.

    • Hi thank u so much for the information
      I have a very extravagant question. I don’t know how this is going to sound but in khalsa sikhs, what is the thought or costume, what would happen if me as a hispanic conceive a child with a already promised Sikh. With a date to marry already. And me being 4 month pregnant??? Sorry but don’t know too much about there costumes but i love him

  3. For me I would agrees with most of their costume that they have been practicing

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