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Difference Between Assure and Ensure

Assure vs Ensure

If you want to make something more certain to someone or something, then most likely you’ll say sentences with the words “assure” and “ensure.” At first glance, the two words may actually be one and the same thing, most especially because they sound almost alike and are also spelled somewhat similarly. Nonetheless, these two verbs signify that you’d want to make something more secure for somebody. The other problem is when the other verb “insure” comes in the way thus adding to the confusion. All in all, these words are actually of Latin origin from the word “secure” which literally means “safe.”

Frankly speaking, knowing how or when to use “assure” and “ensure” is pretty easy. One will learn faster through examples. In a situation wherein a student who has been absent yesterday because of sickness takes a makeup exam today, and here comes his friend who wanted to give him some boost of confidence so as not to make him worry that much, so the friend will most likely say, “You should not worry about your makeup exam in science. I assure you,it’s very simple!” The verb “assure” is the most appropriate word to use because it highlights the removal of suspense and doubt from one’s thought. In a more popular sense, this verb has been interpreted as a form of giving promises “to promise.” When one uses the verb “assure,” he or she also tries to convince the other party.

Moreover, it has been observed that “assure” is commonly used for people while “ensure” is for other situations except guarantees in the form of insurance and money as the latter make use of the verb “insure.” Aside from people, “assure” is also used for animals and other things that seem to be alive. By contrast, “ensure” guarantees (not people or animals) conditions or events like to ensure enough jobs, ensure food, and other similar matters. A good example is, “The government must now move to ensure that the citizens of the country will enjoy better chances of getting a job compared to the incoming foreign aliens.”

In another sentence, “I was not able to insure my brand new car yet.” Here, the verb “insure” is used because the act involves taking the necessary steps in advance as in the case of getting an insurance policy to provide security for your asset. “Assure” and “ensure” can never be used in lieu of “insure.”


1.“Assure” is the verb used to give more confidence to another person by sort of making a promise.
2.“Ensure” is the verb used to give a guarantee of conditions and events.
3.There is greater convincing involved in “assuring” than in “ensuring.”
4.“Ensure” is just making sure or making certain.

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