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Difference Between Briefs and Boxer Briefs

Briefs vs Boxer Briefs

Briefs and boxer briefs are two common underwear types for men. These undergarments can be made of any type of comfortable material and are popular among young men. Nevertheless, the majority of men are using these undergarments as a customary piece of underclothing to be used every day and for any type of occasion.

Briefs are said to give natural comfort and support for the wearer. At a glance, briefs look like the shape of the letter “T” or speedo-type, most especially at the front side. At the back, it has a widened area to accommodate the buttocks. Briefs are preferred to be worn by those who are more into moderately engaging activities which make it an ideal undergarment for ordinary days. If you wear briefs, you can move more easily as your upper legs are free from clothing. As such, briefs give more leg mobility to the wearer as compared to other types of undergarments.

Boxer Briefs, on the other hand, are made differently from briefs. A typical boxer brief looks like shortened and sexier shorts. Contrary to the T-shape of the briefs, boxer briefs appear to be M-shaped. This design makes it ideal for high level leg support like cycling activities. This also makes the boxer brief retract more effectively when stretched.

In addition, boxer briefs appear to have a pouch-like form at the front to accommodate the male genitals. In this connection, many believe that the boxer briefs are better than standard briefs in terms of medical benefits because they allow the scrotum to hang more freely as opposed to briefs that compresses the organ close to the body. In theory, it has been said that the ideal temperature for sperm production is slightly below (cooler) than the body. So compressing the scrotum to the body makes it warmer and non-conducive for sperm production. However, many scientists claim that there’s still no significant findings related to this claim even to this day.


1.Briefs look T-shaped while boxer briefs look M-shaped.
2.Briefs provide better leg mobility but less leg support.
3.Boxer briefs allow better retraction when being stretched. This makes it ideal for more strenuous activities.
4.Boxer briefs provide better support for the legs making it ideal for cycling-like activities.
5.Although not yet proven, boxer briefs allow the scrotum to hang more freely which is beneficial in providing the ideal temperature for sperm production.

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