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Difference between Bikini and Hipster

Panties come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, such as the bikini and hipster.

Difference between Bikini and Hipster

Women in Bikinis


Bikinis are a type of panties that ride low on the waist and have thin sides. Think of these bottoms as two inverted triangles that are joined together. As such, bikinis do not provide full butt coverage, making them more revealing than concealing when compared to briefs or boyshorts. (1) (2)

The term “bikini” is also used to refer to a sexy two-piece swimsuit that covers a female’s breasts, crotch, and buttocks. Bikini bottoms come in different styles that vary in the design, cut, materials used, and even coverage. Briefs, shorts, and skirted briefs offer modest covering, but for women who have the confidence and desire to flaunt their bodies, bottoms like the thong bikini are also available.

Bikinis are ideal for almost all types of buttocks. Bottoms that tie on the sides are great for those with the buns, since the bikini can be easily adjusted to provide the amount of coverage you want. Women with smaller butts will benefit from Brazilian cuts because they give the derriere a fuller look. Brazilian bikinis are also great for larger butts because they offer great shape. High-waisted bikinis are perfect for ladies with an hourglass figure to accentuate the body’s shapeliness.

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Hipster Outfit


Like bikinis, hipsters are worn low on the hips, but they provide more coverage. Hipsters combine the great qualities of the bikini and boyshorts in that they offer more cover than the average bikini, but without giving full on covering like the boyshorts. (1) (2)

Hipsters have also found their way in bathing suits. These bottoms are ideal for women with pear-shaped bodies as a hipster balances the wide hips and narrow shoulders of the wearer. A classic hipster is also great for ladies with athletic or boxy butts as it provides adequate coverage. Moreover, women who are concerned about their “love handles” showing would do well to wear a hipster bottom because the thick waistband holds in the flab and eliminates the “muffin top.” (3)

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