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Difference Between Boxer Briefs and Trunks

As clothing continue to evolve, undergarments have also evolved from the past, since the use of loincloths. The advertisement of undergarments has become more acceptable and has also transformed based on fabric, variety, designs, and colors. There are several terms used to refer to men’s undergarments, such as jockey shorts, boxer briefs, trunks and, even tighty whities. According to most people, the terms boxer briefs and trunks mean the same thing but is not the case. 


What is Boxer Briefs?

Pioneered in the period between 1990-1995 by John Varvatos, boxer brief is a type of men’s undergarment which is tight and long in the leg. They may have an inbuilt pouch which adds space while also giving the penis more room and positioning the testicles. The commonly used materials are soft woven flannel or a mixture of spandex and cotton and may be designed with or without a fly. They can be worn on a day to day basis but are mostly used in athletics. Although they provide less concealment of a penile protrusion, they provide more room for male genitals. 


What is Trunks?

These are a type of an undergarment, which is loose fitting and longer in comparison to boxer briefs. It can be used for normal activities such as for normal household activities. 


Similarities between Boxer Briefs and Trunks

  • Both are men’s undergarments


Difference between boxer briefs and trunks

  1. Length

While boxer briefs are short, trunks are long. 

  1. Common Use

Boxer briefs are commonly used in athletics such as swimming and cycling. On the other hand, trunks are commonly used for daily normal activities. 

  1. Fitting

Boxer briefs have a tight fitting to provide efficient support. On the other hand, trunks have a loose fitting which makes them comfortable. 

Difference between Boxer Briefs and Trunks: Comparison Table


Summary of Boxer Briefs vs. Trunks

Both boxer briefs and trunks have different uses. Boxer briefs are commonly used in athletic activities such as cycling and swimming as they provide good support. Trunks, on the other hand, are used for normal activities due to their comfort. Both may have different uses but are useful to the male generation. 


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  1. I just wanted to mention that someone should take a look at how your pages are rendering in Chrome.

    It looks pretty messy at times with fonts being too large and overlapping and whoever types the text of your articles needs to learn how to make special symbols the proper way in html.

  2. This is decidedly not true. I wear trunks instead of boxer briefs because they’re shorter and tighter.

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