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  1. Cob Racus
    February 28, 2014

    This is nonsense!! You have made no distinction whatsoever. Equality is the concept of the same value, as in a legal will and Testament being distributed to each sibling regardless of need or financial status. Fairness, is the concept of treating people such that what they need more of, they get more of. Two siblings may inherit quite different values of an estate if one is already very wealthy. This is “fair” because the a poor sibling may have been unlucky and is then given another chance, while if a value to the rich sibling, it would likely have very little effect on either of their lives.


  2. j
    May 11, 2016

    …and I was looking forward to differencebetween.net as a new fun resources for me to consider in my writing going forward. I understand this site may have different contributors, but the arguments in this article are so poorly illustrated I think it is likely safer if I just avoid this site all together in the future.

    Rule #1 Never use a word to define itself. So when this article states “Equality is defined as the quality of being the same…” , I pretty much stopped reading. How disappointing. I don’t care if the “E” was taken off of “quality”. It is virtually the same word. More research on the topic is needed, as it seems the author does not have a full grasp on what s/he is writing about. It can be an intricate concept, yes – but I believe that with a bit more study, the author can spruce up this article to make a more buoyant point.


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