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Quality vs. Quantity

For a very long time, quantity over quality has sometimes caused arguments. People, whether in the corporate world or any other aspect, would argue over which is better: quality or quantity. Even when it comes to a network of friends in social networking sites, people keep on asking what would be better, quality or quantity? In factories, where mass production is important, the question of quality over quantity is still inevitable. Some say quantity is better because there is more production and there would be more leverage. However, others prefer quality because with this the products would be at their best. Most people, however, want to have both, which is better. But, weighing the pros and cons of quality and quantity may help give enlightenment about which is better.

When it comes to making friends in social networking sites, would you prefer to have more friends or would you prefer to have genuine friends? This is another epic battle of quality vs. quantity. You may have a lot of friends, but do you really know all of them genuinely? Or you may have just a handful of friends, and yet you really know each one by heart. Having more friends who you know genuinely in social network is better. Having the quantity and at the same time, quality friends is better in social networking sites. However, there are still many who prefer quality to avoid breaching the privacy of their lives.

In companies, more workers mean more production or more output. However, this does not mean that the outputs are in the best caliber. There are companies with many workers, however they have a lot of rejected outputs, because what their workers produce is not of high caliber. There may be a fast and mass production but it will not be of high caliber. The caliber of a certain product will be in question if the quantity is all that matters in a company. This is the same with a company that produces food, the food must be of quality not just quantity.

On the other hand, having a quality oriented person working in a company that needs many results and fast may not always work out. Someone who is more focused on making high caliber results may take up a lot of time just to make one production. If demands in a company are more on numbers to hit a quota, someone who is so meticulous in his work may be inappropriate. This is one of the disadvantages of quality when a company is in need of quantity productions.

Although having quality and quantity at the same time is so much better, there are certain situations that one would really outweigh the other.



In social networking sites, quality friends are better to avoid breach of personal space or privacy.

In a company, having many workers does not mean that the production will be great; there will be a problem when it comes to caliber.

Sometimes in a company where numbers are important to hit a quota, quantity is better than quality.

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