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A friendship is one of the kinds of relationships that brings happiness and joy to any individual. A friendship can exists in various forms – it can be as small as two persons or it can manifest with many individuals interacting with each other. Both “friend” and “best friend” refer to a bi-partisan relationship that has the elements of trust, loyalty, care, understanding, and intimacy.

A friend is a blanket term for a person of a casual and personal relationship. The friendship would require a considerable time and effort for both individuals to bond with the same interests, experience, or other form of common ground. A friendship can have different levels of care and affection from a different friend compared to another individual. Also, a friend is best described as the state of how much an individual considers the other party and their bond together.

A friendship can be a beginning stage to turn into another type of friend. The final form of a friendship can be a best friend which is considered as the ultimate kind of friendship for an individual. A friend can be a family member or a stranger that gradually developed into a friend. Also, there is no age limit for being a friend – it can be a younger, older, or person with the same age.

The level of casualness and personability is the same among a group of friends. It is also not in-depth compared to that of a best friend. Some friends consider themselves as still strangers, and there is a lack of intimacy. Friends would often act more like a guest or visitor in a friend’s house, and their manners reflect an over-respectful demeanor.

On the other hand, a best friend is considered to be the personification of the ultimate friendship. Best friends are characterized as having a deeper level of friendship and all it entails – love, care, trust, loyalty, understanding, knowledge, and intimacy. Some childhood friends can evolve into best friends just like complete strangers end up with the same label of friend.

Best friends also have differences compared to friends. They are more acquainted and intimate with the person’s family members and other friends. More often than not, a best friend is very close to an individual like a sibling or a lover. This deeper level of intimacy often makes the best friend act like an extended family member and not just another guest or visitor at the home.

A best friend is also a friend that knows how to be prudent and keep all the confidential matters (like secrets and other embarrassing stuff) about their friend. They are also, apart from family, the main members of a person’s support group that motivates and encourages a person to do things or when problems arise. Their caring and protective natures are instinctive.

Best friends are also known to be truthful and blatantly honest with their fellow best friends. They use sarcasm or severe criticism to point their respective friends to the latter’s mistakes or unpleasant behavior. These actions often come as the acceptance of the friend as a person with both flaws and good attributes. Best friends are also known to stick up for each other and stay close by their friend’s side. They are always reachable. People consider their best friends as the truest friend among their other acquaintances and friends.

Betrayal by a best friend is different from betrayal by other friends. Since there is more trust in the relationship, forgiveness may be easy or difficult to mend, depending on the situation or problem. In terms of numbers, there is only one best friend in the traditional view. However, there can be many best friends, but it is still considered less in numbers compared to the number of friends or acquaintances that an individual has.


1.A friend is a blanket term for any form of casual but personal relationship between two people with a common ground. A best friend is a specific term and description for a friend with a deeper relationship.
2.A friend lacks the deep connections of the relationship while a best friend has those deep connections that can only be rivaled with familial or romantic relationships.

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  1. A guy I’m friends with told me he doesn’t want to be bestfriends, he wants to be friends.

  2. You must include a reference to The Dunbar Number (Robin Dunbar).
    One may have an opinion, but a little Science mixed in gives your observations more strength. The BEST …. is attached to quantitative analysis and that involves research.

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