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Difference Between Love and Friendship

love-couplesLove vs Friendship

What is the difference between friendship and love? This question has always been
in the minds of people for centuries. Though a definite answer cannot be given for this question, one can come across some differences between the two.

Love and friendship are so much related, that one cannot find any difference between the two.

When love can be termed as a sacrifice, friendship can be termed as a trust. Love is a feeling that is uncontrollable, and a feeling which one has for another individual. On the other hand, friendship is quite different from love in this aspect.

Love is a feeling between two individuals, and most of the time when they say “She/ he is my one and only” and in this case only two individuals are involved. But there are times people may fall in love with more than one individuals, but it is considered morally wrong when you already have a partner or a boy/girl friend. On the contrary, friendship involves more individuals without any guilty feelings involved. One can have many friends, but most of the time an individual can only have one person to love. You can love your family and that’s another topic for discussion.

In love, there is great attachment for the other. Most of the time an individual gets strong feeling of hurt if his loved one is in pain or hurt. This attachment may not be strong in friendship.

Regarding the emotions, individuals in love will experience a faster heartbeat when they meet their loved one. This is not so when friends meet. There is no way that one will lie awake and think of his friends for a whole night, but lovers will have sleepless nights, and dream about their lovers. The lovers even sleep and wake up with the thoughts of his or her lover.

Another difference that can be seen, is that in love, some physical element is also involved between individuals. On the other hand, there is no such physical element involved in friendship.

In regards to love, persons may love to share the same thoughts and interests, whereas friends may share the same interests.


1. Love can be termed as a sacrifice; friendship can be termed as a trust.

2. One can have many friends, but most of the time an individual will tend to have one person to love.

3. An individual shows strong feeling of hurt if his/her loved one is in pain or hurt. This attachment may not strong in friendship.

4. There is no chance that one will lie awake and think of his friends for a whole night, but lovers will have sleepless nights, and dream about their lovers. The lovers even sleep and wake up with the thoughts of his or her lover.

5. In regards to love, some physical element is  involved between individuals. On the other hand, there is no such physical element involved in friendship.

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  1. this is a nice Talk,Keep up with it.

  2. U dunno wat true f’ship is….

    • Yh i really support you they really dont know what friendship is all they know is love,some friends are more connected to each other than they are to thier lovers.

  3. I do not understand it. My uncles are forcing me to have a girlfriend at age 17 and I am now 15 but I haven`t felt anything like what any of the people in the internet have stated. I only feel a rush in heartbeat when I will perform or talk in large crowds. How is this? They are forcing me because they will think that I am a homo if I do not have one at that age. My uncles and other family members are the type of people who gets in a relationship at an early stage at maybe 13 years old. This is the same with my father but not with my mother. My mother is very picky. What will I do?

    • Be yourself.
      People will try to make you live the life they wanted for themselves. The more you try to please these people the less pleased you will be. Stay strong, and true to yourself. I promise it’s worth it.
      And so what if your uncle think your gay or if you’re gay. Focus on people who love you no matter what.
      I know this is a late response but maybe it’ll help someone going through the same thing you did.

    • I agree with Crystalmarieperez…just be yourself. Also, a faster heartbeat is not required for true love. Love is less about the feelings and infatuations, and more about the thoughts and wishes. You may have a faster heartbeat at the beginning and sometimes in between, but that seems to me more like the signs of a temporary crush, not a long-lasting relationship. You’ll probably know when you know. (P.S. love is more sexual — not just sex, also things like wanting to kiss that other person or hold hands — and friendship more platonic. You can get the same feelings of happiness and excitement, however, from both.)

  4. One can have many friends, but a person can only have one person to love.

    Kinda’ outdated thinking in time of poly relationships.

  5. True love not support for life

  6. I don’t think this is right at all…for one, friendship can make you feel excited and slightly nervous, too — that “uncontrollable feeling” you said is only present in love. Also, you can have multiple crushes, and you can love multiple people at the same time (especially in platonic love). Then, there’s the difference between infatuation/a crush and love. I don’t think love is really based on so much of a feeling, as a thinking about that other person and wanting them to be okay. Hmmm…also I don’t think that “faster hearbeat” thing is true. It might be true at the beginning (in the stages of a crush/infatuation) but honestly, does my mom’s heart beat faster every time she sees my dad, and vice versa? Probably not, but I know they love each other. Also people CAN think about their friends for the whole night (worrying about them and such) in a non-romantic way, if they are a naturally anxious person or have a really close friendship. And friends DO get hurt when the other is hurt — otherwise, it would not be a friendship because a friendship can only really work if both sides are giving (and taking, I guess?) at the same time. Also, people in love may not always share the same thoughts and interests — I know many parents have different viewpoints, or different religions (for example, one may be a vegan and the other a meat-eater). This was a nice try, and I appreciate the effort you put in it, but…most of these things I feel are not accurate.

  7. This question is like which eye is more important , both the eyes are important even without one eye you can’t be complete.

  8. Wow thanks very much, this is exactly the answer I was seeking for……

  9. When i saw the difference b/n love and friendship, i get it the accurate answer. So i wanna to thanks you ma dear

    • Me and my classmate was best friends from 10 yrs .He had interest to marry with me.i am also want to live with him life long .such a understanding between us.but a problem is there I have a respect on him and he is my best friend & I can’t do sex with him. That’s the problem give suggestion to me .can I marry him or not .

  10. My boyfriend thinks that the only difference between love and friendship is control. I always have to put his decisions over mine. He always has the last say. I listen to him to an extent but sometimes it gets frustrating because there are things that I really wanna do but he doesn’t allow me to. He is smart and I agreed that all his decisions probably make more sense but I have only one life to live and have all the experiences I can. I do love him a lot but I don’t want to be controlled. What do I do?

    • I’m so sorry, Abby, but he does not love you. This person and this relationship is really bad for you. Nobody can control you. If people shame you for your decisions, it’s called abuse. And you can feel it yourself, otherwise you wouldn’t be asking this. So go do what you feel is right. Love can really be about different things (and this article is so, so wrong about most of them) but what it definitely isn’t about — it’s not about control. It’s so much more about trust. If you can’t trust the other person — why are you with them? If your boyfriend makes you feel bad — what is it for?
      We always ask “why don’t they leave” — well, here’s our answer, they genuinely don’t know whether the things happening with them are wrong.
      I know it’s been over a year though, and I really hope that you’ve had the strength to do the right thing.

  11. I have never been in with any girl before but i have a bestfriend who i always think about being with him is the only thing that makes me happy and when he is with other friends it pains me alot even me myself i dont know why.any little thing he does to me hurts me alot.Most at times i feel like holding his hands but he told me he doesnt like me to touch him because he hates it and also i like to look at his face for a long time when he is sleeping and when he wakes up see me staring at him he ask me why am staring at him.i have a strong feeling for him to the extend that if i see him with girls it pains me.can you help explain what am going through because i want to allow him do what ever he likes with anybody without getting hurt by that.

    • To me it looks like you either have a big crush on him or are in love with him, however it does appear to be one-sided, he does not have the same feelings for you if he doent like your touch, stares etc. Its best you try to forget him as more than a friend as it will 1) hurt you 2) ruin your friendship too.

  12. I did this article misleading, you can have love for more than one person at a time. My fiancee loves her husband and me, and I love her and am falling in love with another. I know many people who love multiple partners deeply. Look up polyamory

  13. We have different types of friend, some friends are more than lovers, like me i can do everything for my friend to live a happy life, thank u

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