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Difference Between Lovers and Friends

Difference Between Lovers and Friends

Lovers vs. Friends

Some people have trouble defining their relationship with a certain person in their life. They often differentiate between the two relationships by measuring the territorial rights that they have over the person, and this includes their sexual relationship with them. We can differentiate between the two by taking a look at numerous aspects other than the physical.

One aspect is concerned with how they speak about what they have, or the connection they share. Lovers tend to talk about their affection for one another. If you are only friends, however, you don’t really talk about your friendship; you just tend to go with the flow. Another difference relates to jealousy. When lovers get jealous, it is because they demand the commitment of their partner; friends, on the other hand, get jealous because they demand the attention of their friend. Most of the time, jealousy among lovers leads to arguments or fighting; in a friendship, however, it usually leads to simply ignoring what happened and eventually going on with their day.

The number of people involved can also be different. You can have a lot of friends, but you can’t have more than one lover. Being lovers means both of you share time privately, while when you are just friends – the more the merrier. You can even spend time with other groups of friends without having to wonder if your friend will break up with you because of it.
You treat your lover in a special way; you make them feel that they are the only one for you. You can’t make other people feel this way if you already have a lover. If you are just friends, you can show affection to other people openly.

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Being in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship can be a little more complicated than being just friends. If you have a lover, you tend to adjust to your partner so that they won’t get turned off and dump you; in a friendship, you can do almost anything without the fear of scaring your friend away. You can act freely with each other. Being lovers is also a bit more sensitive. For example, let us say you’ve forgotten your partner’s birthday or another important date– it would be a big deal for them. They would get mad and be disappointed, especially if you have forgotten your anniversary. It might take them a long time to forget, even if you buy them lots of gifts to make it up to them. If you forget your friend’s birthday, they will most likely also be mad, but that can easily be fixed by simply giving them a gift, regardless of whether it’s just a free meal or a new shirt.


1.You and your lover talk about your relationship and how you are growing with each other. This, however, rarely happens with your friends.
2.The reason for jealousy between friends is because of diverted attention, while for lovers it is the demand for the other to fulfill their commitment to their partner.
3.You can have as many friends as you like, but you can never have more than one lover.
4.If you are just friends, you can show your affection to anyone; if you are lovers, you can’t. You have to treat them special and make them feel that they are the only one for you.
5.If you are with a lover, you have to adjust so that your partner does not get turned off. With friends, you can act freely without the fear of scaring them away.
6. Compared to friends, lovers tend to be more sensitive if you forget something such as their birthday or your anniversary.

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  1. I appreciate this post and in did has made me have knowdge of the two concepts

  2. can lovers stay without sex

  3. What if the lover dosent show as much interest as the other person?

  4. “You can have a lot of friends, but you can’t have more than one lover.” Total BS! Haven’t you heard of polyamory? That may be true of some people, but NOT of everyone.

  5. It’s s good explanation the different about friend and lover. Can lover without sex?

  6. Friendship is more free flow, and in many respects more intimate through there being less expectation. I can do anything with a good friend and really appreciate the experience, whereas with a lover there are a lot of overlays and expectations that complicate things.

    Also, misalignment with friends over life expectations or beliefs need not be a cause of angst, but with a lover it can be horrendous.

    I suppose that is why friendship with privileges has become so popular – for many men and some women – in a less socially burdened age. Bridging that gap still has issues though as sex creates a different sense of intimacy as well as being a primal pleasure, and because of the risks of pregnancy it carries a lot of evolutionary baggage which is not easily left at the curb. In other words trying to do friends with privileges has its own set of mines that can be easily stepped on.

  7. Well written, thank you. Verbalizes clearly a lot of the notions my heart / mind already had an inkling towards.

  8. When one person wants to have sex and be a friend and the other is in love for me was very painful!!

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