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Have you ever wished someone bad luck? Have you ever wanted bad things to happen to someone who has slighted you? It might just be on your mind, but some people might go a little further by casting a hex or a curse on their adversaries.

The word “hex” is both a noun and a verb which can either be transitive or intransitive. It can refer to the act of practicing witchcraft or the process of putting an evil spell over someone or something. It is also sometimes referred to as a jinx.
It is likewise synonymous with the words “charm” (to chant or recite a magic spell), “enchant” (to influence through incantations and charms), “bewitch” (to cast a spell over), or “strike” (to affect someone or something with a magic spell).

A hex is expected to bring bad luck to the one who is put under it. It is considered as an evil spell because it wishes bad things to happen to whom it is cast. The infliction and removal of hexes are often done by those who practice witchcraft, and they can be found in every society in most parts of the world.

The word “hex” has been used in Pennsylvania since the early 1800s where there were a number of German and Swiss immigrants. It came from the Pennsylvania Dutch/German word “hexe” which means “to practice sorcery or witchcraft.” A hex may also be considered as a curse which is a wish that someone or something will meet misfortune, serious difficulty, bad luck, or tragedy. Some people believe that a curse together with its rituals possesses a force that is hard to avoid. It is believed that a curse is inflicted by powers beyond the natural world. People may make the curse through magic spells, prayers to the gods or a natural spirit, cursing, and denouncing. It is a supernatural power which causes it to take effect.

Curses are often only spoken but there are also written ones. It has been practiced since the early days, and even today many people still practice it. Even the Catholic Church uses it to denounce members of the church who are being excommunicated. The word “curse” came from the Old English noun “curs” (a prayer that harm befalls one) and verb “cursian” (to swear profanely). The words may have come from the Old French word “curuz” (anger) or the Latin word “cursus” (course).


1.A hex is the practice of casting an evil spell over something or someone while a curse is the practice of wishing bad luck and bad things to happen to someone or something.
2.Both a hex and a curse involve rituals and spells. While hexes are only done by those who practice witchcraft, curses are done by most people not just by witches.
3.Both hexes and curses are performed by people, but the power that causes it to take effect are attributed to supernatural beings with hexes being entirely evil while curses are also done by churches which indicate that they may also be inflicted by a holy being.

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  1. I need info on Hex my mothers neighbor says hes going to put a death hex on her and my daughter but the local pokice department just laughed at us. Can anyone please help me out tell me what i can do to prevent thos from happening or put one on him please and thank you victoria i am very scared

    • U should do a protection spell on your mother and daughter, or ask someone to do it who knows how to do it. There are protection spells that would just protect them from that energy or reflective spells that would protect them and send the energy back to the one trying ro cause harm. Another thing u could do is just pray for protection. I wouldn’t recommend casting a hex on your mother’s neighbor if u don’t know much about it. A protection or reflective spell or prayer for protection would be a better idea. You can look it up on google.

    • Leviticus 19:31 says, “Do not be defiled by mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the Lord your God.”

      A person who casts spells, curses and hexes is practicing witchcraft and commits a grievous sin against the First Commandment.
      To protect ourselves from these, we need to live a Life of Grace or a Holy Life, avoiding all occasion of sin, because sin defiles us and removes our protection. To get rid of sin, we need to repent, frequent the Sacrament of Confession, cover ourselves with the Precious Blood of Jesus, immerse ourselves in the Word of God, pray the Holy Rosary everyday. The devil is afraid of the Name of Jesus and Mary.
      Genesis 3:15 “I will put an enmity between you and the woman and between your offspring and hers”. The woman here is the Blessed Virgin Mary and her offspring is Jesus and all those who believes in Him.
      Through the Sacrament of Baptism, original and temporal sins are washed away and we receive New Life in Christ. and by the Power of the Holy Spirit we also receive the attributes of Christ, being Priest, Prophet and King, giving us power and authority against all evil, against all hexes, curses and spells.
      For more info talk to a Catholic Priest.

    • I would use a protection spell to surround all of you. I have 2 small dishes i keep a small mirror (size of a compact) that I stand up and used candle wax to adhere it too then surround with black salt (made from sea salt and charcoal powder). The mirrors face the entrances to my home. I place a tea light candle in and let this burn out. While preparing this I pray over each object blessing them for the protection and that any hex directed to me or my home will return to its sender. I light a new tea light when i feel the need too. My fathers mother placed a hex on me years ago and after learning about it recently and after a lot of research i found this works. Bless you aand your family. May karma be returned to those trying to harm you.

  2. And reading other comments…of Mary and the Rosery…that is not the way either…It is only through our JESUS CHRIST AND OUR FATHER GOD. Mary was used only as a vessel…it states no where that we are to pray to Mary.

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