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Difference Between Leopard and Cheetah Print

Leopard vs Cheetah Print

Animal prints have long been used in fashion and style. The trend dates back to ancient times when men had to fight animals for survival and food. They would mount animal heads as trophies and wear their skins as clothing.
In time, real animal skins gave way to fabrics that are softer and more comfortable to wear. The designs are printed on the fabric which is then made into clothing, fashion accessories such as bags and shoes, and covers for home furnishings.

The prints can have the pattern of the skins of exotic and colorful animals like zebras, giraffes, leopards, and cheetahs. Perhaps the most popular of these prints are the leopard print and the cheetah print which may look very similar yet they are quite different.

Cheetah prints are solid black round or oval spots with black tear lines against a tan background. The tear lines run along the corner of their eyes to the side of their nose and to their mouth. These lines protect the cheetah’s eyes from sunlight. Cheetah prints or black spots on its fur measures between two to three cm. in diameter and are not present on its underside. King cheetahs have a different print pattern, though, with spots that are merged which are also bigger and appear blotchy.

Leopard prints, on the other hand, have different colors and patterns depending on their habitat. In East Africa they tend to be circular while they are square in South Africa and Asia. In the desert, their fur is paler while it is gray in cold areas and is dark, golden yellow in the forest. The black spots of the leopard print are clustered around a darker brown shade which forms into rosettes. This pattern allows the leopard camouflage to help them capture prey because it resembles shadows and moving plants.

Some parts of the leopard’s fur may have solid black spots like the cheetah’s fur instead of rosettes, but it is the rosettes that makes the leopard print distinct from that of the cheetah print. The background of the leopard print is darker than that of the cheetah print.
Cheetah and leopard prints are two of the most popular and most exotic animal prints that are used in fashion today. The beauty of the prints will come out if they are used or worn the right way, by keeping everything simple and never overdoing it.


1.Cheetah prints have solid black spots while leopard prints have black spots clustered around a dark brown shade and which form rosette patterns.
2.Cheetah prints have circular spots while leopard prints can have circular or square spots.
3.The background color of a leopard print is darker than that of the cheetah print which is paler and lighter.
4.Leopard prints can also be circular, black spots while cheetah prints don’t have rosette patterns.
5.The patterns and background hue of leopard prints can be diverse depending on their habitat while cheetah prints have a definite pattern and hue.

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  1. I can honestly say that I love cheetah print sooooo much more than leopard. I think that leopard is trashy and overused. Cheetah is where it’s at lil homies

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