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Houses come in different shapes and sizes; some are big, others small. Others have intricate designs, and others so simple that they only consist of a square area enclosed in four walls with a roof on top. In making a home, size or design does not matter. What matters is that it provides its inhabitants with a refuge that is comfortable, happy, and makes them feel that they belong.

A home is defined as a place of refuge, a place where one resides and rests after a day of hard work. It is where a family lives and which offers them security, a haven where they can feel at ease, comfortable, and happy. It is where an individual’s most-cherished possessions are kept; where no one can touch them without his permission. It is a place where he can do whatever pleases him away from the prying eyes of other people.

The word “home” is also used to refer to the country or town where an individual was born and raised. It is where one feels that he belongs, a place which gives one warm memories of his past and all the happy and carefree moments of his childhood. For some, a home may have no physical location. They relate it to a state wherein one feels comfortable and safe. But for most people, it is the place which provides them shelter from the forces of nature and from other threats.

The word “home” comes from the Old English word “ham” which means “dwelling, estate,” or “village.” It is derived from the Proto-Germanic words “haimaz” and “heim” which mean “home.”

The word “house,” on the other hand, comes from the Old English word “hus” which means “dwelling” or “shelter.” It is derived from the Proto-Germanic word “husan” which is connected to the root word of the word “hide.”

A house is defined as the structure which serves as a dwelling for a person or a family. It is used synonymously with the word “home,” but it usually only refers to the building or structure and not on the overall condition of the place and its inhabitants. It may contain an individual’s personal things or property and provide him with a place to live and rest, but it does not offer the same comfort that one feels when he is home. It can sometimes denote something temporary such as a sorority or fraternity house.


1.A home is a place or a state wherein one can take refuge and feel safe and comfortable while a house is the structure which serves as a place where a person or a family can live.
2.A home is a place where one feels that he belongs, a place with fond memories, and where he can feel most comfortable, safe, and happy while a house may just be the building that one lives in only temporarily.
3.While both a house and a home may refer to a place of dwelling, a home is more warm and full of love and happiness which can be lacking in a house.

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