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Difference Between Tahiti and Paristhithi

Tahiti vs Paristhithi

The words “Tahiti” and “paristhithi” belong to different languages. “Tahiti” is the name of the largest island in French Polynesia whereas “paristhithi” is a word of the Hindi language. Their difference does not lie in their meanings but in the fact they are from diverse cultures. They have no connection with each other.

Tahiti is recognized more as it is the name of an island, and people belonging to any country or culture speaking any language are aware of its existence, might have visited it, read about it, or heard about it. The word “paristhithi” is not so well recognized and known by diverse cultures as it is a word of Hindi which is spoken by people belonging to India or people who have migrated to other parts of the world from India. Hindi is the primary official language of India. The Republic of India has 22 official languages, and Hindi is the language which is spoken by people all over India irrespective of their religion, their state, or their different dialects. Hindi is spoken by more than 180 million natives.

Tahiti is an island in French Polynesia. It is the largest and highest island of the archipelago of Society Islands. These islands are located in the southern Pacific Ocean. Tahiti consists of two portions which are located on volcanic mountains; the two portions are connected with each other by an isthmus named Taravao.

The northwestern portion, which is the bigger portion, is called Tahiti Nui meaning Big Tahiti, and the southeastern portion is called Tahiti Iti meaning Small Tahiti. The capital of Tahiti is Papeete which lies in Tahiti Nui and is densely populated along the coastal areas. Tahiti is known for its black sand beaches and pearls.

The population lies mostly on the coastal areas of Tahiti Nui, and the interiors are almost entirely uninhabited. Tahiti Iti is isolated and is accessible only by boat or foot. Tahiti features rain forests and many streams. One of the main rivers of Tahiti is Papenoo River on the northern side of the island.

“Paristhithi” is a Hindi word which means “circumstances.” It refers to the circumstances a person’s finances or emotions or physical attributions are in. For example, “If we want to say that the ‘financial situation or circumstances of a person are not sound,’ then we will say the ‘financial paristhithi’ of the person are not sound.”


“Paristhithi” is a Hindi word meaning “circumstances”; Tahiti is an island in French Polynesia. These words are not related at all; they belong to different languages.

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