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In every event or function, it is very noticeable that there is always a person who is in charge of presenting performers and speakers and, at the same time, keeping the event organized and smooth. This person is oftentimes called the emcee, but he is more popularly known as the master of ceremonies. The practice of employing a master of ceremonies for a certain event or function has religious roots.

The Roman Catholic Church has many rituals especially those that involve the Pope and his court. The smooth flow of events during these rituals or functions is the responsibility of the master of ceremonies (MC). Aside from this, the MC is also responsible for the proper protocol and conduct involving the Pope and other church dignitaries.
The position of the master of ceremonies may have existed from the time that Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire. After Vatican II, most of the ceremonies were abandoned and masters of ceremonies have been assigned the task of organizing and rehearsing the rituals of the Mass.

Today, religious and non-religious events, such as, parties, seminars, weddings, staged events, performances of artists, and other affairs have masters of ceremonies to take care of the proper coordination and smooth flow of events. They serve as hosts of the event and, during state functions, the master of ceremonies acts as the protocol officer.
The advent of hip-hop in the 1970s gave rise to the rapper, which is synonymous to emcee or MC. Rappers use rhyming verses and a pre-written ad lib to introduce a DJ or an artist that they are working with. They do this to entertain and showcase their emceeing and artistic talents.

The rhyming of the spoken or chanted words creates a very entertaining way of introducing a performer. This can be done either with or without an accompaniment but it always has a beat. Rappers create their own materials, and they usually incorporate singing with their performances.
Rapping has its roots in African culture. Stories were told with the accompaniment of the beating of drums and other instruments. This was carried down from early generations to modern ones. In time, hip-hop and reggae music were created which eventually developed into rapping.

1.A master of ceremonies is the person responsible for the smooth flow of events in a religious ritual or any private event while a rapper is also known as an emcee or master of ceremonies responsible for the introduction of a performer.
2.The events officiated by the master of ceremonies are mostly formal functions while rappers officiate informal events such as concerts and parties.
3.Masters of ceremonies originated from the rituals of the Roman Catholic Church while rappers originated from the African custom of telling stories with the accompaniment of drums and other instruments.
4.Both tell jokes and anecdotes while speaking to the audience, but the distinction lies in the practice of rappers to include a beat and musical accompaniment in their delivery while masters of ceremonies do not.

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