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When you go to a nightclub or dance party, you may see one or more people off to one side control what music is played and when, as well as talking to the crowd and hyping up the event. You may be seeing a DJ and an MC. The next day, when you are listening to the radio, you will probably hear the voice of a DJ. Later that night, at a banquet for work, an MC will be onstage. DJs and MCs are present at many functions in our lives; which you one hear depends on the function.

Definitions of DJ and MC
DJ ‘“ stands for disc jockey. He is someone who plays pre-selected music for an audience. He may also make comments on the music or the crowd to which he is playing.
MC ‘“ stands most often for master of ceremonies. He keeps an event rolling along by introducing functionaries and interacting with the audience.

Where you Might Find a DJ or MC
DJ ‘“ are most commonly heard on the radio. They also are the ones who keep the records spinning at a dance club. DJs are often hired out for weddings and other large private parties. They have a special function in reggae music.
MC ‘“ can be seen hosting an awards show like the Emmys. They introduce performers at open mic nights, comedy clubs, and boxing matches. They will keep the show moving at charity functions and recognition ceremonies. MCs also serve as officials of protocol at many state functions. They have a special function in hip hop music.

Special Functions of a DJ and an MC
DJ ‘“ in reggae music acts as a selector. Their job is to provide maximum enjoyment for the crowd. They do this by talking over tracks, playing snippets of certain songs but keeping the full song until the end of the night, or stopping songs in the middle and starting them over. Some reggae DJs were known for their jokes.
MC ‘“ in hip hop music would often rap over the top of a track. The rap could be either freestyle or scripted and would often relate to that specific gathering or a controversial issue of the day. The DJ would back up the MC by spinning and scratching records to support his beat.

History of DJs and MCs
DJ ‘“ came into being with the invention of the phonograph. In 1909, the first radio DJ began to broadcast gramophone records over his shortwave radio.
MC ‘“ began as an officiator of protocol during Papal ceremonies in the Catholic Church.

1. DJs and MCs are seen at many public functions; DJs are usually seen or heard in conjunction with music (radio, dance clubs, weddings) while MCs are at a wide variety of ceremony, banquets, and entertainment venues.
2. Both DJs and MCs will talk or rap over music on certain occasions. DJs serve this function in reggae music while MCs do it in hip hop clubs.
3. DJs were first heard broadcasting music over the radio one hundred years ago while MCs have been officiating Catholic ceremonies since the Middle Ages.

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