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Ritual vs Spiritual

“Ritual” and “spiritual” are two very different words, not only in their meanings, but they have almost polar opposite implications. Spirituality has nothing to do with any single religion or belief. It is a person’s very own, individual conviction of something he believes in, and rituals are rites or some kind of discipline that is followed by people belonging to different religions and different beliefs. Rituals are not just referred to in the context of religion. They can be any kind of routine one follows like someone’s morning ritual.

Spirituality is something which is very close to a person’s personal convictions. We can refer to this conviction as one’s soul or integrity or belief. Thus, spirituality is like something you believe in your heart and soul. It is the desire to do what your most heightened unconscious asks you to do. We can also refer to it as one’s conscience. The desire to believe in something like God, religion, knowledge, meditation, kindness, enlightenment is considered spirituality. The desire to do what is considered is the perfect “karma.” It has nothing to do with religion, rituals, nationality, race, gender, etc.

Being spiritual means believing in something so strongly that nothing else can take its place. Some people who believe most in their inner selves and do not give heed to any particular kind of stereotypes are called spiritual. People who believe in something higher than themselves and still do not worship any specific God or religion often consider themselves spiritual.

Spirituality is the “immaterial.” It does not have rules, forms, and disciplines. It is fluid like a person’s innermost thoughts. It is the most important thing a person can believe in and use to connect to what he considers the most important outcome of life, like achieving “Nirvana.”

Rituals can be defined as the rites and ceremonies which are used during religious ceremonies or used in places or houses of worship. The term can also refer to following a code of conduct during a formal ceremony, not necessarily of a religious nature. For example, inauguration ritual. It also means following a method regularly and faithfully. For example, someone’s office rituals or a ritual storytelling at night.

Rituals may or may not be something which leads to perfect goodness; rituals can be good or bad. Religious rituals can be just an act of discipline or an act of great belief in something.


1.Spirituality refers to the innermost beliefs of an individual. It can be for a higher power other than human, or it can refer to the conscience of a person which directs him to do good. Rituals refer to rites or ceremonies either in houses of worship or a particular routine.
2.Spirituality cannot be linked to any particular religion, race, gender, etc.; rituals are different for different people belonging to different religions, races, genders, nationalities, workplaces, etc.

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