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Difference Between Punjab and Kerala

Punjab vs Kerala

India is a country divided into states. Two well-known states from that country are Punjab and Kerala.

The two states differ in many ways. One point of difference is their location. Punjab is located at the northwestern part of India and is considered a border state with the neighboring country of Pakistan. On the other hand, Kerala is located in the opposite direction. It is in the southern part of India bordering other Indian states and the Arabian Sea. It is also known as a coastal state.

The climate of these two states differs since they are both located in different areas of the country. Punjab experiences three seasons:  summer, monsoon, and winter. Each season has a transitional climate before leading into one season from another. On the other hand, Kerala as a coastal state has a tropical climate consisting of summer and monsoon.
Punjab is known as the land of five rivers and is accorded with the title Granary of India. The state is an agricultural and industrialized state and known to the richest state due to its industries. Likewise, Kerala derives its state income from tourism. Its well-known slogan is “God’s Own Country.”

In terms of population, Punjab and Kerala are also the same. The Punjab state is known for its Sikh tribe, a warrior tribe that created its own empire. On the other hand, Dravidian people populate the Kerala state.

As states, both Punjab and Kerala have their own capitals. Punjab has Chandigarh while Kerala has Thiruvanathapuram. Kerala was earlier established in 1956, 10 years earlier than Punjab. In terms of area ranking, Punjab ranks 19th in the country while Kerala is in 22nd place. Punjab also has more districts with 22 while Kerala has only 14.

Both states are divided into three regions. Punjab has Malwa, Majha, and Doaba. Meanwhile, Kerala has the Malabar, Kochi and Travancore. Punjab has six major cities to its credit while Kerala boasts the five best cities in India.
There is also a difference when it comes to official languages. Punjab’s official languages are Punjabi and Hindi. In contrast, Kerala has Malayalam and English. Both states have each of the official languages of the country.

The state’s name origin is also different. The name “Punjab” came from Persian words. “Kerala,” on the other hand, has its name originating from its own local language, the Malayalam.

Religion is also a matter of contrast. Punjab is dominated by the Sikh religion followed by Hinduism and Islam. Kerala has Hinduism as its dominant religion followed by Islam and Christianity.

Punjab and Kerala both have interesting histories. Punjab has been a major gateway for other foreigners to India in ancient times. On the other hand, Kerala is now a tourist destination for foreign tourists. Also, modern Punjab was created by separation. It was first separated as British Punjab and later as Indian Punjab. In contrast, Kerala was formed by combining Malayalam-speaking areas under one state. This was enforced under the State Reorganization Act.


  1. Punjab and Kerala are two Indian states with many differences. For starters, the state of Punjab is located in the northwestern area of India while Kerala is in the southern part of India. Due to their locations, Punjab is a border state while Kerala is a coastal state.
  2. The Sikh tribe dominates the Punjab state while the Kerala state has the Dravidian people as its primary population.
  3. Both states have different ways of establishment. Punjab was created due to a separation of the British Punjab and the Indian Punjab. On the other hand, Kerala was formed by a law, the State Reorganization Act, by combining Malayalam-speaking areas.
  4. Kerala was established as a state earlier than Punjab. Punjab was established 10 years later.

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