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Difference Between Maharashtra and Gujarat

Maharashtra and Gujarat

Maharashtra and Gujarat are two Indian states located on the west side of India. Both states contribute greatly to the Indian economy.

Maharashtra and Gujarat are neighboring states. This means they share a common state in terms of boundary. This is the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is located in the east of Gujarat while also placed in the Northeast of Maharashtra. The Arabian Sea is also a common boundary.

Gujarat is on the northwest of Maharashtra while the latter is located in south of Gujarat.

Maharashtra is bordered by the other seven Indian states. In contrast, Gujarat is bordered by three Indian states and a province of the neighboring country, Pakistan.

Both Gujarat and Maharashtra were created on May 1, 1960. The two states are the result of bifurcation of Bombay state when Bombay state was separated into two independent states.

Maharashtra and Gujarat contribute to the Indian economy for different reasons. Maharashtra is considered the richest state in India and is the financial capital. The state capital, Bombay, houses the financial institutions of the country. Meanwhile, Gujarat contributes by means of commerce and trade. The capital of Gujarat is Gandhinagar.

The dialects spoken in each state are also different. In Maharashtra, the majority of the people speak the Maharati language. The same is true for the Guharati language in Gujarat. Hindi, one of the official languages of India, is a common language.

Maharashtra is larger in scope compared to Gujarat. The state of Maharashtra has 43,711 villages. In contrast, Gujarat only has 18,589 villages. Due to the larger scale of land, Maharashtra has a larger population within its jurisdiction.

Both states have common attributes including rivers, railway stations, tourist attractions airports and high courts. However, there is a difference in terms of number.

For example, Maharashtra has 6 rivers and 7 railway stations. To compare, Gujarat has 3 rivers and 5 railways stations.

Maharashtra’s Bombay has an international airport while Gujarat’s Ahmedabad airport is considered to be the busiest airport in India.

In addition, Gujarat has many ports, and  it is rich in forestry and wildlife. Gujarat’s ports have been instrumental in the country’s economy from the beginning of its history. This state has the largest ship breaking yard in the world and the largest grass root refineries.


  1. Maharashtra and Gujarat are two neighboring states in the country of India. Both states contribute to India’s economy. In addition, both are two independent states that resulted from the separation of Bombay state. They share May 1, 1960 as their foundation date.

  2. Maharashtra and Gujarat share each other, Madya Pradesh, and the Arabian Sea as borders. However, Maharashtra has more border states (seven, in total) compared to three border states held by Gujarat.

  3. All states that border Maharashtra are Indian while Gujarat is bordered by a foreign province from a foreign country, Pakistan.

  4. Maharashtra is the richest state in India and its capital, Mumbai, is the financial capital of the country. Meanwhile, Gujarat is a commerce and trade state that also contributes to the national economy. Gandhinagar is Gujarat’s capital.

  5. The Marahati language is dominant in Maharashtra while the Guhrati language is commonly spoken in Gujarat. Hindi is a common language in both states.

  6. Maharashtra is larger and leading in population numbers compared to Gujarat.  It has a larger number of villages, railroads, rivers, towns and municipalities. There is also a higher population in Maharashtra than in Gujarat. On the other hand, Gujarat boasts the largest ship breaking yard and grass root refineries. It also has many ports that contribute to the nation’s economy.

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  1. The capital of Maharashtra is Mumbai, not Bombay. Be updated.

  2. Please correct it. Maharashtra’s capital is Mumbai, not Bombay. And the rivers and railway stations, there are more than you have written. And spelling of Marathi is written wrong by you, so correct it.

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