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Difference Between Achievement and Aptitude Tests

Achievement vs Aptitude Tests

In line with education, taking tests has been a way of life for students who are still studying in schools. There are many types of tests that gauge various strengths or weaknesses of a student. Often they are taken to measure the psychological, logical, and general intelligence of a student. Some of the more popular test forms administered nowadays are the achievement and aptitude tests. But how do these tests differ from each other?

To measure one’s ability or capability to learn, an aptitude test is the most appropriate test form to be administered. Taking such a test will help evaluators, parents and teachers foretell how a particular student is likely to fair in school. Because of the nature of this exam, there’s actually no need to study or prepare for it because you don’t have any specific means to study for an aptitude evaluation. Nonetheless, there are some techniques that may help the student gain better results for an aptitude exam. These are the following:

o foster or encourage reading in your child or student

o converse with him or her on topics that are leaning more on current events

o have a dictionary and thesaurus readily available for your child or student for quick reference with some newly encountered words or terms.

o Take him or her to art galleries, museums, libraries and other enriching locations within your area.

Conversely, achievement tests are very different in the sense that these exams are taken to gauge the extent of what the child or student has already learned. In this regard, skills and current knowledge regarding both familiar and trivial subject matters, which were most likely discussed previously, can all be included. This type of test is probably the most commonly used test form at school because almost all tests that measure the knowledge of what the students have learned from the lesson are achievement exams like long tests, preliminary exams, midterm exams and even the final exams.

When taking achievement tests, the student must first have some time to refresh his memory and study. Repeated and quality reviews can help the student get higher marks for achievement exams.


1. Aptitude tests are used to predict the student’s likelihood to pass or perform in school whereas achievement tests are those that measure what the student has already learned in general
2. There is almost no specific or guaranteed way to prepare for an aptitude test while you only need to review or study what you have previously learned so that you will become more prepared in taking an achievement test.

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  2. Dear Komal,The test is very scientifically deseingd and evaluated by strict methods. The questions seem simple but are deep-rooted. Candidates tend to think that they know the answers but actually the test is not that simple! The highest marks have so far been just 76 amongst thousands of students.Anyways, many more tests like this will be held in future All the best!

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