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Intelligence is a broad term used to describe the mind of a person. It is a person’s capability to think, to solve problems, to reason out things, to study, to understand and to use language. It is just the depiction of personality, knowledge, creativity, performance, wisdom of an individual. The various theories related to intelligence are classified based on varied intelligences. General intelligence theory was introduced by Charles Darwin.

IQ stands for intelligence quotient. Intelligence is just a broad term whereas IQ is used to describe the calculated value of a person’s mind. There are various tests done to know the intelligence of a person and then the IQ score is calculated. This was introduced by William Stern from Germany. The various tests conducted to assess the IQ are Wechsler adult intelligence scale and Gaussian bell curve. The factors which influence the IQ of a person is mortality and morbidity, parental IQ, social status of parents and substantial degree. There are no such factors present for intelligence.

IQ is calculated using the score achieved in an intelligence test. It can be calculated as a ratio by a formula. It states IQ = MA/CA x 100, where IQ is an intelligent quotient, CA is the chronological age and MA is the mental age.

There is no such formula for intelligence instead there is intelligence test being conducted. There are various problems with the intelligence test and hence should not be conducted when there is a need to decide major decisions like a child’s education and career. The results will vary and are not correct. Hence, dependence on intelligence test should not be done to assess the intelligence.

There are various types of intelligence like numerical, verbal, reasoning, perceptual speed, fluency, musical, linguistic, spatial, intrapersonal, logical-mathematical, interpersonal and so on. The person is also well versed according to the type of intelligence whereas there are no such types of intelligence quotient.

The IQ test is done to determine the type of intelligence of an individual. Hence, both are interconnected. These IQ tests determine mostly the mathematical knowledge and literacy of a person where as other skills like dance, art, music, cooking, foreign languages, defeating an enemy in war, caring for a baby are all not enhanced in this IQ tests whereas intelligence determines all skills of an individual and classifies them accordingly.

IQ tests concentrate mostly on civilization and their importance whereas intelligence concentrates on everything like religion, law, philosophy, science, economy and technology.

1.Intelligence is a broad term whereas IQ is a specific term.
2.Intelligence determines the overall personality and specialization of a person whereas IQ concentrates on only study.
3.Intelligence is of various types but IQ does not have many types.
4.IQ is a ratio. There is no such ratio for intelligence.
5.There are various theories for intelligence but no such theory for IQ.

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  1. IQ quotent hasn’t been calculated like that for years. Since it led young people with abnormal cognitive development in their yuounger years to get IQ-scores above their “actual” intelligens.
    It seems aswell that IQ and Intelligens, or more specifically the “general intelligens factor” is constructionally the same thing. The two concepts can be statistically differentiated, but IQ tests like Alfred-binet, Wechler or Raven all have very high G-loadings, that is, they correlate almost perfectly with the “general intelligens factor”.
    Gottfredson (1998): IQ and general intelligens can be used as synonymes.

    // Psychology student.
    Excuse my bad english.

    • Christopher, just because you are a psychology student does not mean you know everything about this subject. Hence the words (psychology STUDENT) the word “student” indicating that you are still learning, and obviously you still have a lot to learn on the matter. This article was written/typed by someone who actually has solid knowledge on this particular issue and, therefore, knows exactly what he/she is talking about, and with all due respect it is more or less arrogant on your part to contradict what someone knows with what you think you know. Complete your path (in psychology) before judging which way an other path goes. Real Talk!

    • Your analysis is highly egotistical and shallow.


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