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Difference Between Buddhism and Hinduism

buddhaBuddhism and Hinduism both have their origins in India and Lord Buddha, the prophet of Buddhism, hailed from a Hindu family. In fact, Hindus even consider Lord Buddha to be a part of ‘dasavatar’ or ‘ten reincarnations of Lord Vishnu’. However, there are quite a few fundamental differences between both the religions.

Hinduism strongly believes in ‘Atman’, the soul and ‘Brahman’, the eternity of self. As per Buddhism, there is no concept of the self or I and salvation involved in realizing this concept.

Hindus worship several gods and goddesses. While Buddha did not deny the existence of any god, he preached that it is futile to search or seek something which an individual is not even aware of.

After his first experience of the world, Buddha became disillusioned and went on to preach that life is full of sorrows and the only solution to end these sufferings was to seek nirvana. While Hinduism also recognizes that there is suffering in human life, the sorrows are attributed to previous karma or actions of the human being. However, one can attain divine bliss by discovering the Atman and Brahman.

In Hinduism, the followers pray all natural sources of the earth like stones, water, sun etc. However in Buddhism, this is not so. They only murugan1pray Buddha.

As per Hinduism, there are different ways to seek union with God – Raja Yoga or meditation, Karma Yoga – righteously doing all the duties as demanded in this human world, Bhakti – prayer and devotion and Jnana Yoga or the path of knowledge. Buddha preached the four noble truths and the eightfold path to achieve Nirvana. The four noble truths involve acknowledging the universal existence of sufferings, that these sufferings are due to the misleading desires of the ever changing world and that the search for eternity only worsens human suffering and in order to overcome sufferings and attain nirvana, one must suppress those false desires and follow the eight-fold path.

1.Hinduism is based on the concept of atman and Brahman whereas Buddhism denies the existence of an eternal soul
2.Buddhism emphasizes on sufferings in the existing world whereas Hindus believe that one can enjoy divine bliss through moksha or reunion with God
3.Buddhism believes in attaining nirvana through the four noble truths and eightfold path whereas Hinduism believes there are several ways one can reach to God.
4.Hinduism believes in the existence of several gods whereas Buddhism reasons as to why one should seek a God which nobody is aware of.

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  1. Buddhism and Hinduism both have their origins in India and Lord Buddha, the prophet of Buddhism, hailed from a Hindu family. In fact, Hindus even consider Lord Buddha to be a part of “dasavatar” or “ten reincarnations of Lord Vishnu”. However, there are quite a few fundamental differences between both the religions.

    Read more: Difference Between Buddhism and Hinduism | Difference Between | Buddhism vs Hinduism http://www.differencebetween.net/miscellaneous/difference-between-buddhism-and-hinduism/#ixzz1Et1E4qCv


    • 90% of that is pure b.s.

    • Never try to “defend” what you believe or believe in. You will never please all. Believe in yourself, believe in your beliefs. After all, this is why you chose your religion in the first place. With only 3 people in one room for one hour, exchanging thoughts and feelings, will every time result in difference of opinion and perception. You are all worthy of your own beliefs. Detach from opinion and perceptions of others, for your own wellbeing.

  2. There are quite a few errors in this article. Major ones being
    1. Hindus do not worship stones, water etc
    2. Hindus do not have numerous gods. What is usually translated as Gods in english are just deitys. Hindus believe in 1 God

    • kin i am a scientist and hindu people are polytiestic

    • No Hindu believe in thousands of gods and goddesses like shiva,Vishnu,and Laksmi.

      • Hindus don’t believe in thousands of gods. All those different forms – like Vishnu or Shiva – are just different forms of the Supreme power. They exist so that it is easier for people to choose a form they like and pray to that. Anyone who says Hinduism is polytheistic doesn’t know anything about Hinduism.

        This is the first lesson in any Hindu course.

        Hindu gods are not like Egyptian gods.

        • I’d like to know more. The “no English” poster seemed to be referencing a book. Hinduism for children or something like that.
          While I’m not a child, I would probably benefit from something that basic. Do you recomend anything?

        • Who is Shiva, or Vishnu? These are some imaginary figures. How can a religion run on some imaginary stories? How can you personify that supreme power? Some fraudulent stories have made Hinduism artificial,unscientific. Baseless stories of Purana’s are injected into child’s mind in India. This is detrimental for mankind. Structure of shivalinga evokes sex. This is dirty culture. So Hinduism based Indian society is dreadful.Religion should propagate scientific knowledge. This religion is childish, unnatural and dangerous for human civilization.

          • How can a religion run on some imaginary stories? What? That’s the majority of religions, and even truer for western religions. Why are you villanizing hinduism in particular? All religions start with a simple concept, perhaps a set of concepts, and then spiral into different interpretations like a game of telephone. Religion, without fail, adheres to the society it’s propagated/conceived in. Otherwise, how are there so many different sects and variations?
            Forgive me if this sounds dismissive, but stories of all religions are ultimately false tales that act as a moral guideline. Same for hinduism, same for christianity, same for buddhism, islam. If you’re referring to the caste system, it’s not a system of Hinduism, but a common thread in societies in general. Pre-1800 Europe was heavily caste-based in the exact same general way India is stereotypically, with reformations only happening in the later half of the 1700s during a late portion of the Enlightenment. Don’t be willfully ignorant or hateful, learn some shit about anthropology or history. All humans are the same.

          • I agree with you tremendously.

          • Well said Ship (and accurate)!…unlike the one before you who is clearly ignorant and has no business even on this forum unless he has some education about what he is speaking about…which clearly he doesnt. Sad!

          • Well said Ship!

          • Im afraid you never meet with Christianity and Orthodox in first place… Big words about something that you just read somewhere and tried to understand it superficially.. Hinduism and Buddhism like previous comment said is filthy and deceptive..

          • Good understanding is easy

          • It is my understanding that Hindu is not a religion at all but more of a cultural identity. That is the way Sadhguru defines it. Western ideals forced the label of religion on it. I apologize if I am wrong or offend anyone. Just my understanding. The essence of the creator is in all living things therefore it’s ok to worship God in any way you see fit.

    • You are correct Kin. A Hindu may approach different paths in attaining ‘mukti’, may pray different deities,but finally realises the truth that God is well within himself, outside, in everything in the universe and attains a glorious
      vision and merges himself into the universe

      • This sounds just liked the teachings of buddah for anyone here that’s looking for comments on the differences between the two philosophies

    • Actually the article wanna say that we pray water like Ganga River and stones which are given the shape of gods statues. This is how Hindus worship water, stones indirectly. Even all our gods are natural resources like Indra dev (Rain god), Devi Saraswati (River), etc..

      Just like that, Our Devta are many but our Bhagwan is one. Devta are the different types of one god only or you can say Devtas are the different forms of one god only like Brahma Ji originates from Lotus of Lord Vishnu.

      • Kind of like The Father The Son And The Holy Spirit Our All One? But you must believe in one ti obtain the Other.
        I read the Dead Sea Scrolls and yahshua describes his father as being ambiguous male and female refers to her as Sophia and how names are given to Heavenly Host so that we can follow the story

    • Kin. You are absolutely right. Only one creator, one God. The other dirties are similar to what Christian angels are. I find so much beauty in Hindu beliefs.

    • I’m Hindu and we believe in several god even Buddha .we also worship stone , water , air , fire, animals ,land , sky , plant. We believe that these are created by God and god is everywhere .

      • And god is one not several in geeta Lord Krishna said that. But it’s several aspects . Some one see god in plant so he worship plant same some one believe in stone Man , female , transgender, water, air ,sky and other.but Essen is that god is everywhere and it’s depen upon you ,how you want to see….. It’s depen upon you view. In geeta Lord Krishna show his huge picture in which all god . And I want to say , whole world is my family so spread love & happiness everywhere. Thank you

    • Actually they actually acknowledge multiple gods.

    • Hinduism have many god’s
      But they consider only karma

    • Actually Hindus believe in many gods they pray to millions. It’s Buddhists who don’t believe in gods

  3. Hinduism is based on the concept of atman and Brahman
    {{ whereas Buddhism denies the existence of an eternal soul}}

    I thought Buddhism was all about reincarnation?

    • No friend, Buddhism is not on reincarnation, but on rebirth. I am not sure reincarnation is a special case of rebirth although. When someone dies, he dies. But his very powerful karma or his last karma (it is series complex of things) may give another birth in the the four hells, in human world, in one of six heavens or in a Brahmin world or will not give a birth if he had no any connection or possession in mind. There must be a reason behind each thing. If there is nothing, there will be no result. In brahmin worlds, beings have either body or mind, not both. However this rebirth is determined by karma in last last birth or some other factors, keen Buddhists know, but they cannot interprete, only Lord Buddha could. This birth, the being will have to suffer the karma done by the beings which created the chain up to this birth. It will be good or bad, but mostly bad. Hope u could get some sought of understanding

      • Dewmini please ecplain the 4 hells or was it six? And why a brain with no body is this spirit. Often when loved ones pass they come to me in my sleep. Only once with my great grandma was i fully awake. I could hear her almost telepathically. She showed me my third son who resembles her when he was three he told me that he had me and when he died then I had him

      • Wonderful knowledge
        If know nothing, is necessary to mention something ? It seems you have only very little book knowledge and could not digest it . So please try to know yourself first then think about others and the universe religion etc

    • Buddhism, Hinduism.. Christianity..All all are intended to teach kindness forgiveness towards fellow living beings, for that matter every form of life on this mother earth. But each religion took its own method of convincing the people, make them understand the basic idea of Godliness. In Hinduism,being the oldest religion, a set of guidelines were framed for strict adherence, without scope for deviations. Multiple forms of God are for worshipping in one’s own select way,but God is one. It is ones individual capacity that make variations in his prayers but Hinduism ultimately said you yourself is God,and you and God are no different. To reach this stage you have many ways and many stages. Buddha was a Hindu and he was well versed with all Hindu scriptures.But during his time, due to the unethical practices of the priests, their dominance over lower and uneducated poor people made him design a new dharma for equality among all humans and all living beings.He only asked everyone to be sympathetic to his fellow beings and asked not to think of God at all. He preached only the relevant and didn’t emphasise the entire aspects of this universe. He also believed in karma and afterlife aspects. He advised his near disciple,Maglonker when he pleaded to tell him a way out to clear off the sins of her deceased mother ,to distribute / serve food in the ensuing Sangha conclave…So every religion is great because they only thought to be good to everyone. ..Thanks for reading.. Forgive me if anything is wrong or short..

      • You mentioned Christianity but your context is comparing Hinduism and Buddhism. Christianity is not about forgiveness and kindness, it is about Love. Christianity don’t need to convince people, they just need to tell the existence of the Supreme Being with powers that revolves on Love. I cannot speak about Hinduism and Buddhism that’s why I am here to know about them. But I can speak Christianity, what is it all about. It is all about Jesus Christ, if you believe on His words then you should not fear death. He showed all miracles to prove He is real still many don’t believe, anyway I already told what I suppose to tell.

      • Oh dear, you are way wrong. Better to send people to library. You shouldn’t be making it up as you go. I think people are here to learn the difference & similarities in Hindu & Buddest Religions. These comments are not factual or good references. Too bad. Serious onlookers, find different source than here.

      • You are absolutely right Rao.
        I too feel that all religions are meant for good. But divided the humanity due to an individual’s perception and trying to impose to others.
        I truly believe that life is once and the God- the Almighty is one on this universe. We encounter misery in pursuit of happiness.

    • Actually i don’t think that Buddhism doesn’t believes on Eternal soul because meditation is largely based on Eternal soul only and Meditation is one of the key to get GOD in Buddhism. The similar thing is with Hinduism where rishis, saints do meditation to get God.

  4. I’m confuse what to believe in. I believe we are all one with mother nature and everything within the planet, that karma is real and plays a part in our lives. What I’m asking is am I to be hindu or buddhist??

    • Use the teachings of both and follow your own path

    • look up daoism.

    • Following Hinduism wud mean you r free..free to think..free to study-explore-contemplate on the universal Truths dat Hinduism puts forward..Buddha was divine,compassionate &enlightened..but to be honest he did not preach anything new..anything that was not already there in the vast ocean of Hinduism..he only stated things that you need I already know..Eg. we know there is suffering in this world..nothing to discover..
      .all Hindus believe in rebirth. .in karma..abt suffering being d result of a cumulative effect of bad karmas- u reap wat you sow..

      Hindus know abt d various paths to Brahman. ..the Supreme all pervading Divinity of which we are a tiny part..Hindus believe that we need to overcome desires, Vices,attachments & do positive n good karmas & also meditate & seek God ..

      It’s like d big bang…we r tiny specks of d huge divine Brahman & we will one day become pure enough to merge wid d divine from whom we emerged..

      You don’t have to do anything to become a Hindu.

      • Excellent summary. I wish Christians would stop teaching their kids and all kids in schools that we r polytheistic. I am constantly correcting this and it annoys me to no end.

        • Why are you so concerned with what other parents are teaching their kids? ‘Seems to me you should have your hands full parenting your own kids (as MANY parents would do well to be doing). In a perfect world all parents would be teaching their kids the one truth, but since 11 billion people (and growing) can’t come close to agreeing on what that is, maybe you should concentrate on your own children.

    • Dez, you need not be confused. Jesus said “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” then He said “I’m the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except by me”. In other words, if you seek God for salvation, seek Jesus the truth coz he said in another place ” come to me all that labor and are heavy ladened and I’ll give you rest”. In all religions Jesus is the only person who promised salvation n in whom you truly will experience peace n rest. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.

      • Your opinion represents one religion among many. You reject other beliefs by reading only 1. Only those who study many other religions and accepts man’s ignorance of our vast universe are credible. Christianity and Islam do not belong to this credible group.

        • Well when you die, you get to find out!
          Being Christian, DOES NOT MEAN we are not knowledable about other religions, or non-religious choices. Merely, that we choose a Christian belief.
          SO,…if we are sticking to “so called” facts, I guess the TOPIC of Faith, is difficult. But the TRUTH IS, when you (we) die, we ALL will find out if Christianity is accurate.

    • Dear Dez, you may choose to believe in Jesus Christ as the true Son of the one and only God (Yaweh, who created & creates the entire universe) of the Holy Bible

    • hi dez,
      I suggest you to read the holy books from all religions. Also remember the only Holy Book that is unchanged and has no other version is the Quran(book of Muslims). It has only 114 chapters, divided into 30 parts.
      Since it has no different version or volume and has always remained unchanged, you can get the Quran from any part of the world and it will be the same.
      Although its main language is Arabic, but you can also find one with translations. Give it a try !
      Hope I avoided your confusion 🙂

      p.s. according to me, it is extremely peaceful to read it !

  5. Thx for the help it may help me on my essay. 🙂

  6. The beauty of Hinduism is that it is at its core a philosophy and a blueprint for living and allows for material prosperity as well as ignorance but also provides paths to moksha for those who seek it. But no judgement on those who don’t because “we don’t know what we don’t know”

  7. Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

  8. God’s & Religions exist only between men’s ears.

  9. Islam is a complete code of life. so accept Islam and there will be no confusion and problems in our life.

  10. I looked into this because I was unsure of the differences in Hinduism and Buddhism. The article was unimpressive. But the comments were very helpful!! Thanks all!!

  11. God is a being(s) of superior intellect, technology and physical being.We are worshipping aliens.Not the ONE TRUE GOD. Why would the God of the MULTIVERSE confine itseld to one planet.Human arrogancy knows no bounds.The God of the multiverse destroys all humans with a flood the first time. But decides to sacrifice himself to prevent it from happening again.Grow up,all Abrahamic religions came AFTER HINDU ESPECIALLY ISLAM!!!

  12. Why let religeon divide us or identify ourselves to one religeon? Best is to learn from all religeons and create your own path, be responsible for ourselves, rathering than blamig God/religeon, be true to yourself, be good to society, dont stress, forgive easily, eat and exercise well, be positive and dream. You have one chance on this earth so live it well and for YOU.

  13. Hindus aren’t polytheistic they do recognize different beings but they all come from one creation force or Brahman. They are technically classified as a polytheistic religion but in the eyes of the follower Hindu is monotheistic.

  14. One chance? Ouch. That seems to be a ginormous bummer. Sounds like a Christian based culture developed you Jah. Must be a different Jah than Jah Rastafari.

  15. Yeah! Jah ya no Rastafarian brudda as all man dat walk dis earth wth religious belief apart frothy Rastafarian and sadu,s in India hashish is to be smoked to connect wth the love of God i.e. jah??? Me say bless all that give love and peace to all by chanting the hare Krishna mantra. …

  16. Buddha himself is a god, like others, anyone who reform the society of that time, was a god, that’s why Hindus believe Lord Buddha was one of our gods.
    In Hinduism, everything is related to God who is supreme and his different forms are worshiped. Buddha denies the existence of God, because, one cannot realize God until he or she reached the higher state of mind, It is good to become an atheist rather than worship a god without knowing anything about him.

  17. The supreme power is god. Even universe is created by god. God is one for all religions. Buddhism is teaching you buddha is god whchj is misleadimg.

  18. I love reading the replies just to read people arguing. love the guy tho that asked how a religion can run on an imaginary storie! That shit literally made me belly laugh!

  19. Hindu believes in one god shri mad bhagbatgita me bhagban shri krishna ne proof kiya hai ki sare sansar mujhme hi sammanit hai

  20. When you understand why mothers lament, why babies die, why wars are endless, why there are powerless and powerful, empoverished and elitist, swingers and devout partners, you will be on your way to finding your place in this illusory field of “matter”

  21. my history homework asked if Buddhism grew out of Hinduism so I looked it up and although the article wasn’t very helpful, wow wow wow, the comments were super enlightening. The most helpful with my homework though was the comment from Behara Srinivasa Rao. Thanks

  22. If you want an awesome overview of all religions and mythologies listen to the lectures of Joseph Campbell. Truly enlightening. you are what you seek

  23. Annie you can also add this to your homework.. Buddha, the founder of Buddhism was born in a hindu family. His actual name was Siddhartha but became famous as Gautam Buddha.. he got enlightenment in India and he served in India throughout his life.. It was a hindu king name Ashoka who came across a buddhist monk and got so much influenced by the preaching of Buddhism that he decided to spread Buddhism with the help of his son & daughter across south east Asia… you can say Buddhism came out of Hinduism as buddha was hindu.. his Hindu followers started worshipping him and Buddhism came into existence.. Buddha is also considered as the incarnation of hindu supreme god Vishnu..

  24. Buddha looks like jabba the hutt lmao

  25. I like the first comments about religion running on stories and imaginary characters. Unless you ask the poster above him that sounds like a Scientologist, Aren’t they all? Even Hinduism -a philosophy rather than a religion- has it’s stories that rely on faith. You ever seen a Vimana? Actually, most of the teachings are dependant on faith in the writing of another’s memory. The Sruti(,which includes the Vedas and Upanishads, are considered to be divinely inspired of you’re Orthodox. However, the Smriti includes the more widely know Mahabharata(containing the Bhagavad Gita) and Ramayana. These Vedic texts are believed to be derived from sages. I also noticed a debate(to be nice) about polytheism. Someone did touch on Christianity’s holy trinity but nobody mentions Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva. In that order they are the preserver, creator, and destroyer. Isn’t this the Hindu trinity or triumvirate. In fact, to maybe put all “my religion is better” arguments to bed, most all religions have an insane amount of similarities.I IMPLORE you to watch this video.
    This may change your outlook on our differences.

    The goal of every religion may be for control or comfort but ultimately it guides. It allows you to learn some morals that you hopefully follow because the alternative is a global population of savages cought up in endless wars over ownership and pride. I like the comment that said the best bet is to become atheist rather than worship a god you don’t know about. If we all took the time to research different ways of life, we would be much more kind and understanding. This is the path I chose, and it has served me well so far. Know the difference between right and wrong. Drop your pride and ego and chose right every time, no matter the cost. Accept responsibility amongst yourself, family, and community. Be kind to your neighbor. When help is possible, help when you can. You don’t have to be asked first. Don’t lie, cheat, or steal. Work for what you got. Be happy with that or work harder. I think this lifestyle will set you up for whatever religion is correct. And if none of them are, then I say you had a pretty good life surrounded by good, honest people that made your time here easy and enjoyable. As for the non-believers, like myself, take this into consideration. If you break anything down to the smallest possible part, you end up with the same single thing no matter what you start with. So ultimately, didn’t we all come from one. And didnt one create all that is? Might be something to that. I love you all!


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