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Harre Krishna Vs Hinduism

Many believe Hinduism and harre Krishna to be the same religion but there are many differences that set them apart. The first and the foremost is that Harre Krishna followers do not identify themselves as Hindus and emphasize that harre Krishna is a consciousness unlike Hinduism which is a “religion”. This consciousness they say is the consciousness of God. Who is one, and it does not matter what you call this God , he is the same for everyone. The Harre Krishna share a few books with Hindus but argue that “Hinduism” is a foreign word given to the people who lived across the river Indus by the Muslims therefore no one is essentially “Hindu”, It is not a Vedic term. Nonetheless Harre Krishna share some of their books with Hindus but then they argue that if that makes them Hindus then Buddha was also initially Hindu himself so all Buddhists should be called Hindus too.

Unlike Hindus, who believe in demigods and carry out ritual practices for material gains, Harre Krishna believe in only one god i.e. god Krishna. They also believe in devoting their lives to loving god and uniting with the source when they die. It is very similar to the Sufi concept of Fana and Baka.

They identify themselves as the eternal servants of god Krishna, while Hindus although do believe in god Krishna but they also believe in a range of other gods whom they associate with different elements of nature. Harre Krishna disregard the notion of labeling themselves as a certain religion and instead they believe in having a relationship with the One God who is the supreme being and beyond all religious confines.

In a broader sense we can think of Hindusim to be an umbrella which consists of many Gods and serves as an overarching, loosely defined term while Harre Krishna is a specific philosophical concept that is based on spirituality. Also Hindus think of Dharma as faith but Harre Krishna believe that faith is not dharma because faith can be changed while Dharma is only one. Moreover, Harre Krishna think that religion is something that is part of a man’s consciousness and its not not something that one can convert to or revert from.

Major Differences:

  • Harre Krishna is a consciousness, Hinduism is religion.
  • Harre Krishna has its etymological origins in Vedas while Hinduism is a modern day term.
  • Hinduism has demigods and they are for material reasons
  • Hare Krishna is about love of Krishna the god. There are no demigods.
  • Hinduism is a territorial term, hare Krishna is a philosophy to understand god
  • Harre Krishna are eternal servants of lord Krishna . Hindu worships Krishna but also worships others.
  • Hare Krishna believe in uniting with the absolute truth (very similar to fana and baka of Sufi Islam). They don’t believe in labeling their relationship with supreme God as a religion
  • Dharma is not faith. Because faith can be changed but dharma cant be changed.

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  1. Umm excuse me but there are Monotheistic Hindus who believe that the so called “demi gods” you refer to are but aspects of the one God.

    • I don’t think that is monotheism. “Aspects of the one God” as an argument for monotheism is just floral language disguising the practice of polytheism.

      • many hindus refer to themselves as pantheists ie; brahman is in everything.

      • This is the same excuse Christians use yet they worship the figure of Jesus, the Son, as well as the the Spirit, and the Father ,the supreme God. Christians conceptualized the Trinity as floral language to mask “aspects” of a supreme God yet believe Jesus,the Son lived as a mangod. Please stop judging other religions claiming they use floral language when mass Christian religion gets away with it, christians pray to Jesus and envision a father God and believe in a spirit of “God”. It’s a farce yet ppl will make excuses as to why that floral language is monotheistic, pathetic.

  2. So vaishnavism is a very much m
    part of dharmic tradition. You just cannot see and distort dharma through your abrahamic theological lens and distort it.

    KC is not a saparate religion exclusive from the dharmic ecosystem. It cannot be. As a westerner or an Indian cut off from your roots, you’ll never get essence of dharma.

    Does iskcon leadership endorse what is written in this write-up?

  3. Hindu is term started using in 18th century
    Your facts are wrong on many grounds
    Sanatan dharm comes from vedas
    Comes from teachings of krishna

    This is a aggressive attempt to divide

  4. Yes hare krishna does not belong to sanathana dharma (Hinduism). it looks like a another form of Abrahamic religion but more peacefull and i think they use hindus vedic knowledge as their weapons

  5. When you attempt to write an article on any topic, be professional in spelling your main topic correctly. It is NOT HARRE krishna. Nobody spells it this way but in this article.

    It is HARE Krishna, Hare meaning “he who removes illusion” and gives power to Krishna and Rama.

    • Thats absolutely correct! Please correct your spelling to Hare.

      Krishna is the Supreme Person the God of gods. If the people read the translations they will understand this. Arjuna says this of Krishna. This is the original religion of India but it has become distorted by false guru who teach that Krishna is not God that I am God. This is the last snare of Maya or illusion. The small insignificant soul cannot be or become Krishna! A jiva did not speak Bhagavad Gita Krishna ( God) did!

  6. The writer here is misplaced into wilderness. Prabhupada swamy is taking Hinduism to west with a single God Krishna, because they are used to, constrained and contemplated to worship one god. And so he has taken a small step to enter the chakravyuga like religious type in the west, like Abhimanyu, focussing Krishna as their principal deity.Nothing less and nothing more. After his demise, the followers mostly Americans and the European counterparts took the mission to their like. That is why they think Hare Krishna movement not part of Hinduism. They are of any sect, cross or Creed, they are of the minuscule part of Hinduism which is a Ocean.

  7. A) Hinduism isn’t a religion.
    B) “Hinduism is not a Vedic term”. If we are strictly going with the Vedas, Krishna isn’t mentioned in the Vedas either. Vedas were written even before Krishna was born.

  8. Hare Krishna (vaishnavism) is 1 of the sect of Hinduism(sanatan Vedic Dharma) . There are total 4 sects

  9. Joanna Panzera said “All I know is Hare Krishna is the answer to all my problems. I am grateful for my beautiful life. Hare Krishna! Namaste!”

  10. Lord Krishna is the GOD of gods and LORD of lords,,Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Hare Hare Krishna Krishna

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