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Difference Between Central and Pacific Time

Central vs Pacific Time

To confidently differentiate between Central and Pacific Time, it is important to understand the time variations that govern the earth. During the 19th century the earth was effectively divided into 24 time zones. Each time zone was calculated to run from North to South within a diameter of 15 degrees. Before these zones were created, populations used to rely on the sun to calculate time variations. Each country and state had there own ideas of what the time should be. These new time zones made it much more universal and convenient for individuals to calculate the time. During this time, America became divided into four time zones; Eastern, Mountain, Central and Pacific. What we now need to look at are the differences between Central and Pacific Time.

All time zones are coordinated by universal time. This time line is known as Greenwich Mean Time and each countries time is calculated against it. The Western point of the United States is governed by the pacific Time Zone. States included in this time zone include California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. Pacific Time also captures certain parts of Canada and Mexico and also manages to capture Belize, Costa Rica and the Galapagos in Ecuador. The Pacific Time clock runs eight hours less than Greenwich Mean Time. So if GMT is 9am then Pacific Time would be 1am.

Central time divides the United States by east to west and includes states as Illinois, Texas and Mississippi. Central time zone is calculated by subtracting six hours away from Greenwich Mean Time. For example if GMT time was 9am, the time in states that fall in this zone would be 3am.


  1. The earth is divided into 24 time zones.
  2. America is divided into four time zones; Central, Pacific, Mountain and Eastern.
  3. The western part of the USA is governed by the Pacific Time zone.
  4. The central time zone runs across the USA from east to west.
  5. The Pacific Time clock runs eight hours less than GMT time.
  6. The Central time clock runs six hours less than GMT time.

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