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There is a plethora of differences between a Chinese person and a Vietnamese person. The answer in discerning the two depends on what aspect you try to look at. For example, if you concentrate on distinguishing the Chinese and Vietnamese’ physical attributes, then you will stumble upon a few. Similarly, when you focus on the Chinese or Vietnamese language and culture, you’ll also find many key differences.

With regards to physical appearance, the Vietnamese are not very different from the Chinese. Both being Asians, these two races share each other’s looks. Nevertheless, Vietnamese people are often seen to have broader noses. They also have a smaller body frame than the Chinese. They are quite short people, bearing a darker complexion and fuller eyes, as they are those who live in Southeast Asia.

Conversely, Chinese people appear taller than most Asians. Their body build typically ranges from small to average. Because China is a very large country, there are diverse cultural differences and alterations in physique that slightly vary from one Chinese region to another. For example, the Chinese natives of the South are usually shorter when compared to those from the North. They also have bigger eyes, or are quite darker in complexion. Because of such, they resemble the characteristics of most Southeast Asian inhabitants.

In terms of language, the Chinese has a very complicated series of languages compared to those of the Vietnamese. From the pronunciation and notations up to the writing of the Chinese characters, the Chinese language is quite formidable. As mentioned, because of the cultural differences and the geographical vastness of China, there were many dialects used and developed by the Chinese people up to this time. Some of the most spoken Chinese languages are the following: Mandarin, Wu, Cantonese and Min, among others. Even with the varied dialects used in the country, the Chinese don’t find it difficult to understand each other, most especially if you are a native of the land. It is because their languages, although different, share the same natural root, and are mutually intelligible. This means that each native can readily understand another person speaking a different Chinese dialect without any form of formal education at all.

The Vietnamese people, on the other hand, use their sole national and main language, also termed Vietnamese.

In summary:

1. The Chinese people are those who reside in China (mainland) or Taiwan (Republic of China), whereas Vietnamese is the term used to describe the people who are native inhabitants of Vietnam.

2. The Chinese people make use of a more complex set of dialects when compared to the Vietnamese dialect.

3. Chinese people are usually taller, and have a small to average body build compared to the shorter height, wider nose, bigger eyes and darker skin tone of the Vietnamese people.

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  1. Vietnamese people have their eyes bigger than Chinese people

  2. Vietnamese are beautiful people. Chinese are ugly in physical and mentally. Vietnamese people like peace, therefore, Chinese like war!

    • vietnamese have a big ego and they pretty much got hated by everyone in this world (beside they seem ugly to me)

    • The pure Vietnamese are short and ugly. They look like the monkeys with bad temper and high ego.
      The Mixed Vietnamese (mixed with Chinese) are more educated, lighter skin, and look good.

      This is very easy tell between the two groups. I only date the mixed Vietnamese.

      • You can stop being so judgmental, pure Vietnamese/mixed Vietnamese….there is no difference we’re still the same people. So grow up and stop being immature.

    • i dont think the Vietnamese are all that peaceful, especially now since Viet nam has decided to militarily challenge China on behalf of their american masters. looking back, you also saw Viet nam invade Cambodia. And there is a Vietnamese gang in america who calls themselves “born to kill”. also, i believe theres alot of similarities between Vietnamese, and cantonese people, as China and Viet nam used to be one country. if you listen to cantonese and Vietnamese, the two sound similar. Viet nam also wrote in Chinese for 1000yrs. it was only in the past 200yrs that they stopped after being invaded by france. ive also noticed Viets to have whiter skin than cantonese for example.

  3. to us, white people, you’re all the same ;)

  4. It is true, generally speaking most Viet have larger eyes than Chinese in certain region. Pertaining to look, if you like short, dark, broader noses is considered good looking, then Viet is the one for you. I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Guess monkeys have the right to think they are good looking too.

    Now, pertaining peace loving people. Le loc attitudes and how Viet Com behead many of the South Vietmanese would explain everything.

  5. Since we’re stereotyping….
    Anyway, generally Chinese have paler skin, round flat face, smaller and sometime slanted eyes.

    Vietnamese have darker skins, bony more pronounce chin and cheek bones, rounder deeper eyes sockets compare to chinese.

    Most of the time if you see a round flat face with small eyes, especially if it is slanted that’s Chinese.
    If you see a bony face, rounder eyes, most likely that’s Viet. Viet nose is broader but also taller than Chinese. The nose bridge between the eyes is also more pronounce on Viet.

    • taller really.
      I have dated many Vietnamese women. All the hot and tall Vietnamese told me that they have Chinese blood or Chinese Vietnamese. The short dark ones, are pure Vietnamese.

      They are few Vietnamese in my neighborhood, none of them is taller than 5 foot 6 inches.

      • lol fucking chink, your Chinese race is ugly as fuk. Stop hating on us viets lol stfu

      • You are racist as fuck. My family are pure Vietnamese, and let me tell you, on my mom’s side of the family, they’re on the pale side. My mom naturally has skin paler than any white person. My oldest aunt is on the tall side. My cousins (also pure Vietnamese because both their parents are Vietnamese) are tall (one of them is 5’10 because her dad is tall) and pale and good looking. So you can cut it out with the “all pure Vietnamese are dark and ugly” crap.

  6. I am a Vietnamese person. i think we have difference in characteristic and we are made differently so just accept the facts. Chinese people wanted to fight all the times but Vietnamese have more peaceful mind.

  7. Uh, no, Chinese dialects (Mandarin, Shanghainese, Cantonese, Minnan, etc.) are NOT mutually intelligible. People from different regions cannot understand each other except when speaking in Mandarin.

    The difference between dialects is as stark as Spanish and English, or French and English.

  8. lol. china are bad

  9. Most of these comments make me want to gag. Are you guys hearing yourselves? Please, don’t stereotype or use racial slurs. It’s not good for the mind, and it makes you look like a shallow pig and makes you no better than whoever you’re hating on. There are good and bad people from every nationality, and in the end, we’re all still of the same species. I shouldn’t be having to say this, because you’d think that some have common sense, but apparently not

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