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Difference Between Communism and Democracy

peaceCommunism vs Democracy

Communism and democracy are two different ideologies that have rendered great impact in the world. Communism can be termed as a socio economic structure that stands for the establishment of a classless, egalitarian and stateless society. Democracy is a political system of governance either carried out by the people directly or by elected representatives.

Communism is a political ideology that is based on a common ownership, mainly concerned with equality and fairness. In communism, the power is vested in a group of people who decide the course of action. It is this group of people who decide on the activities of the public. These groups of people may interfere in the public life of others. On the other hand, democracy, which also stands for equality in the society, is governed by a group of elected people. Democracy is a rule by the people and the elected representatives are bound to fulfil the wishes of the society.

A big difference seen between democracy and communism is in the term of economic systems. In communism, the government has complete control over the production and distribution of goods and all the resources and it is shared in the society equally. But in democracy, this aspect is not there.

In communism, it is the community or the society that holds the major resources and production. This helps in preventing any single person or a group of people from raising to a higher position than others or becoming rich. But in democracy, free enterprising is allowed, which means that people or groups can have their own businesses. This can lead to rich and poor in society.

Coming to democracy, there are no specific principles that define it. But democracy is based on the principle of equality and freedom. It is also based on the principle that all citizens have equal rights. Another principle that defines democracy is that the citizens have certain liberties and freedoms, which are protected by the constitution.

In communism private ownership is not allowed whereas in democracy it is allowed.

1.Communism is a socio economic system that stands for the establishment of a classless, egalitarian and stateless society. Democracy is a political system of governance either carried out by the people directly or by elected representatives.
2.In communism, the power is vested in a group of people who decide the course of action. Democracy is a rule by the people and the elected representatives are bound to fulfil the wishes of the society.
3.In communism private ownership is not allowed whereas in democracy it is allowed.

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  1. The writer of this article should do a little more research. Communism is an economic system, not a political one. Democracy on the other hand is a political system, not an economic one. Also the two are not mutually exclusive, you can have a democratic communism, in fact, communism as Marx envisioned it is a pure democracy. You confused the political system of democracy and the economic system of capitalism in your description. Overall this is a worthless article because it fails to understand the basic definitions of the words it is comparing. This looks more like a Glenn Beck comparison of the terms, minus the chalkboards and crying.

  2. how can u compare a socio-economic structure to a political system? What would a nation that has an elected government with all the industries nationalised be then? Can a democracy not follow the ideology of communism in its policies?

  3. This is the dumbest thing I have read in a while. These two ideologies are not mutually exclusive. To have a true communist state it would need to be completely democratic. To think, let alone write, this nonsense shows your complete ignorance of reality.

  4. Strange!

    First you say that communism aims for stateless society, and then you contradict yourself by saying that in communism, government owns everything!


    Really strange!

  5. “In communism, the government has complete control over the production and distribution of goods and all the resources and it is shared in the society equally.”

    Cite an example of ONE Communist state where this has been true. ONE.

    • He can’t give an example. No nation has adopted true communism as defined by Karl Marx[creator] and the author.

      • Oops.

        The problem is that it DOESN’T work. At least it doesn’t work now; being as were are mere humans with all of our sillyness.

        But our sillyness notwithstanding, communism is a perfect system. Actual communism, not this nancy stuff you hear about on Sheeple TV.

        • “The problem is that it DOESN’T work. At least it doesn’t work now; being as were are mere humans with all of our sillyness.”

          I love this excuse. The failures of communism have nothing to do with the fact that it’s an unrealistic utopian red herring designed to lull people into a slave state under the false promises of equality and democracy which never come. No, no, it’s entirely the fault of human beings and our evolution. You sound like a religious fanatic, which I suppose really isn’t that far off.

          “But our sillyness notwithstanding, communism is a perfect system”

          Sure, if slavery, genocide, theft, feudalism and an unquestionable centralized government qualify in your mind as “perfect”.
          And don’t lay any of that nonsense about it being the fault of humanity that Marx’s dogma is interpreted as such; his desire for all of the above is spelled out plainly in his totalitarian “Ten Pillars”.

          • Communism is a philosophical argument that fails because humans are imperfect. There is no state in communism. What we saw was not communism but dictatorship masked as communism – much like religion is not of God but of humans to lull the masses to serve the purposes of the few. We are doomed to hate one another because we want things.

          • You ignore Marx’s greatest contribution, that of surplus production, and the idea that every society in history as produced more from it’s workers than those workers actually needed to do to live. The idea of workers have control over that surplus IS COMMUNISM. Read Capital, and don’t think of the Manifesto as Marx. The man was an amazing thinker and to dismiss him out of hand because of a political manifesto he wrote in his younger activists days is stupid and shows a complete lack of mental agility.

            As for your 10 pillars, how many of them actually exist now? Of course the consolidation for many of them are NOT in the state by in Capitalist enterprises, enjoy Fasicism you ignorant clown.

          • Communism is GENIUS

          • “You ignore Marx’s greatest contribution”

            Nah, I mentioned the mass murder and opppression.

            “that of surplus production, and the idea that every society in history as produced more from it’s workers than those workers actually needed to do to live. ”

            And this kind of idiocy is what led to events like the Holodomor.

            “The man was an amazing thinker and to dismiss him out of hand because of a political manifesto he wrote in his younger activists days is stupid and shows a complete lack of mental agility. ”

            What a truly stupid argument. All you’re saying is, one shouldn’t judge the man by what he said or did, but what YOUR over-romanticized, solipsistic conception of him is.

            “As for your 10 pillars, how many of them actually exist now? ”

            As the result of authoritarian implementation, you mean?

            “Of course the consolidation for many of them are NOT in the state by in Capitalist enterprises, ”

            It’s simple; if you can’t form a coherent thought or sentence, don’t try.

            “enjoy Fasicism you ignorant clown.”

            I think you’re late for 2 Minutes of hate, you uneducated peon. Remember, Frredom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength! Enjoy the Road to Serfdom.

          • “Communism is a philosophical argument that fails because humans are imperfect.”

            Why do Communists hide behind this argument as though it holds any water?

            The problem is not, “Poor Communism failed because humans are so AWFUL”.

            It’s, “Communism failed because Marx felt that aeons’ worth of evolution would instanenously become unraveled because he had a solipsistic obsession with collectivism”.

            “There is no state in communism.”

            Yeah, except for that totalitarian state that needs to be implemented first in order to beat humanity into a state submissive enough to accept it. Communism and Socialism revolve around the fallacious and egotistical belief that Absolute Power only corrupts everyone ELSE absolutely.

            “What we saw was not communism but dictatorship masked as communism”

            . . . and NOW the “No True Scotsman”. You’re like a rotary of fallacious Communist excuses.

            “We are doomed to hate one another because we want things.”

            The problem is not, “people want things”.

            The problem is people like you who want to use mass murder and totalitarianism to inflict your self-pious ideals on everyone else because YOU can’t stand that they want things.

          • It’s also more then self evident that capitalism is not working either, perhaps it’s time for something new.

          • Do this world a favor, kill yourself

          • I find your personal insults and attitude towards individuals beliefs the reason we NEED communism in this world…

            Better communism than Individualism if it would mean 7 Billion people with attitudes like yours…

        • Baka, a couple of things:
          If you believe in evolution you would believe in evolution of human nature which can lead to humans adapting to Communism. Thus changing human nature through evolution.
          Name one Communist republic, SOCIALIST republic of vietnam, SOCIALIST republic of Cuba, Union of SOVIET (Council) SOCIALIST States-Soviet Union. And so on, no one called themselves Communist.
          Communism is democracy, many people ignore this but Communism is run through Direct Democracy in Marxism (-Leninism), New Democracy in Maoism, and so on. THOUGH, Communism is run through Fascist Dictatorship in Stalinism, in North Korea it is run through Extra-Totaltatrian Stalinism, in Vietnam well it never succeed because of USA invading countries in civil wars destroying the country instead of helping it look at korea and vietnam, north and south in both countries have been hard hit like hell.

        • Marx was a historian, and a so-so futurist. Marx is to Economics, what Darwin is to Evolution. In this way, neither understood the ideas put forward fully, but are important in the initial idea of it. The greatest difference is: Darwin didn’t attempt to write a doctrine that would dictate the future of Evolutionary discoveries. Marx did…

          Communism, like evolution, didn’t need someone to name it, as it exist without being named. Communism (whatever it ends up actually being) is just the next phase in the master-slave dialectic (the current stage being capitalism).

          In fact, by trying to define Communism, Marx had a profound impact, good and bad, in the future of something that would occur naturally. Of course, Marx was a revolutionary figure, and wouldn’t be caught sitting idly by.

          Marx does not equal Communism anymore than Darwin equals Evolution. Both are important figures in OUR history of it, but both things existed long before either defined it.

      • well China hasdone a pretty good job at adopting communism. It’s as close to true communism as you can get….

        • Depends on whose definition of “true communism” you are talking about. Marxism, Leninism, Maoism, Titoism, those are all the true forms of communism in the eyes of their theorist. The only truly 100% equal form of communism is Utopian Socialism, and that has never even been attempted by anyone.

          • Actually interesting forms of utopian socialist societies have been attempted and have succeeded. Take a look at some of the Native American tribes before United States interaction. Many of these tribes obviously performed free healthcare, communal granaries, etc.. these of course we’re small consisting of a single tribe and often were lead by one leader.

          • yes it has………..organisers of RAVE PARTYS yeh haaaaa!!!!!!

            hehehehehehhe 😉

          • i agree with SAMcC. a nation of which is run in a
            Utopian Socialistic way would be benificial and worth giving a shot. If Utopian socialism is truely “100% pure” then would say that the United states government should attempt it. It almost sounds too good.

          • A “True form” of Communism has never been realized, because Utopian Socialism is an internal (eternal) contradiction.

        • China hasn’t adopted communism that successfully and it only started becoming a prosperous nation when it started laxing economical control, while incentivating -capitalism- and private entrepreneurial initiatives.
          Communism is for people with an IQ under 50.

          • Unluckily for you and me, communism is for people with a genius IQ and with ideals matching their IQ. That is why the world we live in is total cr@p.

          • This One World Government policy is not working. It has created more poverty in more countrys.
            Lets go back to looking after our own people. India, Philippines, Middle Ease etc get your act together and get your population in control the rest of world cannot support you forever.

          • And Capitalism started its downfall when it became more lax; perhaps the key is to have a society based upon a variety of systems.

          • its a bit different about China. China in past did adopt the Communism truly which led a foundation towards a prosperous today. In one article I came to read that Mao once said “Our final target is eventually capitalism, but not a capitalism due to handful people of the society. It will be a capitalism brought by all the Labours, Farmers and each and every individual of the society.” These things have prevailed in China. The strong communism in the past did lay the perfect foundation on the ground of which China has liberated its economic policy but still holds the key factor that its still a One party communism in politics.

          • Something that is repeatedly left out of this discussion is that the Soviet Union was, as the U.S. was, an experiment. The initial idea of Marx and others was that communism could only exist were it adopted globally, and that one-state socialism was unlikely to succeed. It’s the nature of economies and societies that they can’t co-exist without tremendous struggle between the competing systems.

            Marx referenced early primitive societies that were communistic/egalitarian in nature. The original idea was to move society forward, through the pains of industrial class-struggle, into a dictatorship by the people, and after a generation or two, into the egalitarian communist state with no government, no hoarding of mammon, and no class divisions. Stalin is largely seen as a betrayal to Communism by his establishment of a brutal dictatorship of one(actually the polar opposite of Communism.)

            So, it holds true that Communism has not been tried in modern time, and would be a worthy experiment as Capitalism has thoroughly proven incapable of maintaining its humanity, any semblance of social justice, and is thoroughly destroying the planet and its creatures, including humans.

          • It should apply to you then. You obviously have an IQ below 50.

        • China is largely a market economy and in no way even close to being a true communist state. They anyway believe in the vanguard party philosophy which is an unneccesary midification of the original philosphy

          • “They anyway believe in the vanguard party philosophy which is an unneccesary midification of the original philosphy”

            Pffft. Yeah, sure, an “unnecessary edification”, which is why the name of the despot who came up with the vanguard idea (which is completely in line with Marx’s desire for oligarchy) has become synonymous with Marx’s; Leninist-Marxism.

        • Yes. And its ruling class live a nice Capitalistic lifestyle while the masses toil in dangerous factories, are turned away for medical care over age 70 and are told what to do and how much they can earn (women over 35 are considered useless and untrainable) or where they can live or go to school at every turn. Utopia. And this is according to my parents, both of whom fled this beloved country for greener pastures in their 30’s.

        • No its not. It’s a Communist government with democratic reforms created by Deng Ziaoping.
          It doesnt have a communist feeling at all. The reason why China is in such a great financial position now is due to these reforms known as Deng Ziaoping theory.

        • Are you retarded? Do you even know anything about China? There is nothing good going on there, unless you are in the Party. You are a shabi, look it up.

      • I think that the concept is implemented in a way that is not allowing the people to truly run their country. There is always some despot that thinks he knows better than the people.

        Communism is democracy. The have nots, in a system where they are the majority (almost everywhere), would use the power given to them to effect change.

        As our nation, and the world has evolved, we have forgotten how new Universal Suffrage is to this world. The Senate Seats at one time were selected, not voted for. Around this team only white males with property could vote.

        No one wanted Democracy for the very real fear of the masses leveraging their power to equalize the playing field. This is the very idea of what Communism is, the evening of the playing field. The people most frightened by this? I’m sure you have a hunch.

        Democracy does not exist yet in this country, perhaps it will. This election is estimated, by some political mind, to reach $1,000,000,000 per candidate. That isn’t a typo, that is serious cash. I know I don’t have money like that, but I know my bank (and other banks), corporations, and random billionaires do.

        He who pays the Piper calls the tune. We currently cannot compete with that kind of Propaganda, it is like fighting a tsunami with a water gun. So we don’t get a lot of say so, cause the majority doesn’t have a shiny lobby firm in Washington.

        I believe all forms of government are infatuated with 2 things: retaining and accruing more power. This can be good and bad depending if you like the path the the country is heading on. More power to create more construction jobs? Or…. Maybe more power to kill your least favorite residents?

        With corporations at the helm I am reminded of Mussolini’s famous quote about fascism:

        “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” — Benito Mussolini

        We cannot see a democracy yet, but when we do, I imagine it will be much like communism, but so much better than anything Marx could think of.

      • Communism won’t work until we have gotten rid of money as a concept. The good news, we are close. At this time, we have seen money markets take a giant crap; we no longer use money, but swipe plastic cards.

        Look at it this way, if you (assuming you aren’t a banker) went to work and did EXACTLY the same thing you were planning on doing and took EXACTLY what you were going to take and everyone else did the same thing… everything would be exactly the same with our without money.

        Money, religion, countries and other imaginary things are the source of problems. We must begin envisioning a future without these destructive forces. Once we have moved past these self-made problems, can we begin to see a future that is closer to the reality we want to pass on to our kids.

        • Money is not going away. Paper Money may be disappearing but we still expect to be compensated according to our work. If we get paid by plastic, but we can still use those dollars to buy things then we are still being paid money.

          To your second point, if you are not paid for the work that you do, then there is very little incentive to continue to do your work. It is a noble idea that we would continue to work hard to feed the people of our country, but in reality that concept falls apart very quickly. That same (communism/socialism) concept works very well within small groups where you know everybody and what they are capable of producing or why they may not be capable of producing. But within a large system where you do not know the people you are working hard to support that concept cannot be managed.

          • If we keep obama around you won’t have to worry about money. He will have it all spent. There a few things he can do and one is spent tax payers money. The other is screw up America and that two jobs he seems to be getting done. We can’t say he’s good for nothing.

    • Romania , is a good example of communism , untill the “obscure” forces of the capitalism were not satisfied with the ideea that this country was becoming to powerfull , people say that we were under the Soviet Union , maybe we were , but when we were almost at the top they could’t accept that this little country and it’s leader named Ceausescu could gain his real autonomy .In my opinion democracy(the jungle) equals capitalism and you should all know what capitalism is … let’s take from the poor and fill our pockets …

    • Communist China cause they actually won the Cold War.

    • yes it is ur just stupid and retarted

    • The difference is communism, the state owns the means of production and in capitalism the state is owned by the “job creators” pretty much end up with the same result.

    • i thought that was democracy… >,:

  6. Communism sucks and nobody should like it because most people misinterpret it into thinking that it is the equality of people. there is no country in the world that folows tru communism.

    • Well put, except for the part where you say nothing. Communism is a frame of mind, a better world, not a chisled out concept. Communism my have to change its name. It works for all these shitty corporations, maybe Communism should take a page out of the play book.

      Until all the mouths in the world are fed, and the BASIC needs of people are met, we must continue to find a better mode of governing ourselves. As well, if we can, and don’t do these things, we must assume Capitalism is just as much a failure as any other government.

  7. i love communsim

    • Communism is not love. It is a weapon we use to crush the enemy.

      • “The enemy” here taken to mean anyone and anything that even remotely gets in the way of an all-powerful, bloodthristy government.

      • Seems like you’re trying to look cool even though you’re not even close to it. The guy isn’t even defining communism but expressing what he feels about it. And there’s no right or wrong when it comes to one’s feelings. Popping out with a quote like that is very nonsense..

        • “Seems like you’re trying to look cool even though you’re not even close to it. ”

          Nah, you’re just some crybaby with poor reading comprehension projecting unto others.

      • Exactly right, when facing possible takeover by the Japanese Imperialist and the threat of western superiority. I guess army mouths need to be fed and with an incompetant Nationalist government funnelling money into all the wrong reasons..Mao had it right .. at the time.

    • You should read some books by the people who practiced it then. Start with the writings of Mao, who at every turn acknowledged what a cynical game it was winning hearts and minds.

  8. Let me clear up few things about subject of discussion as I see it if you would like. Living in both societies so called democratic western and communist I had chance to observe both.
    First of all communism never existed in any country. So called “communist” countries was wrongly called by west as “communist”. They called themselves “socialist”. And where such in my opinion.
    The ruling parties where completed from best citizens of such country. Ruling apparatus (government) was formed from promoting individuals who achieved good results at their work. Country can have single communist or socialist party or both or more. At the end it does not matter how you call them. Their job was to keep country on developing course. They call their ultimate goal “higher level of organized human society” or “communism”. Where people should not have any material problems and would have possibility and be happy to realize their own creative desires. Something like hobby from what all society will benefit. Such ideology was called “communist” and party who adopted it “communist” also. Is it logical for now? Example: USSR (Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republic).
    All such countries where claimed as to be “democratic”. Why? Because governments where assembled from “demos” – citizens of single remanning class. Other class slavery was long gone and aristocracy was simply striped off it possessions and made equal as much as possible with the rest of population. Elected government was planning and leading the country. Majority material things in country belong to all people in the country. Seems to me it is much more democratic then the western unequal society.
    Word “democracy” made out of 2 words “demos” and “kratos”. Demos – lowest class of citizens in greek society. Slaves where third class in Greek society and they where lower class then demos. “Kratos” means “authority”.
    When demos wanted to get more authority in greek society, they would promote their leader – demagog. “Gog” means leader. And then when he get into high position he would not be a demos anymore. He would loose his demos status due the promotion. In other words he would move up on ladder and can’t be in both places simultaneously. He can’t be let say a servant and master simultaneously. If he would try to do his previous job he would not be able to rule or know what was going on in the country or government. That is why “democracy” in Greek society become equal to “demagogy”. And if someone in government called for “democracy” he was advised to start from his own family first. Because greeks recognized nonsense of such long before the birth of Christ.
    Now, China and all countries you guys call “communist” stopped being such as soon as people reformed their systems and to run private enterprise and make money from hiring workers become legal. North Korea is the only country which uses common possession of property and try to build communism – better future for it people following communist ideology. Israel have some enclaves of common property in kibbutz. US have Amish. Cuba under Castro long time is not communist also for above mentioned reasons. Poor does not mean communist.
    And also rich does not mean capitalist and rich does not mean happy.
    And if someone checks deep into subject he will soon or later will find out that communists where trained in the west, (Lenin in Western Europe) supplied with money (From Jacob Schiff – Kuhn and Loeb Bank in New York $30 000 000 to Trotsky) and sent via Germany to Russia to take that country down first. What cause about 100 000 000 russians die during last century.
    Please keep in mind that all previous killings and genocides where mostly done in the name of democracy and pursuit of happiness.
    Thanks. Just tried to follow some logic, reason and sense from what I was reading in my life. But I do not think anybody needs such long opinion. Why did I do it? Do not know myself…

    • “Cuba under Castro long time is not communist also for above mentioned reasons.”

      I love how most arguments centering around Communism on Difference Between almost invariably wind up turning into No True Scotsman Puts Sugar In His Porridge.

      • Castro was a dictator and most dictators are comunists

        • All you have to do is look at our King obama and our Queen hillary these are two biggest Socialist Pigs ever. You know they love the poor, obama and his lovey go on vacate and take separate planes and it only cost 14 million dollars, and hillary gets her hair cut and it’s only $600.00 but they were thing of the poor. I won’t tell you what they were thinking about them.

    • “Majority material things in country belong to all people in the country. Seems to me it is much more democratic then the western unequal society.”

      Too bad “all people in the country” inevitasbly winds up meaning, “the upper-class oligarchy that installed itself thropugh force and violence”.

      So, what you’re saying, is that your idea of an equal democratic society is one in which an all-powerful centralized government forcibly helps itself to whatever it wishes through the use of force.

      • No, that’s when things start going WRONG!! What he’s talking about works UNTIL people in government get greedy!

        • No, you’re just trying to scapegoat the inherent fallacies and miscalculations of communist dogma onto thousands upon thousands of years of human evolution.

    • Very informative and educated comment. I think yours is the best description of how it is right now.

  9. I personally dislike the some ideas of Communist, Democracy is better. I went to China few weeks ago and was stunned to see google, wikipedia, youtube being banned in China. All my favourite sites are banned, what is the use of internet browsing then ?

    In India (Democratic Country), we have all our rights to visit any site and Government can never interfere on a single person’s life and if Government does something wrong, we have all right to riot and settle the problem while in Communism, its not possible. But still corruption is there in both Communism and Democracy.. nothing to say more, we should mix the laws and rules of communism and democracy to make the world better

    • The banning of websites has nothing to do with “Communism,” especially when you consider that websites didn’t exist in Marx’s time – they were not exactly on Karl’s radar. As well, the United States frequently seizes domain names of websites it doesn’t like and also limits the information it’s citizens have access to, but in a subtler way. Have you ever attended a US high school? Watched CNN? Do you think they report the news fairly and accurately? The point I am trying to make is that China has a system of government that is labelled “Communist” by the United States since calling it a Socialist state doesn’t have the same ominous ring to it…

      • “The banning of websites has nothing to do with “Communism,” especially when you consider that websites didn’t exist in Marx’s time – they were not exactly on Karl’s radar.”

        Uh, this may come as a shock to you, but there were still other avenues of information, like books. And Communists are notorious for banning books, movies and music and engaging in all manner of censorship.

        “Have you ever attended a US high school? Watched CNN? Do you think they report the news fairly and accurately?”

        And the Communist solution set forth by Marx himself is to centralize ALL media in the hands of the totalitarian government and forcefully censor everythign else.
        Yeah, that sounds like an idea that lends itself to fairness and accuracy.

        “The point I am trying to make is that China has a system of government that is labelled “Communist” by the United States since calling it a Socialist state doesn’t have the same ominous ring to it…”

        Yeah, yeah, we get it. Your non-point is to parrot the BS “No True Scotsman” line until people start actually believing it.

    • hey Sethu,
      i completely disagree with you, i visited Bangladesh and India back in August of 2010,
      they also implimented rules against web browsing, many days and for even weeks (whenever the prime minister/gov felt like it) they shut down facebook,youtube,for days/sometimes weeks.

      so what nonsense do you speak, that only in communism states they ban the websites? yes it is true in china, they banned google and wouldn’t allow chinese people to search “Freedom”

      but lets not be a hypocrite here, in reality…. India is more like a hidden dictatorship rather than a true Democratic society. India has many strict rules as well just like any other nation.

      and the true point of communism was for development and to keep the people happy with food,bed,and a roof over there head. Also at the time.. The chinese were being invaded and manipulated by many outsiders such as the british and mongolians.

      so communism was a way to work together and to defend the country,land,& people.

      for instance, look at india today.. india is truly a messed up country and Democracy has done nothing for its people or their system. more than 500million indians still live on less than $1 dollar a day, poverty is inevitable in india. Disease still dominates the whole country,

      India still has not fixed their water/sanitation system, and if you look closely. many indians seem to work against each other rather than together like the chinese.

      the chinese people work together and help each other like brother and sister!This is probably why the chinese have prospered and developed in society. Indian people would rather ruin each other rather than help each other. also skin color/looks is also a major problem in india as well. in China, Skin color isnt that much of a major issue even if you are darker or tanned (i have been to china as well, and there are many dark skinned chinese and tanned skin, not all are yellow skinned).

      My point is if you look at evolution, study biology. you see that the “Species” that work together are the species that live better and survive in society. Chinese people have worked together and as you can see by working together they have created an enormous powerful nation, being one of the most powerful nations in the world.

      India is blinded by its arrogance and false pride. in Reality, the only solution for india would be Communism.

      Now of Course, Corruption and theft occurs both in Democracy and Communism, because as always the rich will control the poor, or the powerful will control the majority. but its not about who is rich or who is poor, it’s about having a roof over your head,food on the table,and a bed to sleep in. (which unfortunately india doesnt have).

      so Chinese people have had a nice life, at least they were able to feed their children and have a place to stay.

      Democracy is basically for rich countries only. that’s what Democracy is all about. Many people misinterpret the term “Democracy”

      “Democracy” mainly means you have the power to vote for a specific party/government.(in a fair election manner). America is some what of a mix of Democracy/Socialist/communism.

      because many poor people/low income Americans still get help from the government/Society such as Healthcare,Welfare,social security,disability,finanical aid, wic,scholarships,loans,and other financial assistance such as free lunch programs at work and schools.

      How do they pay for that? basically off of Tax dollars, now as For india… they dont have all these programs or benefits for its people.

      America is suppose to be a classless society,even though class systems exist. the way people act or behave in America, it’s like a true classless society. because i have seen Many doctors,lawyers,and educated people marry uneducated,lowerclass,and odd job people.

      so my point is regardless of class or yearly income here in USA, you have the right to mix with or marry anybody of your choice. they dont have to be equals or on the same level with you.

      i know in India though, you have to be on an equal scale to get married (Same class,Same education,same work). so that is not true democracy, that is dictatorship.

      i hope you understand my reasonings Sethu, thanks for reading this!

      • “the chinese people work together and help each other like brother and sister!This is probably why the chinese have prospered and developed in society.”

        Are you sure? Just check that! Avoid if you are too sensitive.


        The Chinese people ar only prosper because they work like mad. Soon when their country is richer they will come to ask for changes and have better health care and more money so they can live with the same privileges like in the west. They might even ask for more freedom too…

        • Thats one video from out of all places, “youtube”. The very website thats Banned in China, and all for very good reason. There is so much garbage in there that if I was a father I wouldn’t want my children to look at it. But once again this is interpreted as freedom of speech , the very core of values that democracy is based on.

          However posting pics of a child being run over is one example of what we see in China. On the other hand, in China, they could be posting certain pics with a certain demographic of ppl doing certain immoral acts with certain “objects” live and dead and suggest the very same things we are suggesting about them.

    • Didn’t we establish that countries like China AREN’T following true communism? Then how can you know for sure whether you like communism or not when you haven’t seen it set up properly?

  10. I need stream pointer and buffer area in C prog.


    Bottome line, – Communism wasnt that bad and capitalism isnt that great. If Soviet Union concentrated on communism and economic growth instead of competing with a richer USA, USSR would have survived. USA’s richness is not because of capitalism per se. It is from the plunder of a virgin continent for 100 years, with cheap slave labour. USA is also the country that lost the least and benefitted the most from second world war. Im not a communist, but I like things of academic interest to be fair to both sides of the argument.

    There are some factual errors mentioned in the main article. It is said that in communism the power is vested with a group of individuals. Then how is it in the USA. Does that make Obama a dictator? Communist party draws its power from elections right from the grass root level. Grow up.

    Place capitalism and communism in a similar society / land area and Im sure after a year the more successful, happier set of people would be the ones in Communist side. Of course assuming that they are not pushed far and someone comes up with the idea of Gulag.

    Capitalism works when it is well controlled by the Government. Left to itself it rots to the banker level rot that we saw. We saw men and women with zero ethics toppling the world with financial kalashnikovs called derivates and any other term that they deemed fit.

    So if there is control for the sake of public good, is it not partly communism then? The equivalent of chinese mixture of communism + capitalism.

    And that seems to be the key to the best economic system. A primarily communist society with a bit of capitalism.

    • Democracy about people representing the people? Wrong, that is a republic, like what the USA was originally set up as (but no longer is). Government control of economy not present under Democracy? Really? When the majority of people, or their so called “representatives”, decide that something should be done by government then the government starts controlling it. Most “Democracies” all over the world have a large part of their economy controlled by the government. Try to name one Democracy today that doesn’t control the economy?

      Democracy has nothing to do with government control of the economy. Democracy is all about voting with the majority winning. Democracy is amoral, meaning it isn’t good or bad on it’s own, it’s just a political system where things are determined by votes. Democracy doesn’t grant, support, or want freedom or equal rights; it’s people who want those things Democracy doesn’t give or preserve liberties, only the law can do that – which is most often done via a Constitution. People heap praise on Democracy when they should be praising the Constitution and laws that protect the natural rights of the citizens. Democracy doesn’t bring freedom to the people, it only brings a vote. Only law protecting the rights of the citizens can bring freedom.

      Equally true is that Communism is amoral. So many people also glorify Communism as some magical, workers’ paradise but it’s not. Communism is simply a political and economic system in which the party in power controls the means of production. There is no such thing as communal ownership. Ownership implies control, so if you don’t control something you don’t own it. If you are a poor citizen who lives in a hut you don’t own anything because you can’t control it. Who controls the means of production in Communism? The people in charge, the people in power.

      Both Communism and Democracy have good and bad attributes and both are amoral. Neither one is inherently good or bad in it’s own right. It’s important to note that Democracy (despite how it is championed around the world), without some kind of Constitution and/or laws to protect the rights and liberty of the people, can ever help keep the people free. Communism is in direct conflict with freedom because the people in power exert control over the means of production. How can anyone be free if those in power can seize the things you own, even if it done for the good of the people?

      • “There is no such thing as communal ownership.” – how do you figure? The only reason that you own anything is because the community hasn’t taken it from you. The community recognizes your right to ownership through democracy (contrary to your belief democracy does not need a vote – in a closed community a lynch mod is democratic “justice”).

        Do you mean there is no such thing and non-ownership? Is that simply because you have never experienced non-ownership, and as such don’t grasp the concept? Or is it because you feel it’s impossible? The former usually leads to the latter ; with the reverse happening rarely.

        • I didn’t explain that very well, did I? When I say communal ownership is impossible I mean it’s impossible on a large scale. When their are hundreds of thousands or millions of people communal ownership just doesn’t work because somebody has to exercise control over it. Take a factory for example. You can’t just have 250 people show up and own the factory and make all the decisions on their own, not in an organized communist society. There will always be a party in power and they will always appoint their people in charge of the factory. Somebody has to have control over the factory and there is just no way the party in power will leave control of that factory up to a random group of people. The ruling party will always appoint someone or a small group of people.

          What is ownership? How do you own something? You own something by having exclusive control of it. For example, I currently have exclusive control over the money in my bank account. I own it and can do with it what I want. My computer here at my house, I have complete control how it’s used – I own it. A businessman borrows money to build a factory to build and sell widgets. He controls what kind of widgets are made – he owns it.

          In a communal society, however, the regular John Doe who lives next door to the factory doesn’t own any part of that factory. He has zero control of that factory. Sure, he might work there and have some input, but he doesn’t control it at all, the guy in charge does. Real ownership is demonstrated by exercising control. ‘The People’ never have control of anything in a large communist or communal society – it will always be controlled (and thus owned) by the people in charge.

          I will say, however, that a communal society can actually work quite well. But there is one catch – participation must be voluntary. The only way a communal society can work and bring happiness to the people is if it’s voluntary. If the people there sharing the work and the fruits of that work are there voluntarily a communal society could really work well. Here is a report on one such group in the US:

          If you ask me why it works I’ll give you the two main reasons – 1) It’s voluntary, it’s not forced on anyone and 2) They kick out the lazy who don’t carry their weight. If you want to know why no country will ever have a stable, successful, and happy communal or communist society is because they always break the two most important rules – 1) make communal living voluntary and 2) kick out the people who don’t contribute like they should.

          Once you forcefully make people work in a communal type of system you will always see a decrease in happiness and productivity. Most hard workers who are forced to live in such a society will eventually stop working so hard when they aren’t rewarded for their extra efforts. Why bother going above and beyond what other people do? Why work so hard when the lazy guy next to you gets the same rations and take home pay? It just doesn’t happen when people are forced into such a situation. But if you let people voluntarily join a communal system and dump the lazy people who don’t contribute it could work quite well for those who want to be there.

          • If only we could all strive for Utopian socialism, with an egalitarian approach.
            Too bad most of our egos and greed stand in the way of this ever happening.

    • “Bottome line, – Communism wasnt that bad”

      Sure, if you don’t think abject slavery and the wonton murder of over 100 million human beings in the name of totalitarian dogma isn’t “bad”.

      “Im not a communist, but I like things of academic interest to be fair to both sides of the argument.”

      Well, you’re either lying or you failed miserably.

  12. Communism is more of an economic concept rather than a political one. It is much easier to compare Communism with Socialism and Capitalism and Free Markets rather than comparing it to Democracies, Republics and Monarchies.

    The problem with Communism is that it doesn’t reward the people who are the hardest workers. It doesn’t allow people who produce and take risks to reap the benefits. Since there is no incentive to work hard or take risks then people will ultimately get lazy.

    There are those who will continue to push themselves, but in a large nation where it is hard to see the results of one person’s work, there is a reverse incentive for making the effort. In a small community, communism may work better since the people who work hard know they are helping and can see the results of their work. They know why other individuals are not contributing as much as they are.

    Free Markets and Capitalism work much better at the national level. People are rewarded based on how they contribute. This provides incentives for every person to work hard. People will work hard for their nation or community, but they will work even harder for themselves.

    In a capitalist, free market society good ideas generally rise to the top. This happens because people are allowed to “buy” from competing products. Producers must compete for the users money. This promotes a sort of Darwinism in the economy.

    In Communism, the small group of leaders choose which products and ideas are best for the people based on their on their own set of standards. There is no competition and no grassroots way for new ideas to be promoted.

    Capitalism also provides a hard currency as a way to trade with other nations. In Communism there is no need for money so a country does not have the capability of building reserves to use for trade.

    In general, there are problems with both types of economies, but at the large and national scales, Capitalism will work much better than Communism. At the smaller community level, communism may work also.

    • @CSbFord

      You claim the poor are poor because they’re lazy?No . They’re poor because that how the rich are rich.That how capitalist work.

      Take for exemple your whole ‘worshipping’ of celebrities in America.The most popular one are making millions for a couple of week of work . Most of the money come from the ‘lazy’ working class that pay for their hedonist and ridiculously expensive lifestyle .Oh sure they go around making activist stuff like opening an orphanlina so the ppl are like —- Ahh they’re so generous!!!!

      AHH humm AHH hUmmmmm My HERO!!!

      Seriously give me a couple of millions for 6 week of work and ill make sure to give some money for the ppl in need so you can shut up about my 150 millions and i can continue to suck the poor dry.

      Yet i bet the man who work 50 hours per week in physical labour and gain 30,000 per years could put some sense into you about lazyness and exploitation.

      This society you love so much it’s all about greed and individualism.Ppl should work for a greater cause then themself and not for how much money their next Ferrari will cost.

      The perfect society won’t ever exist.It’s not always about rewarding people.But about helping others to improve themself .At some point you need to stop feeding your pet candle each time he piss outside.

      Everyone that work for less than 15 dollars hours should stop working for 1 week.Well talk about this after.If the country still remain functionnal.I`m sure you will miss those celebrities and Dr.

      • “You claim the poor are poor because they’re lazy?No . They’re poor because that how the rich are rich.That how capitalist work.”

        No. Among the many, MANY things Marx got wrong -being as he was a poor historian as well as an economist- is this bizarre delusion that if Person A has something, it must mean they took it from Person B.
        This is all well and good if you’re a fanatical dogmatist who wishes to use force and coercion to push their views on everyone else, but it doesn’t really apply to the real world.

        “Take for exemple your whole ‘worshipping’ of celebrities in America.The most popular one are making millions for a couple of week of work . Most of the money come from the ‘lazy’ working class that pay for their hedonist and ridiculously expensive lifestyle .Oh sure they go around making activist stuff like opening an orphanlina so the ppl are like —- Ahh they’re so generous!!!!

        AHH humm AHH hUmmmmm My HERO!!!”

        Gee, sounds kinda like the idolatry that Communist regimes force the populace to heap on the wealthy oligarchs who control them. Kind of like Mao forcing people to hang his image on every corner and in every house under gunpoint, or those billboards of Che Guevara’s vacant face all over Cuba witht he message, “Socialism or DEATH!”.

    • “Communism is more of an economic concept rather than a political one.”

      Except for the fact that Marx very clearly lies out a plan for political domination under a totalitarian government force. Try reading his “Ten Pillars to Communism” sometime.

  13. The real irony is that thee is no distinction between Communism and Democracy. They aren’t two separate Ideologies, Communism is inherently Democratic in its principles. Just read Marx.

    By the way, I do not like Communism, but its clear it’s a Democratic Theory of Social Unity.

    • “The real irony is that thee is no distinction between Communism and Democracy. They aren’t two separate Ideologies, Communism is inherently Democratic in its principles. Just read Marx.”

      Except the whole “Oligarchy which establishes itself and rules by force and answers to nobody” thing doesn’t really mesh with the concept of open government participation.

      • …and you are quoting what?

        • Don’t try to think, you might hurt yourself.

          • I can not see any reason to patronise people for asking you for a source for your quote. It is more than reasonable and it only hurts your standpoint to deny us one. When arguing it is better to use arguments than to patronise people and arguments are quite often supported by texts which one could, and often should, quote.
            It also would not hurt for you to simply look things up. What Marx said and what people did are not always the same. Quite often it is not. If you look at what he said I think that you’d understand communism more. Don’t be afraid(not trying to patronise you here, I do apologize if it came of that way, just saying that it can be hard to leave one’s comfort zone); understanding a philosophy doesn’t mean you agree.
            I know what Marx said and thought – does that make me a Marxist?
            I know the theories of Locke – does that make me a Liberalist?
            I know the tenets of Islam, Christianity and Zoroastrianism – what does that make me?

  14. There is no difference between democracy and communism. Democracy is needed for communism to work. You cannot have communism win out democracy.

    The Soviet Union and China were never communist and not even socialist. Those nations were controlled by a bureaucracy, who abused and betrayed communism. But Karl Marx would not have supported people like Stalin or Mao.

    Stalinism was a bureaucratic falsification of Marxism Leninism. Stalin enforced his totalitarian ideology upon eastern Europe and Mao enforced his version of Stalinism on the Chinese. Never did the Soviet or Chinese workers control their ”socialist” states. There was no democracy, no freedom of speech and no democratic elected workers councils to control and plan production. A bureaucratic state did all the work, that is why Stalinism failed. A planned economy, needs democracy and workers self management, but there was no workers self management in the USSR and in China of Mao.

    Communism is not about a single party dictatorship. Even the first soviet constitution ( 1924 ) did not speak about absolute rule of the communist party. It was the Stalinist constitution of 1937 which gave the communist party all power to rule alone. Other Stalinist states made sure that their ruling party was allowed to rule by the constitution.

    • “There is no difference between democracy and communism. Democracy is needed for communism to work. You cannot have communism win out democracy. ”

      Marx himself wrote of a centralized government oligarchy which controlled every aspect of the populace’s livelihood and which gave them no say whatsoever in the manner through which they were governed.

      Either you’ve never actually read Marx and instead choose to judge his dogma off of wishy-washy feelgood sentiment, or you don’t know what “democracy” means.

  15. You all guys mixing not mixable. This is all result from low level of knowledge of basics plus a lot of brain wash. Communism vs. Democracy? Communist China? Democratic India? I guess I have to give very short answer, in order for you to be able to digest it.
    Communism must be compared to capitalism. Democracy to Aristocracy. China is capitalist already for a decade. Since times of privatization. In socialist society private ownership is minuscular.
    India is democratic? It is also capitalist. The USA is democracy? It is anything but democracy. It is capitalist republic. The idea of democracy was abandoned by greeks in ancient times as nonsense. The reason is simple. One can’t be working “simple job” and govern society simultaneously. You can’t be on any step of society ladder and in the government simultaneously. Voting is not governing. It is hardly influences government. Voters not even know what kind of politics is good for them. Because they do not know basics of simple things, just like you all here do.
    USSR collapsed, because communism was not good? First of all not communism, but socialism. And second, are former USSR countries democratic now? Sure they are not. They are capitalist. Got the basics? Try to read Wikipedia at least….

    • I agree that it is irrelevant to compare Communism to Democracy, I even entered a post of that before I read this one of yours saying the same thing. However, as to your Capitalism is god opinion, I’d say to a point. Actually a country that employs many/all of these social and economic systems is best. Capitalsim, vastly unchecked and deregulated as in the USA is horrible. Just as a Heinz 57 dog has the best chance of longer survivability, so does a country that employs many different systems.

  16. I have read more or less educated expressions here also. But even smart ones influenced a lot by western propaganda to a degree of nonsense. Stalinism, Maoism, freedoms…
    Stalin lived in times of revolution, civil war and WW2. Russia came out of WW1 and went through all of it into WW2. How you imagine fighting all those wars democratically? Voting? Who you think would win? I am sure Hitler. Including elections. In Russia he would have even more votes than in Germany. There were a lot of reasons for it. I am not going to list them all, because it is another huge topic.
    Freedom of speech. Who can hear you if you do not have money to pay for you to be heard? I have beed in several of those countries you all crying here that they do not have freedom of speech. I have been to Havana, Cuba in 1979. Cubans were talking anything they wanted. More then americans now do. They loved Castro and their revolution, more than russians did their. Sorry guys, but you are in the USA so much lying and twisting, that you totally lost touch with the rest of the world and reality. To you everything is good and correct if it is in your egoistic interests. If not, then it is “not right” in your “view”. You fooled yourself to a degree of becoming delusional. Who takes you serious anymore since your “views” become clearly known from your actions to the rest of the world? Keep talking with the “split tongs”! We will see what you will talk yourself in. Ha-ha!

    • “Stalin lived in times of revolution, civil war and WW2. Russia came out of WW1 and went through all of it into WW2. How you imagine fighting all those wars democratically? Voting? Who you think would win?”


      “Freedom of speech. Who can hear you if you do not have money to pay for you to be heard?”

      What a nonsensical argument. Money does not have an impact whatsoever on what we Americans are allowed or not allowed to say. You have nop idea what you’re talking about whatsoever.

      “I have beed in several of those countries you all crying here that they do not have freedom of speech. I have been to Havana, Cuba in 1979. Cubans were talking anything they wanted. More then americans now do.”

      Uh huh, which is why the Castro regime regularly imprisons, harasses and censors anyone who dares criticize the government, like the Ladies in White, right?
      “Freedom of Speech” is why Castro spent twenty years sending homosexuals to concetration camps, right?

      “Sorry guys, but you are in the USA so much lying and twisting, that you totally lost touch with the rest of the world and reality.”

      This is rich coming from someone making the claim that a dictatorship with a constituional amendment outright banning criticism of the government is a bastion of Free Speech.

      “To you everything is good and correct if it is in your egoistic interests. If not, then it is “not right” in your “view”. You fooled yourself to a degree of becoming delusional. Who takes you serious anymore since your “views” become clearly known from your actions to the rest of the world? Keep talking with the “split tongs”! We will see what you will talk yourself in. Ha-ha!”

      Sounds like you’re describing yourself. After all, YOU’RE the one spouting apologetics for mass murder and totalitarian oppression. YOU’RE the one trying to claim that flagrant censorship by a self-installed dictator qualifies as “Freedom of Speech”.

      • to Marxist Hypocrisy 101:

        ha ha youre a jerk but very right.
        in any case Castro was the exact opposite of free speech or for that matter free anything the man was insane for power and wanted no one to have the courage let alone the ability to stand up to him. if you ask me he was probably just as bad if not worse than the very infamous Hitler, who, by the way, was a socialist that later figured out that a dictatorship worked so much better for him.

  17. “In communism, the government has complete control over the production and distribution of goods and all the resources and it is shared in the society equally. But in democracy, this aspect is not there.”

    This is not true. In many democracies, the people elect leaders who will control the economy and redistribute wealth more equally. Usually people want government to control the economy more and to spread wealth around more fairly.

    “But in democracy, free enterprising is allowed.”

    This is also not necessarily true. In most democracies, for example, the buying and selling of slaves is illegal. The buying and selling of sexual services (prostitution) is restricted as well. People have moral values and don’t want to see free enterprise, so they vote in leaders who will curb freedom of businesses.

    • “This is not true. In many democracies, the people elect leaders who will control the economy and redistribute wealth more equally. Usually people want government to control the economy more and to spread wealth around more fairly.”

      Not even remotely true. Rest assured, those of you who would conflate open government participation with government theft and centralization are very much in the minority, at least in the United States, a nation founded entirely on the ideals of protecting people from the type of totlitarian bullying you wish to espouse.

      I you ever bother to actually READ the US Constitution, make a note of the fact that every single article included has the goal of protecting the rights of the individual from the whims and powerlust of the many.

      • You are incorrect, Marxist Hypocrisy 101. Nearly every elected government in the world does operate some kind of redistribution from rich to poor, including the USA. It may not be a big enough redistribution to cancel out the natural tendency for the rich to consolidate their wealth, in some cases including the US, but nonetheless it is there, whatever the motivation.

        Of course rich people in recent times have succeeded in evading taxes or lobbying for taxes on capitalist income to be reduced, as Warren Buffett has so appositely pointed out. But that is not something the typical voter is OK with, and is only really the case because of capital flight to tax havens. Nearly all governments are elected on a platform of maintaining policies that have a progressive effect, whether they actually manage to tax the very rich or not.

        Of course your response to this will be something banal indicating you can’t comprehend it, because to judge from your posts you’re basically a troll.

        • “Nearly every elected government in the world does operate some kind of redistribution from rich to poor, including the USA. ”

          But not, as you claimed, equally or with the support of the majority fo the populace.

          Oh, and the Buffet myth has been poked full of holes long since.

          “Of course your response to this will be something banal indicating you can’t comprehend it, because to judge from your posts you’re basically a troll.”

          That’s cute, considering your own response was to lie out the ass and whine about how I’m a troll because I argue in facts you cannot refute.

        • . . . and considering your counterargument to the fact that Free Enterprise does and always will exist or emerge in Democracy was to make some incoherent rambling about slavery, I’ll take your accusations of banal retorts as Praise from Caesar.

  18. well, this is funny.. people say a democracy is bad but if you look at all the countrys who have a democratic system we are doing a lot better off then people who live in a communuist country. MHM GO CANADA

    • Democratic system =/= democracy.

      The latter is majority mob rule at the expense of the minority.

      The former, as explained above, is a governance system involving, but not necessarily in toto, democracy principles.

      For example, both a republic and a socialist government have democractic votes, but neither is a pure democracy.

      If anything, a pure democracy is a subset of all democratic systems.

  19. Comparing communism and capitalism is like comparing apples and cucumbers. These two things simply are not in the same category. Communism is an economic system, and democracy is a system of government. You can compare communism with capitalism, but it is not okay to compare communism with democracy. What you are trying to say is that communism and democracy are incompatible, which is simply not true at all. This article is invalid, and the writer needs to go back to grade school. I’m tired of this propaganda.

  20. It’s sad to see all the misinformed comments on here. It’s baffling, really, when the truth is so clearly laid out before us. It doesn’t matter what kind of political or economic system a country has, what matters is that it has to have checks and balances, and without those you wind up with Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, countless African dictators, military juntas, etc.

    Pure democracy doesn’t work because people often aren’t educated enough about what they’re voting on and do stupid things, like when Ukrainians voted their old dictator back into office after ousting him during their revolution, or when the people of Iceland voted against the second bank repayment plan even though it meant their country would lose more money than if they had voted for it. Pure capitalism doesn’t work either because some people are greedy and create monopolies, pay their workers almost nothing, and basically lie and cheat to get ahead. Without checks and balances you end up with people like Bernard Madoff. This is why the U.S. isn’t a pure democracy and practices a modified form of capitalism.

    As for communism, it has two major flaws that prevent it from working on any level as a national government. First, communism has never been implemented peacefully, always violently, and in fact Marx himself advocated violent revolution as the means of advancing communism. Combine that with the fact that in order to implement a classless society where all property is communal, there needs to be a large force to deal with people who don’t want to give up their property and/or do exactly what the new government tells them to do, and that brings us to the second problem — communism essentially creates a police state. Just look at EVERY communist government that has ever existed. They all have secret police, like the Gestapo, that make people “disappear” if they do something wrong, and often even if they’ve done nothing wrong. And when you have the power to brutally control every aspect of your population, you generally become power-hungry and want to stay in power at any cost. Again, look at every communist government that has ever existed. They’ve all killed eachother in bloody purges just to stay in power for a little bit longer. Stalin had his underlings violently execute thousands of innocent people, and then he executed his underlings just for good measure. Pol Pot did the same to his own people.

    So basically, communism, even if in a pure form, can’t work as a government. It can only work on a small scale with a group of like-minded people, such as in communes, and only if everyone is partaking voluntarily. If people are forced into communism, that quickly leads to an authoritarian regime. Pure democracy can only work if people are extremely well educated. Without education, people vote stupidly and wind up running their country into the ground. And pure capitalism has never worked. That’s why child laborers died in factories and the workers formed unions so they wouldn’t have to work 12 hours shifts for barely enough money to eat. It’s all about checks and balances!

    • Yeah, that is pretty much accurate.

      Also there is a documented correlation between accountability and the Gini coefficient of the society however. The more accountability, the less dramatic the inequality.

    • You are so misinformed. Why is the idea of workplace democracy outrageous? Communism which is what Marx looked at in Capital is simply a system where the community decided how the surplus labor was distributed. This could just as easily mean workers should have democracy in the workplace.

      We has workers all know we get paid less than what we actually produce, particularly in production, and services. So why shouldn’t get a say in how that EXTRA labor power is used? Think of how a board of directors uses that “profit”. Do they pay millions to a CEO? Dividends to stock holders, do I buy another company, do I move production overseas, blah blah blah. All of these decisions will effect the WORKER the most, so to suggest he should have a say in how his SURPLUS LABOR is distributed is not a utopian ideal. It’s the next logical step for democracy.

      Also, OF COURSE Marx talked about violence in revolution. Can you name me one peaceful revolution? The entire point of revolution is overthrowing the status quo, on the flip side there are ALWAYS those who really like the status quo and will fight for it. So your notion of “revolution to communism is violent, then we can never do it” is the most myopic historical point of view imaginable. If everyone believed as you, we’d nearly all be slaves, or serfs.

      Your post is riddled with with historical inaccuracy as well. The GESTAPO were the German police. Germany was a FASCIST STATE which is anathema to Communism. You know that Hitler killed more than Jews right? He killed communists as well you know. Communists celebrate labor power, FASCISTS repress it. Northern Italy was a strong hold AGAINST the Fascist Italian state of Mussolini. You should read about their economic system, very interesting. http://www.uwcc.wisc.edu/info/bologna.html

      You should look at the history of labor struggle in America. You know back in the 1870-1910’s, union organizers vanished fairly often. So I’m not sure you really understand the topic of which you speak. Capitalism is what is the force behind everything you are talking against, it would be amusing if it wasn’t so sad that you are so misinformed about communism.

      So while Marx proscriptions on revolution may bother you, consider at least his profound insight about people creating a surplus, and that that surplus should be there’s to distribute. Interestingly, most Americans want to be their OWN boss, which is in essence what I have just described. a self employed man does in fact get what he is worth, and he gets to decide what to do with that money, does he by his kids a pool? Does it buy a new truck? Who knows, or CARES, it’s HIS to DECIDE. That mentality needs to be adopted in large corporations as well.

  21. when was this site created?

  22. In a communist society everyone works and the leaders give each worker what they want them to have.

    In a democratic society or “Republic” those who work are allowed to keep what the leaders want them to have.

    The real difference? In the “Republik” society you are made to feel as if you actually have the power to change something that is offensive to your ideology. (sp)
    After all YOU can vote. Big whoop.

    Haluburton makes the voting machines and their interest lies with the Republik side.

    Do you really believe all those millions of votes can be counted and tallied in a time period of 3 or 4 hours?
    Our government is so inefficient it can’t accomplish blowing out a match in less than 6 months.

    Yea, yea, I know I can go somewhere else and live. If that’s your thought go stand on your head in a pile of cow manure. You are part of the problem not part of the solution.

  23. @ Marxist Hypocrisy101… I understand that you are trying to explain Marxism and all… But you don’t have to be so rude and make antagonistic remarks to everyone. Be passive and detached in your teachings.

  24. Communism is a version of Democracy, as Communism can be defined as “the people rule”, however, Democracy is Greek and is translated to “rule of the people”. It’s just that in Communism people want to be equal with each other. Communism can’t work however TODAY, which means that we will have to have Socialism before we have Communism.Thank you for letting me speak (unlike the Capitalists in Africa)

    • Humans are, and will always be fallible but can you really blame us. We genetically programmed to survive and we are living in a world of scarcity. The combination of these two things, unlimited wants and a world of scarcity make any political system difficult.

      Democracy, so far as I know, has been the best system devised but it does have its downsides. Such as the Afghanistan and Iraq war which the majority of voters supported and so the majority of politicians rabble roused for. More that 200 thousand lives and 4 trillion dollars later, I feel the majority now sees these democratic decisions as being flawed. Another inherent problem with democracy is its tendency to allow for socialistic shifts away from laissez faire towards communism. This is essentially just a shift from a total protection of property rights to a government enforced ban on property rights.

      • Hmm, William. You are being foolish here, how can you wax poetic about democracy, and at the same time praise laissez faire? There is absolutely NO DEMOCRACY in Laissez faire, what does that mean?

        Does a factory worker have any say in how the company is run? No. Why not? Surely the decisions being made by the company have a great impact on his lively hood. The worker probably has anxiety about his job, will he still have it, is it going to ship his job somewhere else?

        All of these things exist, you may have even experienced them. Workers, should have democracy in the workplace. Our economic system should be organized in a way that is MORE democratic. Let me first say this, you and I both know, you are doing MORE work for your employer then you are getting paid for.

        Why should you not get some sort of say in how that EXTRA work is used by the company? since that extra work is what creates profits. And I really doubt you would like if your company were going to say pay a manager millions of dollars, as opposed to build a park in your community, or maybe improve working conditions. I really doubt a worker is going to ship his job overseas so the shareholders can get more money, while destroying his community. No this system can not sustain itself in such a manner, and it will come to an end at some point.

        Democracy should not stop at private property, that is outrageous.

        Capitalism came from FEUDALISM, Capitalism replaced the feudal set up for the serfs, who worked a couple days for themselves, than worked another couple days for the lord, who kept the fruits of that labor with the capitalist one for the worker, in the form of wage labor. The worker is still getting LESS than what he actually does.

  25. Is it not possible that all the “isms” could be dictatorial and democratic…

    Dictatorial communism
    Dictatorial socialism
    Dictatorial capitalism

    Democratic communism
    Democratic socialism
    Democratic capitalism

    The most hard lined being at the top of the order and the least at the bottom… with most of the worlds governments falling somewhere between dictatorial capitalism and democratic socialism…

  26. I would be interested in others opinions of this…

  27. I don’t understand this comparison between Communism and Democracy. I think it’s fair to compare/contrast Communism, Capitalism and Socialism as economic systems. As well, compare Democracy, fascism, the socio side of Marxism as social systems. It seems a little convoluted and absract to cherrypick Democracy and Communism when in fact one is a social system and the other an economic system. I think it would be more realistic to compare Communism and Capitalism.

  28. @ed, Agreed, but we do have the implementation of the economic system by a social/governing system which would deliver democratic socialism etc.

  29. The true question is: Can communism survive democracy?

    There are reasons why all communists states censor the press and other means of information. I always hate it when people say true communism has not been tried. The truth is communism cannot exist without dictatorship. Even Chavez populism is akin to corrupting his own people. It’s just another way of keeping your people under control. When the money runs out, the state will crumble and Chavez will either have to get nasty or get out. People are not better because they are communists. If they are happy, they are probably brainwashed, like those weeping North Koreans we can see on television these days. Anyway, they probably would not know what happy means unless the state give them the offical definition. Actually, I was wondering if they knew what weeping meant as well…

    All political ideologies that require the people of a nation comply to the will of the state are wrong.

    It has been true of Nazism, Fascim, Communism and Islam. Islam probably will not survive democracy. This is why they are censoring it too. One only needs to look at Iran. Why do you think we are so bent into trying to send democracy in the middle east? This is the best way to destroy the enemy.Blessed be the internet…

    People should be respected as individuals, presented with choices and taught rational thinking.
    Then the day they decide to be communist good for them. Just do it but don’t force it upon others. If that’s what makes you happy. But obviously, most of those who say are communists are not really. They are just pissed off and feel they would be happier if everybody were at the same level as they are. If they are pissed off because there are rich and poor people, they should understand that communism is very good at making people poorer. Even China could not develop properly until it opened to free market. Oh but now there are poor and rich people in China. Well, yeah! Some people are more beautiful than others too, just grow up and stop begging for the state to give you everything. True communists don’t have an ego anyway so what are you crying about? Oh wait! No, they do! But, they are full of it and that was my point!

    • Well lookie at this big wall of propaganda.

    • “If they are happy, they are probably brainwashed”

      Sounds like Americans, Europeans, westerners in General….

      • Absolutely true. They are brain-washed above any measure, but claim themselves to be the most educated and understanding in the world… Tre to explain the simpliest things to them – and they will call you “brainwashed”.

        • Yes, westerners are brainwashed, that’s why we can have stupid conspiracy theorists come up with the strangest ideas and espouse them in front of a willing audience with no repercussions.

          Meanwhile, brainwashed idiots like you (who I suspect is one of the “50 Cent Party” members. Look them up.) come up and have the audacity to proclaim Westerners are brainwashed, when we Westerners are listening to your (stupid) arguements right now (and laughing).

          As a Chinese-American whose family has personally experienced Communism, it is the dumbest ideology ever invented. It sounds good on paper and seduces useful idiots into proping up a dictator who then oppresses the masses.

          True, that’s not “real” Communism (sounds like the “No True Scotsman” Fallacy), but even real Communism wouldn’t work. If everyone got exactly the same thing, my main question is… why work? Working is hard, tiring, degrading, and all-around unpleasent. In Capitalism, we do it anyways because the more we work, the more money we get. Not the case in Communism. A guy who busts is balls every day working gets the same amount of money as the lazy idiot who stays in his basement all day playing video games. In that society, everyone would want to be the lazy idiot in his basement, eventually resulting in reduced living standards for everyone. We humans are lazy and selfish. Capitalism works around that whereas Communism works against that, which is why Communism sounds good on paper and is absolutely terrible in practice.

          Oh, and about workers getting paid less than their “worth”, what do you think the upper guys are doing? Nothing? If those guys didn’t exist, the job and products wouldn’t exist at all. Yes, if the workers stopped working, the products wouldn’t exist, either, which is why both exist. It’s like a car. The wheels and engine do the hard work, but I doubt the car will run if we took out the steering wheel, transmission, and gas/brake pedals.

          The reason why the upper guys get more money, though, is because the upper jobs are harder. Sure, the workers may work hard, but anyone can flip a burger. Supply and Demand. There are less people capable of performing management and market jobs than the people who do menial labor, despite the menial labor guy going through harder conditions. Don’t like the job? Work harder and either get educated (which opens up better jobs), or get promoted (thus getting a higher wage). The only thing the government is obligated to do is make sure the people don’t starve or freeze to death, but anything extra should be worked for.

          Communism sucks, people. I resisted the brainwashing (the term was actually invented by the Chinese, btw), and so should you.

          • The quickest way to silence dissent is to claim absolute moral authority on a subject.

            You’ve learned your propaganda lessons well.

    • When a system being run under democracy crumble, the people are turned against each other through lies in the media, distracting them and disabling them from pushing for any change within the system. Democracy isn’t free of manipulation.

  30. I found that site very usefull and this survey is very cirious, I ‘ ve never seen a blog that demand a survey for this actions, very curious…

  31. Communism as a philosphy is trying to eliminate differences that may not be so bad after all. What if Mozart was denied king’s patronage just because I am also not entitled for it! I think communists are people with no talent but a lot of ego and cannot tolerate men-women superior to them. This is nice technique to change society, so that the very ordinary can feel good about themselves, despite their own ego problems. I come from a small state in India that produced Nobel Laureates and great thinkers during early 20th century. In the later half of the same century it produces filth and just more filth to follow it up. And an all pervasive “let-us-be all-poor-together-in-filth-and-be-happy” attitude is prevailing there now being 35 years under a government with a communist manifesto. Thanksfully that govenrment is removed now, but replaced with another. Hope things will start changing. Come to the West Bengal state of India, if you want to know what I mean.

    • I think you have no idea what MArx said.

      Marx said that workers produce a surplus, in the communist mode of production that surplus produced and received by the workers, who then decide how that surplus should be used.

      I’m sorry you are so ignorant. This post is full of inaccuracies that are appalling. I’ll just touch on ONE example since I don’t have the time to do the rest. GM did not fail because of offshoring, GM FAILED because instead of making cars you know the thing they were good at, they created a bank, originally because workers were not making enough to buy their cars(remember real American wages have been STAGNANT for almost 40 years) then they realized they could make way more doing that, and started speculating, and when the big capitalist financial bubble burst so did GM, and it was taken over.

      Oh and China had been a doormat for Imperialism for CeNTURIES, I can’t believe how uninformed you are. Blah what a waste.

      Stagnant wages for 40 years is a sign of a system that is so broken as to be completely useless to the mass of America.

      • Like I said Luke, “Greed is good”.. the post is on difference between communism and democracy and from your comments, its obviously you believe in the democratic capilitist way is better which is what majority of us think however with your economical analyst of GM. It seems to me democracy is all about personal greed and the way its encourages greed..I guess if thats the way one person thinks then thats fine.
        Yes, China was a doormat of imperialism for centuries, then it became nationalist then communist. Due to all this, communism was established to fight the and protect their country from evil foreign invaders just like yourself…

        • You are confused about a couple things it seems, first capitalism is economic ideology, it is not required for democracy nor the other way around. Greed is good? For who?

          Want real democracy? Institute democracy in all workplaces. That would change the world in ways unimagined, then you could possibly have something like capitalism without the god awful exploitation that occurs as a result of how it organizes labor.

          corporations in democratic society make no sense think about it.

          • Having a vote in my workplace on every line of software I write only produces Mircosoft-style spaghetti.

            Democracy in the workplace destroys productivity through excessive meetings and votes, efficiency through simple stagnation in productivity, and moral by simple hubris.

            That’s why there are management structures and numerous means and studies thereof about it.

  32. Communism in China and North Korea were established due to the threat of foreign Imperialism (mostlyUS/Japan). The Nationalist government at the time were fighting Japanese Occupation and Western Capitilism and supression.
    In the 1920’s China’s elite class was prosperous due to the Nationalist’s government take over from agrarian society. However this goverment was willing to sell out its own soul to foreign “imperialism” and from the threat of foreign invasion and takeover of its market economy of the time.
    The Nationalist government did not take into account that by 1920’s Shanghai period. The city itself was sold out to foreign ownership. Businesses were owned and controlled by Americans/ British and Japanese government. This caused an entire mass of ppl to fall into poverty. eg (daughter of peasant farmers going into the city to work as prostitutes in American owned “clubs”, see ‘Indiana Jones and temple of doom’)
    Due to these “peasants” seeing that there country was being ruled/abused/used not by themselves but by unforgiving foreign influences..certain eliments of these ppl became radical marxist Lenin Scholars (eg Mao),
    The communist party was created to fight these foreign capitilist invaders.
    I believe this form of western capitilist invaders are still happening right now and right here with propaganda, American Propaganda eg war on terror etc
    I am not in the US but believe that MOST americans believe that Communism is something thats so bad that when we see a video of North Korean Children playing in a music band, we have to put in comments such as “this is cruel, they must be slaves working 20 hours a day”. western propaganda obviously has worked in the US and this is created to undermine North Korea. Most Americans wouldnt even know where North Korea is let alone make offensive remarks about Korean Children and their lifestyle that they dont know anything about.
    With CCP and Deng Ziaoping theory, it bought china out of lenin communism to how it is today. Unfortanately for the ppl of the west, as much as they want to put China down for really..no apparent reason at all.
    I guess its US’s fault for offshoring entire operations eg GM Detroit Motown now notown to China for cheaper labour. Now Detroit is some big homeless state and China’s bank has all their money in the kitty 😛

    Gordon Gecko once said “greed is good”

    • So, are they still paying 50 cents, or did the compensation change?

      Seriously, this post really is starting to sound like a 50 Cent Party member. When Communists pay someone to shill for them, you know something’s wrong.

  33. Difference Between Communism and Democracy | Difference Between | Communism vs Democracy I was suggested this website by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my difficulty. You are incredible! Thanks! your article about Difference Between Communism and Democracy | Difference Between | Communism vs DemocracyBest Regards Craig

  34. Once again it seems that someone has forgotten to emphasize the fact that communism is a tyrannical rule by a small party state, while democratic capitalism, for all its faults, is at least still democratic. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the idea of nationalized industry or a ‘dictatorship’ of the proletariot (aka the 99%) but the difficulties of ruling nations of peasants and minorities in the odld Russian Empire made the Bolsheviks a bunch of violent autocrats.
    The sin of communism was not that it tried to do away with socioeconomic injustice. The sin was that they took away other people’s rights to vote, life, and think.

  35. America has classes wealthy, middle class, poor
    America you may own your property but the government taxes it what ever percentage they want, on the ground its on and the objects
    America has caucuses and priemeries(groups of people selected to vote for a candidate)

    Do we have a democracy or what?

  36. First of all, as non biased as the writer tried to explain the diffrence (which in my view i found it odd that there was such tiny explination for two of the greatest machines that have driven us to the point where we are at today, but its probably just so people can get a easy to do and not do any work.

    Communism, communism, i dont think anyone read the 600000000 million post stating that.

    Communism has never happend.

    Socialism must be undertaken before you even reach the perfectness or (SOCIAL UTOPIA) or COMMUNISM which we all know is almost impossible because its a UTOPIA. its like saying

    you are going up a 100 step ladder, and you jump to try to reach the top. you shall fail, you will land flat on your face, you dont pop up in places you get there.

    Is it a good idea, well parts of it yea, its in our own Democratic Government, remember when Obama taxed rich people even more, yeaa, a tiny step towards a better equality? the profit big buisness make off people building commodities to only buy commodities made by other people in a vicious circle that is never ending? yea

    Is it a good idea to give so much power to people to the point where there is no freedom of speech, of where to send your kids to school, of what to buy, well not really. Its how ever you take it, we can lead to a perefc society, oooorr we can kill thousands of people with secret police, and not allow anyone to succeed.

    We must understand that times change, imagine how many people thought Adam Smith writing the Wealth of the Nations was crazy? Change is going to happen, we have changed the structure captalism 4 times in the last decades after every depression, but we cant seem to accept some social ideas as they are seem radical? is it not crazy to repeat the same things expecting a diffrent outcome, its insane. We must put the petty ideas of the Commi Scare away and think for the better of mankind, times change, its only when we decided it has is when we will realize the truth.

  37. Sorry to come in a little late on this topic but the fundamental problem with this article is firstly that it is comparing a political system to an economic system. Communism is an economic system, like socialism and capitalism. Democracy on the other hand opposes totalitarian monarchies, one party rule, etc.

    Europe is the birth place of economic and social models. Despite trying to mix terms in the article, there is rarely a black and white system. It can be argued that the US is one of the purest capitalist systems, while countries like Sweden is heavily Democratic Socialist. By the way, there are two countries in the world which is both a democracy and a Communist country. The one is Malta, the other is Nepal. European democracies has for ages had communist members of parliament while being democracies as well.

    Because of Europe’s more liberal thinking, it has been experimenting with many models for many years, and words like socialism and communism are not swear words in Europe. Most European countries are what is called Democratic or Liberal Socialists in which there is a free market economy with heavy government influence. The downside is less speculation as you will have in a more capitalist country like the US or Japan, and therefore less profit or growth, but the upside is no hungry or homeless people with free education to university level, free public transport and free health care as the least of human rights.

    There are still many billionaires – they just have a few million less than they would have had in a less Socialist country.

    Communism by default needs complete control over the economy, but it does not need to exclude democracy as a political system. As long as the people want communism, it can stay. As soon as they don’t want it any more, it goes. Simple isn’t is!

  38. I really hate it when people try to put democracy and communism together in a boxing ring and have them face each other off as enemies. Democracy is great, but what we have these days is only really a limited democracy. Communism, on the otherhand, has more emphasis on economy, and its true rival if any, would be capitalism. I personally believe that Communism and Democracy would go great together, the people elect their leaders, and everyone is equally provided for as long as they are willing and capable to work, and learn in any field of their interest. The reason why we dont have that is because a bunch of greedy fucks have horded vast amounts of power through monetary gain over the years, and are now too selfish to relinquish that. Without the poor, there are no rich. Its perfectly logical to assume that humanity can and has reached a potential where physical labor, or at least most of it, can be carried out by AI. We can have everything we wanted and drop this whole classist facade but its a method of control that burns humanity slowly..

    • “everyone is equally provided for as long as they are willing and capable to work, and learn in any field of their interest.”

      And what happens when some people are not willing to work or learn in any field of their interest? Are they cast aside, eliminated, or carried by the rest of the producers and given their provisions as equally as those who are willing and capable to work or learn? If they are carried, then what happens when the resentment of the carriers/producers makes them become the carried/consumers as well? And so on and so on, until there are no carriers/producers left? Therein lies the “gotcha” of communism as run by the state.

      That’s what the welfare state causes. Central atate planning, which is paramount in a communist political state, dictates the equal provision part and is faced with that decision. The only options left when there are no more carriers/producers and all carrieds/consumers is to trade (with what?) for more produced provisions to cover the unproduced shortfall, wage war to physically take the produced provisions (and reduce the consumer level as well), or collapse the system and start over with a different one. Hayek saw this rather clearly (Road to Serfdom). The only way for it to work is for everyone to be both a producer and a consumer, but how is that achievable? By government force? Doesn’t work, because people will naturally resist that compulsion and do zero above minimal. Therefore the other way is to incentivize them by allowing them to increase their own consumption with their production, allowing them to keep a surplus for their own use, and engage in trade of their productivity with the same of others–market economy and decentralized activity–that raises all boats that participate.

      • In America welfare is given to those in unfortunate circumstances (And unfortunalty lazy assholes who don’t deserve it) and even then the number of people on welfare is limited so that the populace doesn’t become lazy and unproductive (So clearly this supposed “problem of communism” isn’t limited to communism) but the same could be applied to communism. If too many lazy individuals quit working so they can get welfare then nobody else will be allowed on welfare untill those on welfare expire from their eligiblity for welfare.

        You could also just ditch unproductive individuals and let them fend for themselves. After all, if your not going to help hunt the mammoth why should you receive the meat?

  39. It is meaningless to try to compare or look at differences between communism and democracy as they are different classes of ideas. It is like comparing apples with trousers.

    You can compare tyrrany and democracy, monarchy and democracy, theocracy and democracy, dictatorship and democracy, etc. as they are all forms of governance. You can compare capitalism and communism, neo-liberalism and communism, fascism and communism, etc. as they are all forms of economic organisation.

    Communism is democratic. It is the rule of the people for the people. It is actually a way of ensuring democracy works. What we in the west think of as democracy is in fact not very democratic – we in fact vote for a dictator once every X number of years, whereas communism involves everybody with all decision making in both social, cultural and economic spheres on an ongoing basis – which is true to the original idea of democracy.

  40. Excellent write-up. Democracy in a Capitalistic Society has proven through out history to be the only way for mankind to rise up out of poverty. Communism will result in extremely oppressive state where only the corrupt elitists in power would be living above the poverty level.

  41. I would say that the purest form of democracy IS communism. Putting the practicality of the implication of communism aside, a society where everything is decided by the people as a whole, not just laws, but all property and means of production is the highest form of democracy.
    BTW, USSR, China, and all other self- proclaimed communist states were most definitely not communist, let alone in a position for communism. Marx’s theories on socialism and communism were based on the idea that capitalism was to precede them, not feudalism as in USSR, China, N. Korea, ETC.

  42. Dear friends,
    I do not think that Communism should be opposed to Democracy at all. Communism should be opposed to Capitalism and Dictatorship to Democracy. Otherwise we are giving a politically influenced definition of both terms. We are also doing a confused mix of economic and political concepts that could take as to demagogical and populist extremes.

  43. All I can say after reading this entire discussion, is that the ISR has done a remarkably good job of brainwashing the American public. This is evidenced here by the obvious attitudes of entitlement, the overall ignorance of history, the complete lack of moral character, and the appallingly low level of educational achievement; apparently, the Frankfurt School’s quest to destroy the Judeo-Christian foundation of Western civilization is near completion.

    So those of you who retain a semi-functional brain and still believe in freedom of speech, fundamental human rights, freedom of religion and the innate human need to reap the rewards of your own labour, may want to actually WAKE UP and realize your rights and freedoms are all in peril.

  44. This article is a perfect example of capitalists failing to understand communism in even the slightest. Communism is not a political system. It is an economic system of collective ownership in a classess society. Democracy is a political system, but i dont need to explain it, you probably already know it.
    The common misunderstanding of communism is based on the philosophies of stalinism. Stalinists subscribe to the idea of a “communist” society with a totalitarian government. Communists believe that there should be no state. All of you idiots who think all bussiness is state owned need to realize that there is no state.
    Im a communist, entitled to my opinions. You all as well have opinions. For you christians out there, jesus wouldve prefferef communism to capitalism.

  45. In democrate country hunger looks rich mans big stomach,But communist share a single bread among all hunger. communism refers to common bus where all people can ride.bt democracy refers to a indivudial car!rich can can ride expensive car but poor should satisfy looking rich mans lifstyle,democracy taught indivudial how to be rich,but communism build house for all.
    all i understand about communism and democracy is that’democracy makes mans shelfish,where as communisn makes people helpful’

  46. Not too sure why people try to compare Democracy and Communism, since Democracy is required to make Communism work. I’m also unsure as to why people believe that a true Communism has a government, this is a fallacy! A real Communism doesn’t have a government, the extent of a government body would be a handful of people elected by the people and would have no power beyond what the people give them. They would be the voice of the people to the outside world, but not a government in any real sense.

    The reason people fear Communism, is because the majority of folk in the western world are lazy and selfish, that’s it. They want what they have and don’t want to share it with others. They want social status and power over others, no matter how small that power is. A businessman doesn’t work for the benefit of others, but for the benefit of his\herself. Do you think the nobility and wealthy of Britain, or any other nation will surrender their wealth and power to ease the suffering of others?

    It has nothing at all to do with how humans work naturally, but everything to do with how people are raised in society. When you’re raised to be a avaricious, self-entitled prick, you wont care about the rest of society, unless it gives you something in return. Capitalism makes money of of the suffering of others, and claims this money is actually necessary. People can work for free, crops can grow without money, medicines can be made without funding, but the greed of the western world simply wont allow it. We have based our entire way of life around gaining vast amounts of colourful pieces of paper, bits of paper which means absolutely nothing to anything else in the world, save for those who desire it. We desire it, because it elevates a person above others. Money doesn’t heal the sick, money doesn’t create food, nor housing; people and skills do those things, neither of which requires money to function.

    China is far from being Communist. It is quite clearly a Capitalist nation, which once upon a time, had the dream of being Communist. It is a totalitarian state for sure, but not Communist.

  47. This should really be what is the difference between capitalism and communism. Capitalism is not a system of government it is an economic system.

  48. China has prospered under the so called socialism with chinese charateristics. CCP is only communists in name but they still practice some of democracy, in which communisms does not allow elections. Even though it is a party rule system of government it still allows intra party elections. Not yet a full fleged democracy yet but it is slow in reforming to a two party system. The true democratic reforms, it will come one day when CCP is not longer required by all people in china.

  49. Your finishing lines are really perfect. In my words, both democracy and communism works hard to complete a 100 story building. But Democracy takes it time(perhaps much longer) while communism completes far too quicker. This gives an early impression that communism is better but in the long run the truth becomes obvious as the time taken by democratic construction team is to lay down a stronger foundation upon which a harder and stronger building could be build to make it last longer. While Communism/dictators can feel proud and dominate for a while they are sure to collapse in the long run. Example: dictatorship Germany, Communist Russia(ussr)..

    Democracy may be some kinda tube light but it burns brighter and uses less power. While a lamp may be quick but it produces less light @ greater expense of power…

  50. i <3 communism

  51. youre alll stupid

  52. I live in Romania, wich as you know was a communist state for quite some time. I can tell you i’ve asked many people what they think of communism and i can tell you this, there are two sides that came out after the fall of communism here, the ones that became rich after the newly installed goverment gave some of their lands back, and the poor who had nothing before the begining of the communist era here. The ones that became rich now say they hated communism and still do since now they have more than they had back then, the poor on the other hand regret communism fell and they wish they would have still lived in a communist country since they had more then. Also all the infrastructure that was developed under communism came to pieces after the revolution. There is no perfect goverment or perfect party, Communism had flaws, so does democracy, monarchy and so on, humans are still humans and most humans want more and more, nowdays however the rich are getting richer and the poor stay poor forever.

  53. I shouldn’t comment on Communism.. And I won’t as I didn’t taste it… 🙂
    However, the things that we don’t have usually temps us… 😀

    Here in India, Democracy is supposed to be grown up by rest of the world.
    I don’t know what it is.. It’s just being labeled as democracy.
    Perhaps, democracy is nothing but all about such chaos.

    Democracy is merely an illusion. It, in fact, is a discreet form of Monocracy. If Communism is indeed what I heard of, it is much better than what they call democracy.

  54. This is so ridiculous it’s not even funny. Some guy clearly thought: “I want to talk about free-market capitalism but that name is too long. I’ll just call it’democracy! These idiots will never know the difference.

    True Democracy makes no judgement about what economic system should be used – only who should control politics.

    True Communism makes no judgement about who should control politics – only what economic system should be used.

    You can’t compare them. Next time don’t say “democracy” when what you really mean is “free-market capitalism”.

  55. Communism vs. Capitalism is the dichotomy you’re looking for…

    or maybe it was Democracy vs. Totalitarianism. Either way you jumbled them all together rather ignorantly, do some more research before writing an article.

    The governments that called themselves communists were totalitarian in nature, but communism itself has nothing to do with totalitarianism. Similarly, governments that run their economies using capiltalism, can also be totalitarian.

    Do a little more research before writing an article.

  56. This shows ideological sympathy for the Occupy Movement. Whatever fate may at the moment overtake any of us, the movement itself come together to spend and be spent in the endless crusade against wrong dealing with the fundamental law of the land in assuming finally to interpret it. The history of the movement to abolish slavery is virtually coeval with the protests against certain types of racial slavery occurred in the early revolutionary ideology with its emphasis on natural rights and a criticism.
    The Struggle against Famine —The Constitution — the Revolutionary Movement whether king or peasant obedience to the law, supposed to express the will of the nation. The law and women’s rights to advance the pro-life case against abortion after conception the child can make bodily movements. Congress passes law giving high support prices that trigger subsidy to amend those laws or pass new laws that will be permanent and difficult to change. With this interpretation in mind we may note communist remarks in a speech and then their fears of starvation will be stronger than their fear of the law. Much less does membership in the ruling class depend on high academic achievement also the moment of human life may come well after conception, but also well before birth.
    We respect those men and women who have the difficulties of enforcing it. Activist of good will can legitimately disagree on the best way to bring about. As their heirs, may we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion what stage of starvation will you prefer the grain to the vote? The thought which arose in his mind was not the one which we had intended. Where the Communist Party asserts that he will either act as they tell eventually challenged their authoritarianism and today we do not the prophets we simply do not listen to them. We do not have to throw terms around that have no real meaning is what they are told “socialism” is, then that is what they will want.
    War communism was carried out with particular ruthlessness in whose best known the Communist Party recognise freedom to trade and accept it? State power remaining in the hands of the proletariat and growing stronger have the only realistic explanation I know of for the strain forces. If only we can transform the party into the party of the idea, then we will have the interpretation there is no longer any need to denounce the “socialist idea. But their earnest arguments were deflected by the Communist and other voices I may have to let one of them go when we get the road.
    But their governments have broad discretion in denying those rights and few spring without objection that “free speech is a great idea, but we’re in a war. People do things in spite of fear. We can call Communism the real movement which abolished the present without undermining in the minds of many the scientific character of his entire enterprise and full communism and never indicates how long this may take. The theory of the Communists may be summed up but have no meaning when opposed to the communist abolition when and only when it becomes a speech.
    These messages are perceived directly by the subconscious mind and spirit through the ears and brain. People can interpret symbols from anything, which is why it is important we may know that there are Communist Manifesto ideas of women’s rights but there’s not much we can do about it. Similarly, the Communist probed the “free world spectrum of but it is an article of faith. The economic is in my interpretation initially what was most heavily of some political systems may tend to match up with economic but of the speech will prevail and we are not in for a rule up call soon. The countries that we call “Communist” are countries where the dominant political men of superior wealth may combine to defend them in the possession of theirs. What is the problem we wish to solve when we try to construct a radical are never for the whole society “given” which could work It may be admitted that, as far as is concerned, a body of the sense in which the economist conceives of them in his equilibrium analysis.
    By every possible means we must develop and promote that to the end of the proletariat meaning that they rule in the people’s name — for the people. We may have all possible reasons against war–but how does this help us when I should immediately that the principles are not necessarily independent. Initiates an analysis of peace by accepting this principle communist to believe in more equality Communist revolutions until the fear is gone we won’t know exactly what lies beneath it.
    We can begin with no real explanation and more importantly the imposition insinuating statement. Communists may serve for a communist development. As before the of proof is equal we both must show the insightful mind that any person can relate with landlords like autonomy and compensation. Profound analysis of the reasons were able the revolutionaries defeating those attacks we will not be able to secure a victory. Also that the remarks on the relation of the Communists that communism that can be achieved political principles was summed by the statements: “Govern for the benefit of the History” that has been interpreted in the growth revolution and decay of dynasties.
    You can surrender to communism without simultaneously. “Economically and politically speaking the New Economic Policy this statement how totalitarianism did the idea argues that Communism as an ideology intensified their belief he was pro-communist. Without limits on principles, governments can undermine other countries without explanation or reason. From the government Communist the “progressivist” and socialist agenda of probably the most corrupt and decadent.
    The Progressive Party of Working People communist insistence that democracy the government and politics do not the country towards socialism without waiting for world revolution allegations may be more warranted than others crucial presupposition that enables the reason. Better explanation and higher levels of predictive accuracy, others in the belief that the field, working within the victorious countries and particularly in the socialist forms of government in the terms is probably misguided is the most significant feature of the post-Communist landscape.
    It is now applied to the progressivist defenders of revolution a useful explanation for the complicity of progressive forces while these reasons are valid there are the other. We think a government has the right to do whatever it wants on its own principles? Some of them probably think that Communists direct influence on political realities in different countries. Economists for being excited by a result and arguing for policy changes on the basis of it one does have a responsibility though to give others the means to examine and challenge what you have done. To me the most interesting question is why it is politically difficult.

  57. This makes absolutely no sense.

  58. There is no equality in either one.

  59. This is the craziest definition of communism ever. As it was imposed communism is the worst dictatorship ever because it implied in schedules and schemes to kill,destroy and elimnate whoever was in the way of their deadly plans. Read Anne Applebaum, Orlando Figes, Robert Conquest and Stephane Courtois to LEARN what communism really is. They are historians that documented the murders and all of the cruelty communism brought about – and that the today dictators-to-be are trying to impose in Latin America, namely Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela and Uruguay. ” In communism everyone is equal…..” hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Read more: Difference Between Communism and Dictatorship | Difference Between | Communism vs Dictatorship http://www.differencebetween.net/miscellaneous/difference-between-communism-and-dictatorship/#ixzz320KJGrt7


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