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draculaDracula vs Vampire

World folklore has been full of supernatural beings since time immemorial. Some visit with good tidings, such as the ever helpful Brownies. Others are less welcome and can bring immense suffering and even death to those they choose to visit. Vampires are just such supernatural creatures, and the king of all vampires is indisputably Dracula.

Origins of Vampires and Dracula
Vampires ‘“ the first instance of the word vampire in European literature is thought to be found in 11th century Russia. It referred to undead spirits that needed to be eradicated from the corpses of loved one. However, comparative mythologist have unearthed vampire like believes in Hebrew, Greek, Mesopotamian, Indian, Japanese, and South American cultures.

Dracula ‘“ has his historic roots in Vlad the Impaler, a medieval Romanian lord who gained notoriety for impaling up to 100,000 people on sharp spike, his favorite method of execution. This real life figure was turned into an undead vampire by novelist Bram Stoker in 1897.

Characteristics of Vampires and Dracula
Vampires ‘“ because there are so many vampirical traditions, it is impossible to give a final definition for what comprises a vampire. Generally, however, vampires are malicious undead creatures that have come from formerly human souls and now walk the earth looking for the life essence of humans, in the form of blood, to nourish themselves.

Dracula ‘“ has so influenced how the modern West views vampires that it can be said that the characteristics of Dracula are the characteristics of all vampires. Dracula will be burned by the sun, warded off by a cross, garlic, or holy water. He sleeps in his coffin during the day that is filled with his native Transylvanian dirt. He can turn into a bat at will. He has amazing powers of seduction and wills his victims to voluntarily give their throats to him.

Vampires and Dracula in Popular Culture
Vampires ‘“ have been showing up in Western literature since the early 19th century. Starting in the early 20th, Nosferatu was the first vampire film to horrify the masses. Anne Rice’s books, the Vampire Chronicles, were the first popular books to show vampires in a more ‘human’ light. After that, the television-show Buffy, the Vampire Slayer followed many of the traditional vampire rules but created vampire protagonists. Today, Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series and movie are full of beautiful vegetarian vampires.

Dracula ‘“ found his first fame in the 1897 novel. This book has not yet been out of print. There is a sequel to Dracula written by Stokes himself, as well as many other pieces of copycat literature. Dracula has a major role in over 150 films and is referenced in all of the above listed vampire literature.

1.Vampires and Dracula are undead creatures that suck the blood of humans.
2.The image and characteristics of Dracula have influenced Western perception of all vampires.
3.The historic roots of vampires go far back into the human consciousness and are connected with superstition and ancestor worship whereas Dracula specifically finds his ancestry in the historic person of Vlad the Impaler.

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  1. Dracula was the first sucker blood, vampires were the children of dracula..

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