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If the world was to end with shotguns and silver bullets against a horde of immortals, would you still want to become human? What if the world will give you a choice of becoming one with the enemy? What will you become, a vampire or a zombie?

Zombies and vampires are groups of different monstrous creatures that have captivated the imagination of man. They have become a disease that turned human beings into obsessed fans, screaming and swooning and falling in line on every premiere night of any action packed and romantic vampire and zombie movies. Whether there are proofs of their existence or none, the phenomena of becoming one like them has certainly took hold of man’s deepest interest, making the act reach the top 50 must-do-things before-I-die.

These night creatures have been popularized way back in the 17th century. Why not? They are mysterious, powerful, and immortal, and they belong to the category of what the young generation today would refer as ‘COOL!’, ‘AWESOME’, and other superlative adjectives turned into nouns.

Vampires, to begin with, are characterized as extremely beautiful, but utterly vicious, blood- sucking creatures who can only feed at nighttime. Vampires are regarded as the regal, snotty group of undead with all sorts of mental powers including telepathy, ESP, telekinesis, and many more. They can walk among the living and blend in. Seriously, if vampires are real, no one could really identify them as such because they still look human; they are educated, finely dressed, high-mannered, and simply pristine. The sun apparently, along with the wooden cross, the silver bullet, and tons of garlic is its weaknesses. But, these vampire specifications were coined by master best-selling writer Anne Rice. The author of vampire books entitled: The Vampire Lestat, Interview with the Vampire, Queen of the Damned, and so many books of The Vampire Chronicles have surely made the standards of what and who vampires truly are.

It was not until recently that the belief of vampires sleeping during daytime on coffins hidden underneath a vampire’s home was changed. Another bestselling author of this century, Stephenie Meyer, has totally changed how vampires are, of course, in an imaginary context. She introduced a set of beautiful, enchanting, diamond-skinned vampires who were categorized in so many different categories such as: vegetarian, the nomads, the dhampir (a child fathered from a vampire with a human mother), and the royalty who also happens to be the lawmakers. Because of Meyers creative and apparently, lack of vampire related articles prior to writing the book, made vampires such magnetic, sexy, and worthy of obsession creatures that are totally farfetched from the ‘monstrous’ title they ought to have.

But if you decide not to become like them, and plans on killing one if the time comes, you have to have something that can cut through marble. According to Miss Meyer, vampire’s skin is as hard as marble and only vampire teeth or werewolf bite can break through it.

Zombies, on the other hand, are brainless monsters who feed on human brains. They are gory-looking fellas who seem like someone has shot them with a shotgun on their faces. They have torn skin, bloody get up, lifeless style of walking (because generally, once the epidemic affected the human brain, it is dead), they have pale grey skin, they have no emotions, and they only want one thing: your brain. But other versions of zombie, like from the I Am Legend film suggests that zombies are indeed vicious, stays out from the sun, but they have emotions (really strong), they move very fast, and they, too, could be as clever as the normal person.


Both vampires and zombies are creatures of the night. However, recent versions allowed these creatures to also walk in daylight.

Vampires feed on human blood while zombies feed on human brains.

Obviously, vampires are better looking than zombies.

Zombies may not have the brain but they have the heart; whereas vampires have the brain but they are regarded as heartless (until recently).

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  1. Zombies feed on more than JUST brains. They have quite a varied diet.

  2. Ghouls are much better undead than zombies or vampires.

    • The author of this article is actually the offspring of the “extremely beautiful” vampire and “brainless” zombie, therefore, the author is an extremely beautiful yet brainless twihard.

      So are the two commenters.
      You all need Jesus.

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