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ghostsGhost vs Poltergeist
Even though one can come across many similarities between a ghost and a poltergeist, there are many differences that set them apart. A ghost like activity is known as ‘haunting’ while a poltergeist like activity is termed as ‘disturbance”.

First of all we can see how they differ in their origin. Ghosts are considered to be spirits of the deceased human beings, who still refuse to leave the realm of the living. They seem to appear in different forms like complete bodies, transparent entities and foggy mists. Poltergeists are considered to be forms of energy, which a living person controls unknowingly.

While a poltergeist shows its presence by moving or influencing physical objects, a ghost simply makes an appearance. A ghost can be seen but a poltergeist cannot be. Some theories also say that a ghost is a living soul and a poltergeist is a manifestation of negative energy left by some gruesome death. It has also been said that ghosts are passive souls of the dead and poltergeists are aggressive souls of the departed.

While ghosts are linked with specific places where certain gruesome activities like murders have taken place. To be more specific, Ghosts may haunt a house where he or she might have been murdered or may visit the house he had lived for long. Ghosts are also known to haunt the places where the deceases used to visit before his or her death. But Poltergeists are not confined to any particular area. They are usually associated with specific objects and persons. But there are some theories that say that poltergeists can be linked to multiple objects and multiple people.

Coming to the energy levels of ghosts and Poltergeist, the ghost energy is continuous over time, the Poltergeist energy is built up over time. The energy reaches a climax and then slows down and then again climaxes in a Poltergeist.

Though the appearance of a ghost can cause mental terror, they are not violent in any sense. Meanwhile, a poltergeist is dangerous, inflicting both physical and mental terror.

When Ghosts can be sent away their abodes, it is difficult to sent away a poltergeist. Religious ceremonies are conducted for sending away the ghosts to the other realm. For sending away a poltergeist, the correct agent has to be identified. The emotional and physical attitudes come a long way in handling a poltergeist.

The concept of ghost and Poltergeist are entirely based on human beliefs.

1.Ghosts are considered to be spirits of the deceased human beings, who still refuse to leave the realm of the living. Poltergeists are considered to be forms of energy, which a living person controls unknowingly.
2.While a poltergeist shows its presence by moving or influencing physical objects, a ghost simply makes an appearance.
3.Gosts are passive souls of the dead and poltergeists are aggressive souls of the departed.

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  1. This was very helpful in a school project. This is going to be a site I go on all the time. I am really into this stuff. Very nice website and very informative.

  2. What about the scratches ? I had 3 or 4 long scratches on my arm a few months ago after spending a few nights in a motel right across from a cemetery. What did this?

    • Ghost don’t cause any physical activity. They can spread cold air or even smells. But scratching can only be caused by demons or poltergeists.
      It seems highly unlikely to me that your scratches are caused by a poltergeist or any paranormal activity. For a poltergeist wouldn’t physically harm someone at first. poltergeists are known to build up their activity (first making noises, then moving things around, maybe touch you lightly, later they could actually harm someone) and thereby it wouldn’t have stopped after you left the place, since poltergeists tend to follow victims around.
      I think you should look into natural causes of your scratches: Scratched yourself in your sleep because of mosquito bites? bed bugs? (likely in a motel) sharp edges around the bed you could’ve hurt yourself on? or a very fanatic bedpartner if you know what I mean ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I’m writing about an encounter with something evil in our house, I really don’t know it was a poltergeist or a ghost but what I know is it was smelly and it could disturb electrical wiring in our house.

      • Hi again. I meant to say when I spent the night at the motel, the whole night I experienced weird things happening. Like toilet flushing, tv changing channels and the remote untouched. Then I woke up and ready to check out , as I walked from room to my car i felt the severe burning sensation on my arm. These scratches were not imposed by me.

    • It is a demon. I was haunted by a polterguist for many many years and it followed me everywhere. But if a demon scratches you that means it is trying to mark you as it’s own. Get help immediatly!

    • But also 3 scratches are considered demonic. Look it up

  3. Poltergeists are demons, simple as that. It is not caused by the living or just angry earthbound spirits/ghosts. Demons have more energy and are able to do more harm than a typical ghost/haunting. I know there are other psychic-mediums out there who like to say it’s caused by the living (via hormonal changes or stress or what not) but that is BS (Dead Files comes to mind). I speak from experience in this matter as a psychic-medium/paranormal investigator. I also believe portals are often associated with demons and there is often trapped souls (in hell) who can act demonic as well. However, that doesn’t mean that earthbound ghosts can’t be malevolent, however they are limited in what they can do. If you’re getting scratched/bruised, smelling rotten smells of decay/death, getting activity around 1-3AM, hearing moans/growls, having objects move or be thrown–including religious items, getting suddenly ill/angry/depressed (oppression), among other signs, then you’re dealing with a demon.

    • I completely agree. Although a poltergeist energy is depended on what sort of things it does, first of all, you need to figure out how many your dealing with, second of all, you need to document what happens, even if you believe it was just you imagination, write it down! And last of all, learn the history of your house, and the area of where your house is, preferably within a 10-mile radius, in case a person visited the house and was murdered in it.

  4. The scratches came after I left the room and walked out to the parking lot of the motel to my car. During that walk is when I felt a burning sensation on my arm. I looked down and saw the scratches. The scratches did not happen inside the motel. I know for fact when I felt them and where I was at .

    • Jolie,

      It is possible that there was more than one paranormal entity in the hotel that you stayed at. Obviously, if it was a poltergeist, it would have been there for a while to build up enough energy to move objects or cause harm.

  5. I remember when I was approx 12 years old I always use to comb my hair in the lounge against a mirror on the wall opposite the door wich was always locked shut .
    On this particular day as everyday I unlocked the door and was combing my hair when I clearly saw behind me in the mirror a large 3 seater settee move forward across the room I immediately screamed ran out pulling door shut behind me everyone came running I was shaking outside the door in the passage I explained what heโ€™d happened and when my mum opened the door I followed her in the settee was back against the wall in its normal place no one would believe me but no one left or went into that room and the settee moved straight fast into the middle of the room it was a very heavy sette no one person could move it .
    But iam 58 now that still remains in my memory like it happened yesterday

  6. I was haunted by a polterguist for many many years. It was horrible! It built up over the years. I was wrapped in my shower curtain and could not break free. I was shocked all night every night with what felt like bolts of electricity. It began apporox a yr after my brother had passed away and it would follow me everywhere. To hotels in Florida to multiple apartments here in NY to my mother’s. Only after an acceptance and change of attitude has it finally began to subside. It drove me so insane after night after night of not sleeping that I actually considered suicide. I remember laying there 1 night with my AR15 pointed under my throat. I did not go threw with it after some thought but came close. I did drugs sparingly as a kid and know this is not a result of that but after about a year of constant abuse and not being able to sleep, I discovered a drug GHB that I could use and not stay awake. Xanex did not work, nothing worked! I was tortured every single night! And sometimes during the day. So I literally had to date rape myself in order to get sleep. I pray for anyone that has any issues with a polterguist.

  7. Hello,Good morning,Afternoon,Evening to you depending wherever you are in the world reading this…
    My experience is,I’m English and my now wife is French (whome I recently married 2019..)
    …We was invited to my wife’s parents house in France to spend Christmas and New year with them in 2008..
    I particularly remember the date because it was the first time that I have spent Christmas in France..

    So Christmas day came the long dinning table was set with plate’s and condiments,candles,etc,one of my wife’s sister’s and her husband came to celebrate with us Christmas day..

    Now everyone was in the kitchen preparing the Christmas Dinner and talking to one and another,laughing and joking and catching up with what’s gone off and what’s happening..(As we live in Germany)I was left sitting at the table by myself and feeling pretty happy with myself and at the same time nervous and a little bit uneasy as this is my first time I’ve spent Christmas in France..
    I don’t know why I was feeling like this but I got the impression that something isn’t quite right…
    Anyway I was just looking at the large display cabinet that’s in front of me on the wall,that’s when I felt something poke me in my right hand shoulder blade hard,as you can imagine a shudder went through my body..I knew that nobody was behind me and at the back of my mind I was thinking what to do,thoughts was really going around my mind my heart is racing and everybody is still in the kitchen..
    So I thought that the best thing to do was just ignore what just happened to me,I just imagined it…you know the kind of thing I’m English so it’s a case of stiff upper lip time..?
    Nothing to worry about really,then it happened again same shoulder exactly the same place and even harder than the first time,so hard in fact that I actually felt the bone of the finger press into my skin..Now a buzz and a shiver was running up and down my whole body,all the hairs on the back of my neck was standing up..
    I admit that I was scared stiff at this point and i must emphasise that this happened in the daytime.
    What do I do now I thought,should I get up and go into the kitchen and say something or do I turn around and acknowledge what just happened..?
    I knew at the back of my mind what it was but I wasn’t prepared to accept it..
    If I do acknowledge it is it going to be worse.?does it know that I know it’s there…?
    In the end I didn’t say anything about it for years..
    It’s not the first time that I have experience thing’s at my wife’s parents house either,I did eventually tell my wife what happened to me and as I expected she didn’t believe me,guess that’s normal..
    I’d find it hard to believe if I was told that too..But it happened to me and I will never forget it..
    It’s as clear as a bell now today,as it was in 2008….I would be interested to hear your thoughts about this experience,or any other feed back yours sincerely Martin..

  8. Hi so im trying to figure out what’s going on,my remote was on my couch and I was looking for it and it somehow got into the chair across the room,this had happened for 3 days now I know where I put the remote and always ends up in the same chair in the same place.what do you think this could be? What can I do about it?

  9. Hello, my son and 2 grandchildren live in a extremely old house. He rents it. As soon as you enter the door, the kitchen light flickers off and on. Every night becomes a frightening chill. Some nights are worse then others. Alot of disturbing things will happen between 12 midnight – 3 or 4 am. My son has to grab the kids and put them in bed with him as it gets very bad. My son will hear walking and banging and knocking on his bedroom walls. CD’s and DVD’s being shuffled all over the livingroom floor. Then the radio and TV on and off and turned up Very loud. It’s becoming horrifying for my son and grandchildren. Please direct us to someone who can help. My son is looking for a Mew place to move into. It just seems to get worse. My son lives in Alliston ON. We think it is a poltergeist, not a spirit because of the aggressiveness.

  10. Reply for….Lisa Dorion, …..
    I really hope you got the help you obviously needed – there are some very helpful people out there on YouTube more than any where? obviously social media is full of people who want to help, but remember, a little knowledge is very dangerous! so please do your research on someone before you decide to reach out to them, OK?
    The Dark Knight does his best to guide & is knowledgeable.
    Twin Paranormal brothers are excellent too, with great attitudes – their look cud be off putting, but they do get great evidence & results.
    I’d say you definitely need someone who can cleanse – & to do this knowledge is a definite!
    Good luck xx


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