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Difference Between Hip-hop and Techno

hip hop_bookHip-hop vs Techno

Music has offered a variety of options for the young and old for many years now. Each type of music defines the era in which it existed. Rock and roll, trance, techno and hip-hop are a few of the popular types, along with blues, R&B and metals.

Hip-hop saw it’s birth along with the African and American hip-hop culture. This type of music has concepts like looping, freestyling, rapping and DJing, breakdance, scratching, beatbosing and sampling.

Hip-hop was a boon to the immigrants, as they used music as a way to express their socio political challenges, and find solace in the 1970’s. The dynamic style of hip-hop caught up with many, and found different expressions like rhythms and beats. Hip-hop also saw many creative experiments with electric and live sounds, which lead to a revolution in technology usage within the African-American culture.

A rapper, called ‘Cowboy’ Wiggins, used the word hip-hop to make fun of his army friend from America, in 1978. Wiggins sang hip-hop to mimic the soldiers marching. Wiggins introduced this type of music in his stage show, which lead to the birth of hip-hop music culture.

Today, the music has seen tremendous development, leading to usage of instruments such as the Piano, turntable, synthesizer, machine, drum, guitar and sampler to create the hip-hop effect.

Techno is electronic music that has been used for dance numbers since the 1980’s, during the time of capitalistic society in America. Techno music saw words in the music during 1988. The initial techno evolved from the usage of music such as disco, house, electro, funk and jazz. The fictional and futuristic themes added more life to the techno. Techno forms of music have a unique Chicago house and industrial music style.

Juan Atkins, a pioneering music producer, defined techno rebels after the inspiration he got when creating techno music. According to Derrick May, another music producer, the emotional transfer of spirit into machine from the body, helps to express technological spirituality.

The techno music genre originated by music stalwarts like Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and Eddie Fowlkes. All of these top musicians were from Belleville High, near Detroit, in the1980’s. These four music producers created wonders under different pretext – Atkin’s Model 500, Magic Juan, Flintstones and Fowlkes as Eddie. Saunderson performed as Reese and Keynotes. May came out as Mayday, Thythim and R-Tyme. These great heads also produced a few mind-bogging joint ventures.

Techno is a unique electronic sub-genre, with hard beats and high tempo music. Anyone could easily identify Techno. Techno music can be confused with electronic and dance music. Techno music is influenced strongly by house music. It is believed that acid house music was produced to emulate the techno music style. Techno music and acid house music became popular in the United Kingdom.

This new innovation and music revolution has led to fusion and development of original music appreciation.


1. Hip-hop music originated from the African-American hip-hop rapping culture.
2. Techno music originated from various music forms, such as funk, electro and disco.
3. Techno is a unique electronic sub-genre, with hard beats and high tempo music, unlike hip-hop.

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  1. African American’s invented techno music as well….don’t try to water down the true history of the genre in this article..

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