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The sound and description of house and techno music is not that easy to distinguish. It may be because of the variety of influences that each of the said music form has incorporated or perhaps because of the different meanings that each individual listener connotes to the said music forms. Nevertheless, techno and house music are closely related to one another and almost have the same roots, not to mention both of them are considered to be part of electronic dance music.

In terms of the origin of style, techno can attribute it to funk, synthpop, electro and post-disco music. However, house music has also been influenced by the same music forms. Techno can only be separated from house music because of its other stylistic origins like Chicago house, industrial music and Hi-NRG. House music, on the contrary, originated from disco, soul and electro-pop although it also has some influences from funk, synthpop, electro and post-disco music forms, as mentioned.

House music started earlier than techno music. In fact, it sprung into existence early in the 1980s within the borders of Chicago whereas techno music came into being by the middle part of 1980s somewhere in Detroit.

With regard to the instruments used in each music form, techno and house use the same instruments namely: synthesizer, sampler, sequencer and the drum machine. The only instruments used in techno that is not used in house music are the keyboards. And in the case of the latter, it makes use of an additional instrument called turntables to make a more unique and distinctive sound.

Because of its numerous music variations, house music quickly became popular to the worldwide masses by mid-1990s. Similarly, techno started becoming known in the later part of the 1980s and continued to make a name by 1990s most especially among European nations.

1.Techno and house music originated from various music forms including: funk, synthpop, electro and post-disco. However, techno also had influences from Chicago house, industrial music and Hi-NRG style. While house had separate influences from disco, soul and electro-pop music.
2.House music started earlier than techno music.
3.Techno and house music use the same instruments but differ only in techno’s use of keyboards and house’s use of turntables.
4.Techno music first became popular from late 1980s to early 1990s while house music was popularized at a later time. Its popularity heightened starting mid-1990s.

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  1. I would say that keyboards can just as much in house than techno. Musically, the main difference between house and techno is that techno relies heavily on rhythm and sub bass along with layers of atmospheric sounds, stabs, arpeggios and FX. The idea of techno being more electronic and sci-fi. House on the other hand can feature more traditional musical components such as melody and all variety of instruments can be used. House is often more organic too

  2. Not much distinction made between the two styles here….

    House is more closely related to funk, disco etc. Techno is different because it does not really adhere to those standards in groove structure. It has more basic meter aligned phrases and less emphasis in traditional chord and rhythmic elements to direct the music. Techno still utilizing highly swung percussive elements.

  3. the combination of house, techno and ambient music makes trance music.
    house – more bass, melody and vocals; turntables; kick drum and slower bpm
    techno – more rhythms (electro and house beats), less to none melody, repetitive robotic vocals, mechanic sounds and noises; keyboards; bass drum and faster bpm

    house examples: todd terry – weekend, mr fingers – can you feel it, frankie knuckles – your love, maurice – this is acid

    techno examples: dan curtin – worlds of mystery, drexciya – devil ray cove, juan atkins – the fusion, mad mike – hi tech dreams, kenny larkin – azimuth, jeff mills – the bells, underground resistance – predator


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