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Difference Between Knitting and Crocheting


Knitting and crocheting have remained the most popular pastime among women for many generations. Both hobbies involve the creation of beautiful and practical items through skillful needlework in manipulating different threads with the use of a specialized needle. Crocheting and knitting are often used to create anything from hats to cardigans, and even household decorations. Although there are a number of similarities between these two needlecrafts, knitting and crocheting are quick to point out a number of differences between the two.

For starters, knitting and crocheting differ in the needles that are used to create the different designs and projects. Knitting requires two needles while crocheting only requires one. Knitting needles usually have a standard width. On the other hand, crocheting needles come in a variety of sizes. Smaller needle sizes are often used in the creation of delicate projects while thicker needle sizes are used for projects that require a sturdier type of thread.

Another difference between knitting and crocheting is that these two needlecrafts use different types of threads for the different projects to be created. Crocheting projects are more versatile in the types of threads that can be used. Crocheting fans tend to use yarns and thicker threads to create projects that require a sturdy finish such as cardigans, scarves and hats. At the same time, crochet hobbyists can also use softer and lighter threads in order to create more delicate patterns. These are used to create pillow cases, table cloths and table top decorations.

On the other hand, knitting projects utilize the use of thicker and heavier kinds of threads as compared to those that are used for crocheting projects. It is for this reason why most knitting projects involve the creation of sturdier materials such as clothing apparel and fashion accessories such as tote bags.

Crocheting projects come in a wide variety of different shapes and styles. You can choose to create a pattern by the simple creation of rows or join both ends of a chain in order to create a circular or square pattern with wide spaces in between stitches. In the case of knitting, all of the projects are created through separate patterns that are created through the use of rows with the stitches tightly connected with each other, providing a sturdier structure. These completed separate patterns are then knitted together in order to complete a particular project and achieve the style that they desire.

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