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Difference Between NBA and College Basketball

basketball_pdNBA vs College Basketball

The basket, ball, court, cheers – everything is the same. The basketball hoops still stand ten feet tall, and the foul line is still fifteen feet away from the backboard. However, basketball is not the same when it comes to famous leagues. The difference in the way matches are organized and played is subtle to notice. This also leads to the amount of enjoyment the audience gets from watching these matches.

Beginning in 1891, the game of basketball has taken world stage by storm. The game has matured and evolved to the new age basketball. The National Basketball Association and College basketball plays very important roles in the evolution of basketball history.

In 1895, Hamline University saw the first inter collegiate match played at their ground, giving a new dimension to the game. This was instrumental in initiating the number of games played among colleges and universities. Even the men’s basketball game started attracting sponsors for their matches among colleges. In order to create better regulation and more organized matches, the Collegiate Athletic Association of United States (later the name changed to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)) took form. This made college basketball widely known as NCAA.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is one of the most famous men’s basketball leagues in existence.

The NBA has produced some famous players, like Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, who took the professional basketball game to the popularity that it enjoys today.

Convened in 1946 as the Basketball Association of America (BAA), the league was renamed as the National Basketball Association after its merger with the National Basketball League. The NBA league is also operating NBA TV and NBA entertainment from its New Jersey office.

NBA plays for twelve minutes – quarter and shoot clock in twenty four seconds, while the competitive NCAA plays in two twenty minutes halves, and shoot clock at thirty-five seconds. This difference helps the NCAA score better in matches, as they get more time to advance the ball.

An NBA player will get six fouls before being ruled as ‘foul out’. On the contrary, the NCAA match allows only five fouls. More rules on fouls, possession and defense plays a crucial role in the subtle difference between the matches. In most of the matches, even a unique style will become a trademark for the playing team.

The NBA enjoys the top order in terms of money, position and popularity. They also give tough competition to an entry of any new player. The number of matches and tournaments that the NBA plays outnumbers any leagues. They dominate the world scenario in terms of performance and entertainment.

Where NBA steals the world stage, NCAA is very popular among colleges, as they encourage intercollegiate tournaments. They play a comparatively less number of games to the NBA giants. They also enjoy the thousands of college fans who follow the NCAA matches. College basketball tournaments even execute a better style and quality of match, simply because they get more time to recuperate between matches.


· The NBA plays a high number of games, while the NCAA plays only a few games.

· NBA is popular throughout the world, while the NCAA is a show stealer among colleges.

· The NBA and NCAA matches have subtle differences in terms of the duration of the game, foul points, ball possession and the width of the arena.

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  1. How can you even have the same talks with the NBA and College Basketball, its classless, the NBA clearly is better. This kind of comparison should not even be mentioned at all..

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