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Difference Between NBA Live 09 and NBA 2k9

nbaNBA Live 09 vs. NBA 2k9

If you are fond of computer games and sports, then one way of enjoying both at the same time, is by playing your favorite sport on the computer, or with the use of popular gaming consoles. For basketball fanatics, there are two games that are highlighted, because of their sense of realism and thrill. These games are the NBA 2K9 and the NBA Live 09. So how do the games differ?

NBA 2K9 is regarded by more gamers as the better basketball game compared to the NBA Live version. It has a shot stick that is said to be better compared to the other. Due to this fact, you can easily perform amazing basketball dunks.

In terms of control, they also vary from each other. The NBA 2K9 is seen to have more realism (better graphics), and has a better overall game play (good control). Although both games can offer a wealth of downloadable content, it is still NBA 2K9 which has a better online game play. All players in the team (for NBA 2K9) seem to be unique for every avid gamer, because every single one is created with varied shooting forms.

The NBA 2K9 has some other pros. Its association mode is far greater than the NBA Live. You can even draft your own players for your team, in a similar way to a lottery, so that you can form your Fantasy Team. You simply need to have the best luck. NBA.com is the main page when you play NBA 2K9. It tells you the scores of the games that you have played, and even the computer played events as well. It is astounding to see that the game itself is able to declare the player of the week, as well as, the best player for the month. You also have the ability to trade players with the opposing teams, although this can be a difficult task, just as it is when players are being traded in real life. With regard to the practices, you can opt to practice with individual players, in order to level up some of their individual strengths, or you can train the entire team to improve their teamwork and player to player communication. Perhaps the most challenging part, is when you play for the Hall of Fame. In here, you’ll surely meet some seemingly insurmountable odds, that even the NBA pros would have a hard time playing virtually.

On the contrary, NBA Live 09 levels up with its ingenious contests of 3-point shooting, and making the best dunks.

All in all, both basketball games are very good, but it is indubitably the NBA 2K9 that is regarded as the number one basketball game amongst most gamers and game makers.

1. NBA 2K9 has better visual graphics, and is more realistic, compared to NBA Live 09.
2. NBA 2K9 also has better and more comfortable gaming controls.
3. NBA 2K9 has a higher rating, and is loved by more gamers around the world.

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