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The mind is a highly complicated area to work on. Everything that goes on an individual’s mind is difficult to gauge and understand. This is why people react differently to situations, especially in traumatic ones. Some would blank out and regress into another state of mind, while others would shrug the experience as nothing but another obstacle to put up with.

Some individuals also need to boost themselves in order to achieve their goals. They may be aware of their own set of limitations and thereby, lose their motivation and reason to act in order to reach their objectives. Psychologists consider these happenings due to the subconscious mind, the part of your brain that somehow we are not aware of and that we cannot always control. This is also the part that protects us from harm without even our knowing about it.

Psychologists have conducted many researches that link the subconscious area of an individual’s brain with that of his own state of wellbeing. This means that your motivations, self-esteem, and status in life are somehow connected to how you feel about it. Furthermore, if you have encountered a depressing event, then it could further lead you to abandon any hopes and motivations in life.

This is also due to your R-A-S (Reticulating-Activating-System) in your brain. This controls your wake-sleep cycle, as well as, filter information through your senses. This means that whatever you touch, hear, see, feel, and taste will be filtered so that you can only remember the things that matter the most. For example, you just heard a very nice music for the first time. After some time, you then become aware that you continuously hear the same tune wherever you are, making you feel comfortable and motivated. However, these things do not always work for certain situations, and therefore, hypnosis and NLP are needed.

Hypnosis propels you into a state of calmness and leads you to clear your mind. During this form of psychological therapy, your mind is cleared of any worries and you are given simple instructions to do. Usually during this state, you are asked to explain and divulge your ill feelings and anxieties. This form helps you express or even forget the things that you have hidden to improve your mood and state of mind.

NLP (Neuro-Language Programming) though, focuses on how you identify certain languages or codes as the keys to your roadblocks. You don’t have to be subjected to a trance. It focuses on establishing communication with an NLP therapist. They then slowly enhance your behavior by identifying words that motivate you to perform better and improve your sense of well being.

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1. Psychotherapy deals with enhancing the sense of self through delving into the subconscious.

2. Hypnosis propels one into a trance, increasing the awareness of the inner self.

3. Neuro-Language Programming introduces specific words to help improve behavior.

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