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When it comes to joining the armed forces, understanding the difference between the lives of an Officer and an Enlisted can make a big difference in your decisions about joining. There are varying degrees of differences; some of them simply have everything to do with where you are located, and where you will end up.

Officers tend to make more money. This is one of the bigger perks in becoming an Officer. Enlisted men and women are kept lower on the pay scale. Enlisted men and women also have a tendency to be moved more frequently, and are subject to less of the traditional perks that go along with becoming an Officer.

Officers do not have the same type of demands for change. Usually, they can last much longer in one area, not have to worry about changing from one job to another very often, and are often able to develop skills that aren’t available to enlisted men and women.

Many people tend to believe that there is a great difference in the degree of respect one receives. This is not entirely true. While Officers tend to be perceived as having greater respect, one cannot expect to be handed respect in the armed forces without earning it. Many of the enlisted men and women are greatly respected for their ability to be there, and their performance under duress. Officers can earn respect, but how they treat others and how well they honor their position does play a role.

An Officer will have more power as far as being in charge is concerned. The enlisted men and women are charged with making the action happen. It is said that while an Officer may make more money, an enlisted man or woman works harder for their money, their promotions, and their benefits.

Being a good Officer requires leadership skills, and the ability to create energy and morale where there may not be any. Being a good enlisted man or woman means being able to follow the chain of command, accept consequences, and then maintain camaraderie throughout their unit.


1. Officers have a better scale of pay.

2. Enlisted men and women are moved more frequently.

3. Officers have a sense of placement and job security.

4. Enlisted men and women face more change in position, job, and potential.

5. Officers have more ‘in charge’ power.

6. Enlisted men and women must be able to take commands.

7. Officers make decisions.

8. Enlisted men and women follow through with action on those decisions.

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