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Opera is a form of art where an artist uses his presence as a medium to perform some dramatic work which will usually be a combination of some libretto and musical notes. Its regarded as part of the western classical music tradition and involves various components of theatre, notably spoken, like acting and costume. Rock music is a whole genre of music that mainly incorporates the use of heavy metal, notably electric bass guitars and drums accompanied by keyboard sounds from pianos, organs and synthesizers at times.

Both opera and rock are heavily varied in style and have evolved along the years. In its most basic form opera cannot be classified as a distinct musical genre but rather some form of theatrical drama where performers work out some kind of structured work of dramatic art that often incorporates a play done with vocal and instrumental music. Although rock music, like opera, can be used to tell a story, it may or may not involve lyrics and will not be in a set form, unlike opera. Rock is more of an improvising and it is very common for rock concerts to be held outdoors. In contrast, opera shows are almost always held indoors in a theatre or an auditorium with a great display of organization and setting.

Opera is famous for great classical musicals, costumes and scenery and whereas it’s common to have many performers for opera it’s not the case with rock, which even if performed in a band will normally have four or five band members. It is common in rock music shows for singers to dance but in opera the main performers will not dance in any way.

There is a notable difference in the way opera performers and rock music singers use their voice. An opera singer or performer will usually develop his voice more fully than a rock singer. There’s a big difference of how opera sounds come out from how rock sounds are meant to come out. Given the fact that rock music centers on instruments more than vocals most rock singers will not even need to study music, unlike opera singers who almost certainly study music to the core.

The underlying contrast between rock and opera is that for rock requires prowess at instruments whereas opera needs body presence and voice.

1. Opera is more of art and drama while rock is heavy instruments especially guitars.
2. Opera is often performed indoors (theaters, auditoriums) while rock is commonly an outdoor thing for concerts.
3. It takes a bigger number of performers for an opera than for rock shows, where there could even be one main singer.
4. Opera combines body presence and voice while rock is bass, guitar and drums mainly.
5. Costume and scenery are a component of opera while rock does not have a particular dressing style for singers.

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