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keyboardKeyboard vs Piano

A keyboard or an electronic keyboard generally plays recoded sounds in response to the keys pressed while a Piano is a musical instrument which creates sounds through percussion and strings.

A keyboard generally has sounds recorded on to it and it basically synthesizes these and plays them back in response to the keys pressed. It does not have any way of producing or creating a sound and for that reason never goes out of tune. A keyboard is electronic equipment and the main parts consist of a keyboard which is much like that of a piano and generally is the only moving part on a keyboard. Below the keyboard is the key matrix that is actually a printed circuit board on which the keys touch when pressed. This matrix triggers the commands. There is a software for interpreting the user inputs and creating an output. This is generally embedded on chips. It would generally also contain speakers or amplifier connectors to channel the sound. The keyboards would generally have a variety of sound options like flute, drums, piano, organ, etc. There is also have the recording facility so that you may record any of your compositions.

The piano on the other hand is a musical instrument that physically produces the sound. When a key in the piano is pressed a small hammer strikes a steel string and a damper lifts from the string. After the strike the hammer rebounds and the string would continue to vibrate. This vibration resonates across a bridge and into a sound board producing audible sound. When the key is lifted the damper again comes on the string stopping the vibration and ending the sound. The sound of the piano may vary with time as the strings loosen or the hammer felt hardens and they need constant maintenance. The parts need to be constantly replaced and reconditioned. Moving a piano is also a huge task as it may get damaged due to size and weight or the parts may get displaced and it may go out of tune.

The keyboards as compared to the piano are much more economical in price and do not require the regular maintenance a piano requires. However, music lovers and professional Piano Players would still hear a Piano performance rather than a keyboard performance.

1.Keyboard is an electronic equipment that plays recorded sounds while a piano is a musical instrument that creates sounds through percussion and strings.
2.Being electronic equipment Keyboards require little maintenance whereas the pianos require constant maintenance and spares.
3.Keyboards are a lot economical as compared to pianos.
4.Pianos are the preferred instrument for professional musicians as well as music lovers.

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  1. That helped me wiith my homework alot ! thankyou very much ii used thiis peace of wriitiing for my home work about the diiffernece between a piianno and a kay board ! ii found rubiish on the other pages and on thiis page helped me alot thankyou very much !

  2. Thanks…Was just thinking about the difference between keyboard and piano…Good article..


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