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Difference Between Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage

massageSwedish Massage vs. Deep Tissue Massage

People who want to get a massage are often confused between the different forms of massages. Even worse, they tend to identify them as the same, when in fact, most massage forms are unique. This is often the case with Swedish and Deep Tissue Massages. Both types of massage are regarded by some as the same. However, you must read further so you’ll know that the two really are not similar at all.

Conceptualized back in 1812, the Swedish massage incorporates five basic principles, which include: Giving long and smooth strokes; gentle kneading of the muscles; applying therapeutic friction; tapping (otherwise known as hacking); and providing constant vibration. The combination of these techniques ensures maximum circulation and relaxation that develops the flexibility of the one being massaged. It is no wonder why a flock of followers wanted to learn from the popular massage art of Henri Ling (the Swedish physiologist who developed this massage), up to this day.

Moreover, the Swedish massage makes use of a drape to cover some parts of the body during the actual session. This drape is then moved systematically throughout the massage. Overall, a Swedish massage is meant to be relaxing, for it is a serene and calming form of massage.

The other very popular massage type, is the deep tissue massage. It targets three central muscular regions, namely: The neck area, the back, and also the fascia (connective tissues). The massage is called by this name because it is really intended to penetrate deeper into the underlying muscle layers. The massage is meant to carefully ease out all those strained muscles below the surface.

As well, many of the principles used for the deep tissue massage are also present in the Swedish massage, but the deep tissue massage is rather more forceful in nature. Moreover, this form of massage focuses on problem areas ‘“ this means that it targets the stiff muscle regions that are overly stressed, rather than working permanently on the back and neck areas. However, no matter how naturally intense this massage can be, it will not hurt as much as what many people have come to believe.


1. The Swedish massage is a gentler and softer massage compared to the more intense and forceful deep tissue massage.
2. The Swedish massage is best for those who have very sensitive skin types, that bear rashes easily, most especially when powerful friction and rubbing is applied.
3. The Swedish massage is the massage of choice for those who are normally stressed from work or home issues, whereas, the deep tissue massage is for those who are in chronic pain, were involved in many strenuous activities, or who are continually troubled by previous injuries.

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  1. Great breakdown of the differences between the two. I know sometimes for those of us in the industry we take these things for granted that “everyone” knows about them.

    But nothing can be further from the truth. When we take the time to educate our clients they certainly do appreciate it.

    I will bookmark this article to come back and refer to in a post on my blog.

  2. Thank you. I found this article to be a very articulate and concise description on the difference between Swedish and Deep Tissue massage. Where I thought I should book a Deep Tissue massage now I know a Swedish massage is what I am looking for.

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