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Difference Between Bone Pain and Muscle Pain

Bone Pain vs Muscle Pain

Bone pain is usually caused by the bone tissues.  Muscle pain, however, often originates from the overexertion and stress on the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia, which are the tissues that connect bones and organs. Both diseases require the correct diagnosis so that they can be treated with the right medication in order to ease the discomfort and pain. Bone pain is caused by the deterioration of internal tissues and bones that are connected by the sensory neurons.

The pain caused by these diseases is often seen as debilitating as it prevents a person from fully functioning. Muscle pain is caused by the aches of the muscles, which may be from excessive exercise, unaccustomed exertion and muscle strain. In some cases infections can also cause the muscle pain.  The bone pain can also be felt due to cancer that spreads inside the bone.
When it comes to the diagnosis, bone pain can be discovered with physical examinations.  This is a first indication to determine if the pain is in the muscle or the bone.  However, to distinguish further between the two, x-rays and laboratory tests are required. The usual tests for the bone pain are the blood study, bone x-rays (to check the extent of the bone conditions), CT or MRI Scans, hormone level studies and urinalysis.

In terms of medications muscle pain is often relieved with the help of homemade remedies or medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen.  Home remedies include application of ice within the first 24 hours of experiencing the pain.  Massage is also an alternative when it comes to soothing the muscle pain. The bone pain medications include antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, hormone pills, and pain killers.

1. Bone pain is caused by bone tissue while the muscle pain is caused by strenuous activities.
2. Muscle pain is diagnosed by physical examinations while bone pain needs to be investigated with physical tests, blood studies, x-rays, MRI scans and urinalysis.
3. Most of the muscle pains are often relieved with the help of over the counter medications like common pain killers, while bone pain needs to be supported with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory, and it depends on the cause of the bone pain.

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  1. asking about pain in knuckles and tendons related to MM.

  2. My wife is feeling sever pain in the bones of whole body.head ache.suffocation.

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