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Difference between Teaching and Training

Teaching and training go hand in hand on many occasions.  Most people see teaching as the act of imparting knowledge to young minds and training the participation in skills based learning.  However, teaching and imparting knowledge can apply at any age and training can be a skill leant through teaching at any level.  Teaching, as a form of education, is more academic and knowledge based while training is more practical and skills based or job focused.  Teaching is a profession and teachers are trained to teach curriculum as well as stimulate learning through a specific environment.  Training’s focus is on acquiring a skill or learning a specific job.  It also applies to improving one’s fitness or prowess at a particular sport through training with exercise and diet.

Difference between Teaching and Training

 What is teaching?

Joyce Meyer said:

“Teachers can change lives with just enough mix of chalk and challenge.”

Teachers are facilitators and impart knowledge to their learners.  Teachers are trained in appropriate methods to teach and encourage their pupils.  Younger learners need to be taught skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic.  The teacher supports the learner on their journey through an educational system to receive knowledge and understanding while dealing with challenges.

The teacher provides the right environment within the classroom for learning to take place.  She enables the learners to participate in discussions and gain the knowledge required to grow academically.   The teacher initiates the use of the necessary tools the learner needs to promote learning.  Teachers are part of a system that encourages the pupils in their care to gradually become independent learners.  The teacher gives the necessary instruction and guidance as the learners pass through the system of education.  The teacher provides activities to support academic learning.

Teaching has the following functions:

  • Impart new knowledge and skills to learners.
  • Provide the necessary environment for healthy learning to take place.
  • Understand and facilitate the needs of learners physically, academically and emotionally.
  • Assess progress and provide support for the learners.
  • Teaching takes place in a context that the teacher provides with academic learning.

Difference between Teaching and Training-1

What is Training?

Training is the more practical aspect of learning.  Learning a new skill or improving on one’s knowledge within a job environment is the essence of training.  Training often referred to as ‘on the job’ training, is the opportunity that a company has to improve their employees’ skills and productivity within the company environment.  Training is also the intense aspect of self-improvement within the sporting or competitive world of individual achievement.  Training and trainers focus on the specific skills or exercises that will enhance the individual’s performance.

Organizations and industries will insist their employees undergo training in their particular style of management.  This ensures that the workforce is more productive and everyone is working towards common goals.  Training can be ongoing as companies strive to improve their position in competitive markets.  The training is often the responsibility of a mentor who works alongside the trainee and supports their progress.  Large companies will often provide their own training and development programs to offer the employees the skills the company seeks to improve.

Training offers the following advantages to productivity:

  • On the job skills based development.
  • Quality training that suits the needs of the company.
  • An opportunity to accelerate development and improve individual performance.
  • A chance to equip the academically sound employee with the practical tools for the job.

Henry Ford said:

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.”

Henry Ford was clearly in favor of training! 

Difference between Teaching and Training

1. Purpose of Teaching and Training

Purpose of teaching and training is to educate another person to improve their capacity to understand key issues, gain skills and develop academically.

2. Method in Teaching and Training

Teaching and training apply principals of imparting knowledge through practical and the theoretical transferring of concepts and facts with experience from one teacher or trainer to a pupil or trainee.

3. Objective of Teaching and Training

Teaching and training aim to improve the knowledge and understanding of subjects that require learning by  the pupil or trainee.  The objective is to reach inquiring minds with information for them to process.  Mature students can benefit from further development through learning the skills the company requires through training.

4. Environment in Teaching and Training

Teaching is more likely to take place in a classroom while training takes place in the work environment. A training program can focus on specific skills to be used on the job.  Teaching can also be skills based but the end product is part of the holistic approach to education through the different grades at school.

5. Target of Teaching and Training

There are two target groups, pupils in schools and younger minds and more mature students or employees.   Sometimes the art of teaching can be encompassed in the art of training.  A teacher can teach and train her pupils and the trainer can focus on practical skills as well as impart knowledge.  Therefore the target groups of learners can make use of both teaching and training. 

Teaching vs. Training : Comparative chart



Teaching is the imparting of knowledge and concepts.  It is an academic approach to learning Training is the practical sharing of skills to improve on the learner’s performance.
Teaching generally takes place in a classroom environment. Training generally takes place in the work environment or sports field.
Teachers are trained to teach at training colleges and teaching institutions. Trainers are often mentors in the work place who have the expertise to offer on the job training.
Teaching gives pupils new knowledge. Trainers add skills onto existing knowledge.
Teachers give reports and feedback to learners to monitor progress. Trainers are given feedback from the trainees to improve on their performance.
Teaching is broader in its focus. Training will focus on specific skills.

Summary of Teaching and Training

  • Teaching and training are similar in many ways as they educate others and impart knowledge and understanding relevant to their different levels of learning.
  • Teaching provides concepts and understanding of primary skills that can lead to higher understanding and gaining of knowledge.  Training can work hand in hand with teaching but there  are practical on the job priorities to be met.
  • Teaching requires the expertise of a trained professional while training makes use of fellow employees with experience within the workplace.
  • Teaching takes place in a more controlled environment while training is a practical approach to learning and requires the relative environment to be part of a hands on education.  It is training employees for the jobs they are to be doing.
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