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Difference Between Temptation and Seduction

temptationTemptation vs Seduction

Perception is often the defining difference between temptation and seduction. Perception has to do with our impressions of the acts’ intention, that causes a desirable emotion within us.

Temptation is often considered a reduced form of seduction. In many cases, one might be tempted to flirt with, or even pursue, someone, but is well aware of the level of control they can exercise under the circumstance. Seduction is considered to be a more powerful state of infatuation, and often the individual feels compelled to take the action of pursuit, even at the potential peril of their own relationship.

Seduction has an obvious sexual connotation to it, and is usually used as an inference that the other person’s behavior was meant to influence them. For example: ‘She seduced me,’ indicates that, had one been left to their own devices, the sexual connection wouldn’t have happened. Temptation comes from an internal place, and can be assigned to people who have no interest in being pursued. It’s possible to be tempted by someone who is attractive, but oblivious to another’s existence.

Temptation can also have alternative meanings. It doesn’t always imply sexual interest. You can be tempted by chocolate cake, or you can be tempted to go out and play in the snow. We really don’t say that we are seduced into eating the chocolate cake that we know we don’t need. Somehow, if we’re tempted, it also means that we want something that we shouldn’t. We shouldn’t eat the chocolate cake because it is loaded with fat and calories, and we shouldn’t go out and play in the snow because we’re grown ups, with other responsibilities.

Both words imply that once the feeling is sparked, there is an inner turmoil that exists. There is a silent battle raging through the pros and cons of giving in, yet, when we say we’ve refrained from being seduced, we imply that we have exercised a much stronger will than had we just been tempted.

Seduction is also used to describe one’s sexually suggestive attire, or behavior. If she dresses seductively, one might assume that her goal for the night is to, at a minimum, attract attention, or at most, become involved with someone. If he acts seductively, he is intentionally trying to get someone’s interest in a sexual manner.

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